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I would've preferred if gunsmithing technology would have not exceeded the 16th century of the RW in any country or place on Golarion. That is to say it is at such a level where it doesn't completely outmatch other forms of ranged weapons (such as bows or crossbows) nor is enough to render armour obsolete.

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I definitely want to see more of Casmaron, and I hope there are a fair number of demihuman nations scattered about as well, and that they take their time in designing the continent, to truly make it unique and culturally diverse. For the northern "Siberian" part, it would be cool if they put in mysterious pre-human races equivalent to Neanderthals or Denisovans.

I didn't even know there was that significant a presence of Orcs around the Mwangi. How cool. And yeah it would be cool if they were portrayed somewhat differently that than the archetypical Orc.

I would also echo the sentiment about new deities for them. As well as one for wild elves too. Given that they never left Golarion during the Earthfall, it makes perfect sense for them to have a distinct religion from the "returned" elves, perhaps something that protected them during that era.

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Personally I would have preferred if Sargava wouldn't have been dissolved, that instead it would have reformed, been made more inclusive and accommodating to it's native populace, as well as had the powers of it's aristocracy reduced, and perhaps formed into some sort of a mercantile republic. Wouldn't it have been more interesting, if it could instead act as a bridge between Avistan and Garund? A unique, cosmopolitan land where North meets South? Not to mention that such a land could as well be commercially quite prosperous from such wide connections, as an outpost in the Silk Road would be in Medieval times.

Though conflict is often key to making an interesting setting, it was a big mistake to slip in some unpleasant "18/19 century European colonization of Africa" themes, especially when it almost has this form of a racial level of antagonism between Mwangi native and Chelaxian settler (which is a particularly weird thing for *humans* in this fantasy setting to be fixated on in a world with a massive amount of obviously non-human races)

It would have been much better if the Chelaxian colonization of Sargava was more based more on Phoenician/Greek/Roman colonization which would entail the incorporation of the local populace and likely an eventual cultural synthesis between the natives and the colonists.

Very promising. And I quite like the map. Though I would say the Golden Lands region looks a bit topographically featureless compared to other lands. Also it doesn't make sense for those countries to be composed of complete and utter deserts, unless they barely have populations there. There should be a bit more strips of green, fertile areas around the coasts and rivers. Look at a satellite images of Northern Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt (Nile Delta prominently as well as the rest of the river network) and even Northeast Libya (Cyrenaica coast area). Where it's green, is generally where most of the population is concentrated in those countries and where virtually all the major metropolises are.

But again I very much like the map otherwise, and I can wait to get a bigger resolution image of it from the book, as well as hopefully more detailed maps of those specific meta regions. And it's nice to see those new countries. And can't wait to see the new lore and design in this new edition.

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I hope the slight Byzantine influences for Taldor (I am aware there are Spanish influences and other ones too) might influence just a little bit how the artwork looks. One thing I really enjoy with Pathfinder books is both the high quality artwork and the high level of detail and thought on creating the distinctive attire that is worn by the figures depicted; which is really noticeable. Byzantine armour and clothing is very unique in that it is a fusion of Medieval European, Imperial Roman and Middle Eastern influences. I think personally that to draw a little bit of inspiration from something like that would be so cool and more iconic, rather than your run-of-the-mill generic stereotypical medieval armour. And it kind of makes sense given Taldor's geographical placement in the world, positioned between the continents of Avistan and Casmaron, and it's historical influences (local, Azlanti, Keleshite) that ultimately formed together and developed what would become Taldan culture.

Also I wonder, will the map of this book extend a bit further East into Casmaron, to show Taldor's eastern border? Like the Qadira book did for it's namesake? I wonder too how given that this is a fairly large country what kind of communities of demihuman races are around. But yeah either way, can't wait to get my hands on this. :p

Hells, yes! Taldor shall rise again!

Ah too bad. Why did it get postponed? Was really looking forward to this book.

Definitely want more demihuman nations. I think it just helps to remind you that this is a fantasy world and a separate world from Earth. I felt the strong presence of demihumans in Tian-Xia was one of the things that really made it stand out quite excellently as a setting. Some of my friends prefer Tian-Xia over the Inner Sea just for that, lol.

