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Returning a few days ago to these forums to look for a place to call home in PFO. Reading some of the recent posts i realized i did not want to be part of one of the major power blocs for various reasons.

Then i stumbled upon Freevale. "Consider it crowdforging a settlement" was just right up my alley! Ravenlute got me in. Many thanks again, i really appreciate it!

“When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.” - Nelson Mandela.

Thus i drop my idea of Dergard, LN Hellknight, in favor of Hogar, CN Dwarf of Freevale.

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Kobold Cleaver wrote:

Must...not...post...BS jokes...

Must...preserve...illusion of...integrity...

In the spirit of bumping this thread about saying stuff everybody has said enough about and arguing about concepts which cannot be argued...

i don't get it. The joke i mean. What does "BS" mean?

Gosh, i am silly....

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Ryan Dancey wrote:
If people who have not already posted in this thread would like to speak, I would like to hear them.

1st) A discussion about fairness and honour can only serve to exchange opinions about the matter. It gets pointless as soon as you try to convince your discussion partner to adopt your point of view, because everybody has a different understanding of these concepts. I ask everybody engaging in this discussion to let it go. You made your point clear.

2nd) As Notmyrealname said: if you force Golgotha to withdraw, the members will take over a smaller settlement. Again, the discussion gets pointless because of the consequences.

3rd) From my very personal understanding of fairness: it would be unfair to force Golgotha to withdraw. People invested heavily in this endeavor. They should not loose what they have accomplished.

4th) IMO: Golgotha is Pax. Pax has numbers. As Being said: let them have a second settlement and be happy they split forces.

Just my 2 coppers.

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Ryan Dancey wrote:

We envision at least 3 states for the government of a Settlement:


These options can be potentially mixed and matched. A Settlement might have a Democracy for Charter changes, an Oligarchy for most Settlement operations requiring a vote, and a Dictator for certain delegated financial activities.

This is great!

I always wondered why games designed in western democracies only featured dictatorial run guilds.

I am really looking to join a settlement where i can at least vote for the dictator/oligarchs who run the place.

This is long overdue. Thank you GW!

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Darcnes wrote:
There is most definitely going to be different cultures in game than out. We will have to do what we can to curtail toxic behavior in either place, but at least the forums are moderated and if it comes down to it trolls can be ignored and flagged if they cross the line.

Thank you Darcnes for creating this thread.

I think it is healthy for the community to discuss this topic on a "meta level".

I have to admit i was "confused" about some of the recent posts i read while lurking on these forums. But even if some people seem to try to "stir up the pot" as you said, i never felt like ignoring posters on this forum.

Even when discussions get heated and people are clashing the tone keeps mostly polite and civilized.

In ESO, which i am playing at the moment, i missed "forum-ignore" on day 1.

So kudos to all of you. Please keep up the "good fight".

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At last!

Feedback to GW:

-Works for international customers (germany). Usual language-barrier (cardholder? had to google it, lol), and i was baffled i had not to file in the cc company. I guess that is coded into the card number...

-under the "my downloads" section i found the product "Pathfinder Online Custom Content: Name Reservation". The mouseover tells me "Do Not Make Live-used as components of other products." Is this intended?

Thank you for bringing the shop online!

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Areks wrote:
There is no need for a second third fourth time if the rename has to be approved.

Thank you, Areks. I learned from your response that i had forgotten to say: "per account".

-If someone made himself a character named "Adolf Hippler", he has to change the name.
-After that, GM gets a report about his 2nd char "Doktor Mängele", banning him a day.
-His 3rd char "Jupp Goebbelz" will get him a one week ban.
-Now he gets clever and founds a company named "Warriors of Eightyeight". As soon as somebody realizes the meaning, he gets permabanned.

I do not even think names like the ones above with open or hidden agendas are meant as slurs. They are a help for "people" with an equal mindset to identify each other and then to aggregate. I do not even want them to be on the same server with me.

It seems there is an abundance of such people and groups in online games. Eve is worst from my point of view. CCP does not seem to care about all those rascist, fascists and perverts openly or hidden displaying their agendas via char-name.

I do not want to experience this in PFO.

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Just my two cents:

Make it "everything goes", max 16 letters or so.

Rely solely on player feedback for problematic names.

Problem with "report playerxdamnicanttypethatname"? Do not include a typed command for "report". Just make it right click=>context menu=>report.

Reason? You have to SEE an offending name, either in chat or main window. Right click. Report. Done. If a player is too lazy to scroll the chat window up, the name was not offending enough to report...

Be HARSH in PUNISHING offenders.

1st time: rename.
2nd time: rename & 1 day ban.
3rd time: rename & 1 week ban.
4th time: permabanned.

FEAR of the consequences will keep the jerks in line...

