New to the Inquisitor class, any advice?


I'm new to the Inquisitor class, what are some archetypes, domains/inquisitions, feats I should note down?

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It depends really of the kind of game that you are playing. Sacred Huntsmaster and Sanctified Slayer from the ACG are currently top notch archetypes, they replace Judgement but well considering one give you a buffed up animal companion while the other gives you slayer class features, worth it.

Archer builds are a safe bet.

Archer builds are indeed awesome, though will take some time to get together.

As for archetypes, I'd consider Preacher for archer.

Besides that all I can say is that I would never drop Judgements for Slayer features, absolutely NOT worth it imo.

Mostly, I'd like to know what you want to play (concept, background, abilities) before we can start on a build. Inquisitor is too versatile to give general advice.

Really huh. Okay, I'm want to play an Investigator with luck, guns, and panache and then multi-class full time into Inquisitor and use my normal bonus feats for Investigator talents such as

-Expanded Inspiration
-Inspired Intelligence
-Underworld Inspiration

I want to focus on Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate and then pass it off with the Disarming Threat Deed and course have a bunch of Discern Lies. I want to play a Half-Elf with 4 levels of Investigator: Sleuth and 1 level of Swashbuckler: Musketeer in this order and then go into Inquisitor.


1. Disarming Threat Deed



Str 14
Dex 15
Con 14
Int 16
Wis 17
Cha 18

Edit: I haven't come up with a real good background, but think of him as a good cop/bad cop detective, Chaotic Good, that tries to go for a diplomatic immunity type of approach.

I don't think that multi-classing with two caster classes is a good idea...

Sleuth gets rid of Alchemy

curious about what the Inquisitor adds to your concept that Investigator doesn't give you? If its just Discern Lies there might be easier ways to get that.....

You also might want to look at either the Heresy or Conversion inquisitions that allow you to use your WIS instead of your CHA for those social skills. your attributes are already pretty awesome but picking one of those your build will require a lower CHA and let you spread those points elsewhere.

If there is an easier way to get Discern Lies, please enlighten me here.

To answer your question, after the correction of this Diplomatic Build, I asked myself, what a better way to multi-class into Inquisitor as well. I wanted advice to broaden my options to see how political the class can get.

Though I must say, after taking a look at the Sanctified Slayer, that has impressed me quite a bit.

Bodhi's guide to inquisitor is the standard for introducing players to inquisitors. The only thing that in a vacuum I can say that he is wrong about is the power of conversion and heresy inquisitions. I think he is wrong because some people do like to be a mouth and this is standard setting quality.

Special things of note outside this are....

Dwarf favored class bonus
Human + Inquisitor makes THE best mouth in the game. Just depends on ridiculous you want to get.
Inquisitor can with a dip into cleric and some feats replace practically everything a vanilla cleric could do aside from full spell casting. Channel smite/guided hand and channel scourge are always worth a look.
Inquisitor has very high initiative bonuses.

That's enough for a start. Good luck

That's an interesting thought.

I also found a fitting trait.

Larger Than Life: You wield firearms with truly terrifying menace. When you use the Intimidate skill on a creature while wielding a firearm, you are considered one size category larger than your actual size.

My inspiration for this character include Dr. King Schultz, which can also be interpreted as the Badass Longcoat

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