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Full Name

Deriven Firelion


AC 19 Touch 10 FF: 19 HP 42/42 Channel: 5/6 Touch of Good: 7/8


Spells/Abilities Active:




6'2", 183 lbs.




Lawful Good


Iomedae "Light of the Sword"




Common, Celestial, Chelaxian


Holy Knight

Strength 12
Dexterity 10
Constitution 14
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 20
Charisma 17

About Deriven Firelion

Aasimar (Native Outsider) Cleric of Iomedae (Theologian) 6

Perception: +10
AC: 19 (+7 armor,+2 shield); Touch: 10; FF: 19
CMD: 15 (+1 str, +4 BAB)
Saves: Fort: +8 Ref: +3 Will: +11
Hps: 42 (+12 Con)

Init: +0
Space/Reach: 5 ft/ 5 ft
Move: 20 feet
Attack: MW Longsword: +6 attack Dam: 1d8+1 19-20/x2
Touch: +5 attack
Ranged Touch: +4 attack
Light Crossbow: +4 attack 1d8 19-20/x2
BAB: +4
CMB: +5

Stat Increases:
+1 Wis for level

Simple Weapons, Longsword, Light Armor, Medium Armor, Shields (except Tower), Combat Casting, Reach Spell , Spell Focus (Evocation)

Gifted Adept (Holy Word): Benefit: Pick one spell when you choose this trait—from this point on, whenever you cast that spell, its effects manifest at +1 caster level.

True Believer: +2 trait bonus concentration checks casting divine spells

Signature Spell (Holy Word): Benefit: Pick one spell when you choose this trait—from this point on, whenever you cast that spell, you do so at +1 caster level.

Zealous (Drawback): Effect: When you attack a creature that you know worships a different religion than you do, you take a –5 penalty on the attack roll and a +2 trait bonus on the damage roll with your first attack.

Perception 11 (+5 wis, 6 rank)
Sense Motive 10 (+5 wis, +3 class, 2 rank)
Knowledge (Religion) 6 (+1 int, +3 class, 2 rank)
Spellcraft 9 (+3 class, +1 Int, 5 rank)
Heal 9 (+5 Wis, +3 Class, 1 ranks)
Knowledge (Planes) +8 (+3 class, +1 int, +2 Heavenborn, 2 rank)

Special Abilities Race:
•Ability Score Racial Traits: Aasimars are insightful, confident, and personable. They gain +2 Wisdom and +2 Charisma.

Deathless Spirit Particularly strong-willed aasimars possess celestial spirits capable of resisting the powers of death. They gain resistance 5 against negative energy damage. They do not lose hit points when they gain a negative level, and they gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against death effects, energy drain, negative energy, and spells or spell-like abilities of the necromancy school.

Heavenborn Born in the celestial realms, aasimars with this racial trait gain a +2 bonus on Knowledge (planes) checks and they cast spells with the good or light descriptor at +1 caster level. This racial trait replaces the skilled and spell-like ability racial traits.

Darkvision: Aasimar have darkvision 60 ft. (they can see perfectly in the dark up to 60 feet.)

Special Abilities Class:
Aura (Lawful Good)[Ex], Channel Energy (Su): 3d6 (DC 18 Will)/6: per day, Spontaneous Casting Cure Spells, Can't cast Chaotic or Evil Spells, Favored Class Bonus:+3 Damage undead and evil outsiders, Domain Secret (Ex): Extend Spell Prayer,

Domain: Good (Archon):+2 level Theologian

Touch of Good (Sp): You can touch a creature as a standard action, granting a +4 sacred bonus on attack rolls, skill checks, ability checks, and saving throws equal to half your cleric level (minimum 1) for 1 round. You can use this ability 8/day.

Spells Memorized:
Concentration: +13 (+17 Cast defensively/grappled)

0-lvl (4): create water, guidance, detect magic,read magic

1st-lvl: (5+1) divine favor(D), remove fear x2, protection from evil x2, bless,

2nd-lvl: (4+1) align weapon (D), sound burst (DC 18 Fort), spear of purity (DC 18 Will), remove paralysis x2

3rd-lvl: (3+1) extended prayer (D), Daylight, Remove Blindness, Summon Monster 3

Soldier's Uniform (Iomedae), Gold Holy Symbol (strapped to back of right forearm), Holy Text of Iomedae, waterskin, belt pouch.

Magic Items: Headband of Mental Prowess+2(Wis, Cha), Handy Haversack, wand of lesser restoration: 47 charges

Armor: +1 Breastplate:-4 armor check/30lbs, +1 Light Steel Shield:-1 armor check/6lbs, Cloak of Resistance+1

Weapons: Dagger, MW Longsword, Light Crossbow, 20: bolts

Encumbrance: 52 lbs.
Light Load: 43 lbs or less./Med: 44-86/Heavy: 87-130

Gold: 36

Deriven is a tall, well-built man with blonde hair. He is well-groomed having medium length hair with a short, well-kept beard and moustache. He has blue eyes. His skin is tan from spending more time outdoors than in. He wears a breastplate and carries a shield which proudly displays the symbols and markings of a worshiper of Iomedae. He is a man with a serious expression and a sparkle of the zeal of his devotion to Iomedae constantly present in his eyes. He wars a golden Iomedaen holy symbol strapped to the back of his right forearm. His soldier's uniform is well-kept, but it is evident it has seen time in service. The clasp of his cloak is a steel symbol of Iomedae.

Deriven has a fiery personality. He's outspoken and doesn't take kindly to evil in others. He's a loyal friend and devout priest of Iomedae.

Deriven is the son of a priest of Iomedae. He has been raised to serve The Inheritor following in his father's footsteps.