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Gnoll Bard wrote:
While it would be fun to see more diversity in the non-human nations,
The elven cultures are very diverse. There's a lot of differences between the elves of Kyonin, the Northern Reaches, and the elven tribes in Garund. The Mordant Spire elves seem to be a mini-culture of their own.

I really like the Ekujae, Mordan Spire and Snowcaster elves but I feel presently that the Kyonin/traditional elves were designed in a quite generic and dispassionate way. I would really love if Paizo could do something to spice them up or make them stand out in a way that is unique to Golarion, and it doesn't necessarily need to involve any drastic changes either. Also I've been waiting forever for info on the Osirani desert elves, and disappointed to not see them mentioned beyond a few short sentences in the Osirion sourcebook as well as the People of the Sands Player Companion book.

BTW, I recall that in the Inner Sea Races book, elves are mentioned as a major race in Southern Garund. Hopefully that means there is at least one notable kingdom or realm of them down there. Could have the potential to be something quite unique.

Is there going to be any lore in this book or is it all crunch?

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I really hope that Paizo does another big gazetter book like they did with Tian-Xia, even if it was a lot of work. It's much preferable to have a compact book with everything basic you need to know.

But still the Distant Shore book has been my favourite book of this year. I think it would be cool to get some info on a city on an island (just personally have an obsession with islands), perhaps in Tirakawhan in Southern Garund, which is a Keleshite colony. Could have some kind of Zanzibar vibes there with the East meeting South. And also I believe it's supposed to be right next to the empire of Holomog, so there could be some interesting potential clashes there.

A grand exotic metropolis in the Minata Archipelago in Tian-Xia would be totally cool and unexpected too. Could be inspired around the great maritime empires of Indonesia's past, like that of the Hindu/Buddhist Majapahit Kingdom or the Islamic Sultanate of Brunei.

Finally it would also be interesting to see something in the Crown of the World. Maybe a large Erutaki settlement in an elaborate underground complex that gives them hearth during the worst of the blistering winters, which could have been built by the mysterious civilization hinted in the Crown of the World Gazetter from the Jade Regent AP.

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A Latin American-like analogue would be really interesting to see. But I would prefer it to be the result of something else than what one would commonly expect, such as the something modelled on the Spanish conquest of the Aztec & Incans, etc. I think it would be cooler if it were based on myths/theories of Phoenician sailors making contact with Pre-Columbian America (the fantasy genre is one of the few places where we can cherish the truly zany history myths & conspiracies). The ancient Jistka Imperium seems a good candidate to fit that role, with perhaps a segment of it's people forced to flight to the mysterious lands west of the Steaming Sea, during the last days of their dying empire

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Linnorm Kingdoms AP like LordofThreshold suggested, plus it could encompass adventures to distant Ulfen colonies like in Valenhall (Arcadia) and Almhult (Crown of the World). Maybe it could even give some info on the northern islands in the Steaming Sea, that are right between Arcadia and Avistan.

An Absalom AP I think is also sorely needed given that this is one of the largest cities in the world of Golarion. It could be a heavy urban based adventure maybe dealing with criminal underworld of the city & political conspiracies that could have implications beyond Absalom (no doubt a huge mercantile metropolis like this probably hosts many political exiles from other lands). Could also include adventures to Shadow Absalom and the neighbouring isle of Erran.

Finally I think an AP centred around both Taldor and Qadira could be really cool. It could potentially be about unknown forces in both countries stirring up bad blood between the two rival realms that could potentially risk the outbreak of another violent religious war. Players could be put in the middle as intermediaries trying to calm the conflict and find out who is responsible for stirring it. This could also include adventures to neighbouring territories in Casmaron (like nearby Keleshite satraps or the Whistling Plains that Taldor claims dominion of)

I hope we get some gazetters of other lands beyond the Inner Sea. Distant Shores is one of my most favorite books to come out this year in a long time, since it gives us a glimpse of the interesting world beyond the Inner Sea. But the problem with it is, that you can't really set an adventure in any of the cities featured (save for maybe the hobgoblin city) since you don't have much information of the surrounding lands, so it's difficult to do any adventures other than maybe urban-based ones.

