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Full Name

Derrik Stonesmith


Human (Dwarfblood/Infused)


Inquistor 12/ Paladin of Vengence 4 / Chevalier 3| Mythic Guardian-Champion 9 (Lvl 19)





Special Abilities

Judgment[15th level 1/dy with Surge] 4/dy, Divine Grace, Smite Evil 3/dy[ 19th level 1/day], Lay On Hands 4d6 8/dy, Cunning Initiative, Detect Alignment , Aura of Good , Solo Tactics , Teamwork Feat, Second Judgement, Divine Health, Aura of Courage




Whole Pantheons ( Generally God's known for Justice, Goodness and Battle)


Fierce One/ Team Lido Member/ Blacksmith/Reincarnated Mythic Hero

Strength 25
Dexterity 18
Constitution 20
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 20
Charisma 20

About Derrik Stonesmith


Derrik was always a stubborn man and never really all that religious. However he found out how tough he was, how much that difference determined his mental physique and fortitude. Those around him become crazy and deranged.. even close ones. Derrik is strong and stocky from his family's old work at the Smithy. Though he won't admit it, his current.. abilities may have come from the happening itself. When seen Derrik wears a spiked helmet that obscures his face, and full-body platemail with Ebony and Red hues/ White and blue on the other split down the middle glowing symbols resonate with intricate patterns throughout its make.. a Runic battleaxe tied by a black chain on his right arm, a Rifle and a wooden shield on his back. He comes off menacing in a way, yet interesting to behold. This being possesses an awe-inspiring blade known as the true Excalibur. The Battleaxe growing in power.. it's name is Dawnbringer!