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According to PathfinderWiki both Ihys and Asmodeus are known as the First spontaneously created from the Seal. On a distant planet Asmodeus went to shake the hand of his brother Ihys and thrust a spear through him killing him. The only part of Ihys left is the broken part of the spear know as Ihystear, whereabouts unknown. The assumption is that Asmodeus being smart enough would not hide it in his own lair as that would make finding it to easy, barring the fact the difficulty getting to it. Even on the off chance Asmodeus would not take the chance.

So has anyone else heard that in Osirion, Legacy of The Pharaohs that there is no coverage of the Gods and their relations to the peoples and clerics of the nation. That if you want that information you have to buy it in an upcoming book from WoC. Had I known this I might have waited until the next campaign setting to start.

I have been an avide reader about the Celt's as my ancestrygoes back to the Belgae clan which split in two after the roman invasion with one half moving to southern England and the other half remaining on the European continant and eventually establishing the country of Belgium.I hope you consider some of the obscure gods as well as the well known as at last count I believe archeologists have confirmed just under four hundred Celtic dieties and some of the lesser known gods are really neat.It may also a good idea to split the celtic gods into regional areas such as the Irish Pantheon,the Welsh Pantheon,the northern and southern Albion as well as the mainland which includes from the northern part of Spain and the majority of Europe all the way east to the edge of Turkey where they had there salt mines and some of the celts even traveled as far south as Africa as shields and swords have been discovered in Egypt.If you could use any help let me know as I had been doing a Celtic d20 source book anyway.

First off I'll start off topic.I kind of liked MofM for what it was.It had some intresting material that I could use to teach my kids how to play DnD.
Second someone mentioned that because of this book we may not see a sourcebook for this region for many years to come.This brings me back to the original topic.Rather than complain about what we got why not put that energy into writting a good crunch artical specific to the Moonsea region.
And finally I wholeheatedly agree we need min. six articals a year for the Forgotten Realms,as well as good old Greyhawk and the newest member of DnD Ebberron.
As far as new sourcebooks I would greatly enjoy a larger Forgotten Realms library and before the complainers start in on me that it cost to much to keep up with all these books,believe me I know having a family of five and our combined income this year will be seven thousand Canadian.Thats why I just buy the books I want to use and use as much relevent material from Dragon and Dungeon magazines. Also don't be so hard on the writers as they are only writting what they are told to and they then have to make it as creative as they possibely can.
Thats all I have to say which ended up being a lot more than I usually do.

Maybe,just maybe in that galaxie far,far away known as WotC somebody will hear us cry out for more.Just think of all the possibilities,like maybe even someone like R.A.Salvatore could have Drizz't in search of an ancient artifact that takes him into the strange lands of Kara Tur,HEY now thats not nice,it's nice to dream a little.And besides I did say maybe.

I've been searching everywhere for this map pad but can't find it anywhere.If anybody has any suggestions I would appreceate them.Thank you in advance for any help I get.

Timault Azal-Darkwarren wrote:

Hard to have him as a recurring character if you play him "as written."

If he's not killed the Ebony Aspect takes his life force to rise up and slay the heroes.

Yes,so true,but the nice thing about D&D is the Dungeon Master can change the "rules"to suit his campain.

GreenGrunt wrote:
Well... I finally downloaded the PDF. And... I'm disappointed.

Well...I guess it goes to show you can't please everyone all the time.Me for one and many more of us are grateful,thank you very much for your hard work.