Maybe some continents are too big to be covered by one book. I wouldn't mind if they did a series focusing on a specific regions of other continents rather than the continents as a whole, like for example Southwestern Garund, Southeastern Garund, Northern Arcadia, Southern Arcadia, Kelesh, Northern Casmaron, Eastern Casmaron, Vudra etc.

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Steve Geddes wrote:
Is there a Qadira/Keleshite specific Pantheon? Any new deity-related flavor material in this book?

There are short descriptions of nine new deities/cults specific in Kelesh, as well as information on Kelesh-specific forms of Sarenism.

There are also new ethnicities, and commentary about some of their religious beliefs.

Qadira + new local deities, ethnicities? Oh man... this book will be awesome

It's also cool to hear that the Keleshites take a bit of inspiration from Zoroastrian Persia, it's not something I've seen done in a fantasy setting before.

Very keen to find out what the new ethnicities might be. I'm guessing it isn't something Turkic since we've got the Kara for that now. Maybe something inspired by ancient Caucasian peoples (like Armenians and Georgians) or the Scythians? (whom were the main inspiration for the mythical Amazons since they reputedly had many female warriors among their ranks). Either way, no doubt it will be something quite interesting and I hope also there will be some interesting demihuman/humanoid cultures & societies in Qadira as well. :)

But yeah I also really hope a Taldor book comes soon

Next to get a Casmaron or Southern Garund gazetter, I would really dig a Taldor sourcebook. Taldor is a large country surrounded by rebels and heathens, and has a lot of cool history, Byzantine themes, backstabbing politics & intrigue and it's got war elephants. Nuff said. Make it so

Mhm, so many tantalizing possibilities. Aelyosos, Anuli and Segada sound particularly interesting.

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Thank you Dragon78!

Wow - Drow don´t get much, do they?
Probably in the "Darklands Revisited Campaign Setting in February...

Drow get plenty... most of it is flavor, along with most races in this book. This book is not intended to compete with Advanced Race Guide for rules jukes. It's the inverse of that book in that regard.

And just a note... the revisited books generally don't give out much more—a sample stat block is generally about it for an entry there. Those books are much more about GM tools and world background.

I am, for one, grateful for that. I'd much prefer lore over this stat stuff. Helps give ideas for stories and concepts.

Adam Daigle wrote:
From the office of expectation management: Arcadian ethnicities are mentioned and name dropped, but there are no mechanics included in the book for Arcadian ethnicities.

Very cool. Does the book mention new ethnicities from Casmaron or Southern Garund too?

This is cool news. I hope there are new human ethnicities revealed in this book as well.

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Catfolk country... g@# d%@n it, take my soul already, Paizo! I must have this book!

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Hey, Erik Mona. I'm a big fan of the Lands of the Linnorm Kingdoms, unless I'm mistaken I think you were quite instrumental in the form and shape it took. It's a favorite country of mine in the already awesome Golarion setting. A country which offers something different than the typical Western European Fantasy setting, and also rooted around Viking culture without (very importantly) being too derivative of their history and mythology. And I love how all the regions within it feel different from each other, and the wide range of themes available to be played around with.

I've been wondering for a while whether the islands depicted in the World Map ( this map ), in the Steaming Sea that crosses between Northeastern Arcadia and the Lands of the Linnorm Kingdoms actually exist? And if so, do they have any connection with the Ulfen or other cultures? Perhaps they serve as a bridge between the colony of Valenhall and the Linnorm Kingdoms?

I think if they do, speaking as a fan I would love to see it maybe as a kind of wild pirate infested frontier, basically a Northern Subarctic "Shackles" type of archipelago, perhaps too anarchic and wild to be subjected to the rule of the Linnorm Kings, which attracts political exiles long for new fortune in a new world, vicious outlaws, strange occultists and desperate adventurers from those kingdoms. Maybe it could have volcanic islands, which makes the environment more temperate and hospitable for large populations, yet at the same time attracts more dangerous monsters like dragons and aboleths. And perhaps there could be notable ruins of northern Azlant civilization, and perhaps the island's native inhabitants are strange humanoid people whom are thought to be distantly related to humans (perhaps maybe Neanderthals?) who worship the builders of the Azlanti as gods? It would be cool if there were bands of sea-faring dwarves there too, or snowcaster elves or maybe frost orc barbarians. But yeah just saying what stuff I would like to see of it.

I know of course you probably can't say much if those islands do exist, but a simple yes or no as to their existence would be great to hear. And further just would want to know if there's an ideas or concepts around over what's in this area. :P

I'd love to see a Campaign Setting Book for

1: Taldor sourcebook
It really deserves to get a sourcebook in the near future, as it was instrumental in the forging of several other nations in Avistan. I also really like the scattered influences of Chivalry, Western Feudalism, Byzantine Empire and Ancient Rome/Greece. Blends together to create quite an interesting nation. It could also be cool to maybe get tidbits of info over it's eastern border in Casmaron.

I seriously can't wait for this book. So chuffed about it.

I'm particularly eager to see how Arcadia is going to look like, since we know so very little about it. Glad to hear one of the six detailed cities will be in Arcadia and will be a native one. Could be interesting if done in a unique way.

I'm also keen to learn more about Valenhall, just find the idea of "Vikings in the New World" analogue to be cool. Would be neat if they maybe adopted some of the customs of the locals there, like perhaps adorning their helmets with bright feathers, also some other qualities that make them a bit distinct from the regular Ulfens of the Linnorm Kingdoms. Maybe there could also be a bit of intermingling and mixing between the cultures, and maybe Valenhall could be allied with certain Skraeling tribes, while at war with others. And maybe on top of that, the Ulfen techniques of smelting iron and forging iron-based weapons and armour may have inadvertently been passed on to the neighbouring Skraeling tribes, which could have interesting implications.

I hope we also get a good chunk of unique demihuman cultures as well there. Maybe aggressive horse-raider elves on the plains, sorcerous jungle orcs calling forth dark powers, etc.

Ah awesome, finally some Darklands material.

Albeit, I really hope this isn't just an article about races. I hope it also details some interesting locales and realms.

I'm surprised that I can't find any topic that discusses the upcoming book Distant Shores. Finally we get a (hopefully) good glimpse into Arcadia, Southern Garund, Vudra and Iblydos. I've been waiting for this sort of book for ages. I really hope we get to see some fun and interesting new countries and cultures with it. I also hope Iblydos isn't just an island of ruins.

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I seriously can't wait to see Arcadia. I think Paizo does a great job making various cultural analogues in their fantasy setting, that gives the similiar themes of the RW concept, without them feeling too much the same.

Yes! Praise be Ra! This is exactly what I wanted. I hope you Paizo guys make more People of... books. Loved the People of the North.

I'm going to buy the s@!! out of this. :D


I hope we get some more gods too. Preferably a lot more racial gods (the elven pantheon, for example, is a bit of a lackluster compared to D%D settings).

And also it would be awesome if gods had different names amongst different cultures, because it help would strengthen the distinction between cultures. Like Ulfens have unique name for Gorum (maybe something like Gyrmr) and Kellids have a unique name for him too, etc.

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- Blood of Genies: in the style of the Blood of Fiends & Blood of Angels, a book focusing on the Genie-touched and it's variations, i.e. the genasi of Pathfinder.

- People of the Sands: in the style of People of the North, a book focusing on the desert-dwelling people of Northern Garund and Qadira, with information on the potential ethnicities and races to play as (like the Osiriani, Mauxi, Desert Elves, Pahmet Dwarves, etc) and with tips on how to roleplay as those various cultures.

- People of the Darklands: in the style of People of the North, a book focusing on the darkly denizens of the underground realm beneath Golarion, such as the Drow, Duergar, Derro, Svirfneblin, Ratfolk, Serpentfolk, Azlanti-descended people (dark folk, grimlocks, mongrelfolk, morlocks), etc, with tips on how to roleplay as them.

- People of the Jungle: in the style of People of the North, a book focusing on the people dwelling within the tropical regions of Garund, such as the Mwangi, Caldaru, Lirgeni, Wild Elves, Jungle Orcs, M'beke & Taralu Dwarves, Charau-ka Apemen, etc, with tips on how to roleplay them.

Really, quite badly want a book on Casmaron, as it's supposed to the biggest continent in Golarion. Just imagine all the awesome countries, ethnicities and places that must be in it. Hopefully a bunch of demihuman countries'll be in it too.

I wish they would make a book about the other continents of Golarion rather than making all these demon/dragon books all the time. :p

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Enocelot wrote:

Nor as advanced.

I think, in general, Elves are pretty much under-represented in Golarion.

I actually think the Dwarves are getting the short end of the stick (pun intended) when it comes to representation in Golarion. It can't be argued that we have "Dwarves of Golarion", the Elves (and the other player races, for that matter) have their own books too. The Elves also have their own AP and while it was Second Darkness, they get some AP love. It took years for the write up of the Dwarven patron Torag and I'm still waiting for some AP notice for Dwarves. I don't even need an AP dedicated to Dwarves, I'd be happy with just a bit more detail, i.e. I would have loved to seen a Janderhoff article in Curse of the Crimson Throne. With all the love shown to Varisia, I'm still confused as to why the major Dwarven settlement in that nation has still only been mentioned in passing.

No one at Paizo likes Dwarves, especially James Jacobs. It's a pity, really.

The lack of demihuman nations, and also interesting demihuman gods, is really Pathfinder's weakness. I really hope they fix this in the future.

Icyshadow wrote:

Deserk wrote:

Please know PF designers, that many would not want PF to be turned into be a naive fairytale fantasy setting.

Personally I like serious fantasy settings where good, bad and ugly things can happen.

Keep doing what you do. :)

I hope you're not putting words in other people's mouths when you say that.

Also, all within good taste is a good creed to go by, even when things turn bad or ugly. I otherwise agree with your statement with no complaints.

I said many, not most. So I'd think that'd be more than a fair assessment. :)

I imagine it would be difficult to depict rape in "good taste", so do you think Paizo should never ever make references to that ever happening?

Also, just because a theme is present in a story doesn't mean an author endorses it. So what reason do you have to be offended?

Personally I want a realistic edge to my campaigns at least. I don't want a sugar-coated fantasy setting. And I'm very sure I'm not the only one. Especially with the prevalence of dark fantasy literature these days (and by that by mean, complex fantasy worlds/characters).

I really think Paizo is brave to be cross the lines and deal with subjects WotC typically never would have even referenced. Especially in regards to there being actual bi/homosexual characters.

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Please know PF designers, that many would not want PF to be turned into be a naive fairytale fantasy setting.

Personally I like serious fantasy settings where good, bad and ugly things can happen.

Keep doing what you do. :)

Forgotten Realms is the setting I've held onto for many years. Now I've found myself to really like Pathfinder (especially as FR got killed as a setting through Spellplague), as Pathfinder has a nice mishmash of all kind of themes I like. And I'm really enthusiastic about it's future and about seeing more countries and continents like Casmaron, Garund (the southern part) and Arcadia, fully detailed.

Personally I really like reading lore and learning about the various nations, and getting a sense of what kind of concepts are possible and fit there.

The only two things I don't like very much is Numeria and Andoran. I don't like Numeria for the sci-fi stuff in it, but I think one can just try re-imagine it as another Land of the Mammoth Lords' style country. And with Andoran, I don't like Napoleonic uniforms, so I just try to re-imagine them as more Ancient Greek-like when it comes to cultural fashion.

One thing I'd quite like to see though for the future, is a lot more demihuman countries, to give Golarion a less human dominated feel. And also unique demihuman cultures.

I really want to see a Casmaron, Garundi and Crown of the World Gazetter. What is known about these continents sound already awesome, and I can't wait to see how they'll fully be forged.

I hope there will be some demihuman nations about, something like a Dune Elf nation in Casmaron, would be quite neat.