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Ryan Dancey wrote:

A quick note - we saw some comments in the thread about yesterday's blog about folks thinking that the Fulfillment System was opening to non-Kickstarter backers at the first of July. That's not correct. We're planning on taking the system off line at the end of the month, and then we have to do a bunch of work, and then we can bring it back up with the ability to join in the backing if you were not in the Kickstarter.

The ETA on that next phase has not been set. It will not be the first week of July.

I would like to give this a bump.

Are there any news on the new Fulfillment System? Has an ETA be set?

I am anxious to use my new credit card to get into the game asap... ;)

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Thank you for the linked vids.

Since you seem to be a real Tolkien fan, you probably know the Silmarils.

So, maybe you know of the Curse of Feanor, the Noldor and the dark elf praying at the edge of Thorns. Maybe you like this music, too.

To stop the Tolkien references here, i have to admit i never was a great Tolkien fan, despite reading LotR several times... Curse my Name.

Alas, since Tolkien "invented" our hobby, i think This will never End. Maybe because of the Wheel of Time.

I earnestly apologize for capturing your thread this far.

It is obvious to me that you put much effort and TT experience into your company chapter. Although you seem to be a diehard do-gooder, i wish you the best of luck... ;).

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This thread fell too far behind. It needs a bump...


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Bringslite wrote:
DeciusBrutus wrote:
Suppose you put all of the class features from the PnP game into a list, assigned an XP cost and prerequisites to each of them, and allowed everyone to pick out the features they wanted a la carte.
Hmmm...That kinda seems like what they are doing. There was a system like that for some version of pnp D&D, but I can't think which book or edition...

It was "unearthed arcana", i think...

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On one side, i agree strongly with what you wrote, Harad.

To see a purpose rather than a class in a character is exactly how i build my chars in TT PF, and before in 3.5.

It does not matter how you achieve things. Important is, what feats and abilities you got at level x. Do not look at the class names, look at what your char can do.

I am totally powerplayer in TT, but when it comes to classes, all that matters is skills/feats/class abilities.

From a RPing pov, envision a char not as a class, but as a person with abilities.

That said, i do not agree multipurpose/multiclass chars were on a disadvantage in TT. Multiclassing was in 3.5 and is in PF a very powerful tool to me. The char i was most fond of in 3.5 was a human Bard 7 / Druid of Mielikki 1 / Rogue 2 / Sublime Chord 1 / Fochluran Lyrist 2.

The groups half-orc fighter 4 / barbarian 9, buffed with stoneskin before combat and swift bardic music and greater invisibility in round 1 was a combat machine.

With the help of my multiclass "bard"...

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KarlBob wrote:
KarlBob wrote:
Dergard wrote:

I understand why people are upset they can not play their preferred class from the start of EE.

Yet i feel the urge to point out the transparency and honesty of Goblinworks in their dealings with the community.

For example, "the guys with the star wars mmo" would just tell their customers [insert feature here] will be implemented at [insert time here]. By the time the deadline expires, they not even react to complaints of their customers.

This is the way they handle things in "this star wars mmo". I am so sick of being lied to, i appreciate the honesty of Goblinworks.

Instead of focusing on the cons, i propose focusing on the pros: you will be able to play from the start, work with the devs, shape the game.

The first Star Wars MMO, or the recent one? From connect, I'm thinking you mean the recent one, but the first one had some pretty legendary bad management decisions, too. Great game, poorly handled.
Please read "connect" as "context".

I did. And yes, i am referring to the recent one.

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I understand why people are upset they can not play their preferred class from the start of EE.

Yet i feel the urge to point out the transparency and honesty of Goblinworks in their dealings with the community.

For example, "the guys with the star wars mmo" would just tell their customers [insert feature here] will be implemented at [insert time here]. By the time the deadline expires, they not even react to complaints of their customers.

This is the way they handle things in "this star wars mmo". I am so sick of being lied to, i appreciate the honesty of Goblinworks.

Instead of focusing on the cons, i propose focusing on the pros: you will be able to play from the start, work with the devs, shape the game.

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Dario wrote:

Character Collision:

Are there any plans for this in game?
If so, do you see it being passive (characters always collide) or active (I choose to block this position) or some situational combination thereof?


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I guess i will stick to one char only.

I strongly gravitate towards LN, but it depends on the alignment mechanics and the character options in the end.

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Quandary wrote:
Dergard wrote:
Please tell me you will accept Paypal, and i will be very happy.
Can you get Visa debit cards thru your bank? There are also pre-paid Visa debit cards which you just buy and spend. Both those should be usable thru the normal Visa CC processing system. ...Although if you are boycotting Visa as a company, not just opposed to credit cards as such, that probably doesn't help.

Thanks Quandary.

I have come to terms with getting a credit card (grudgingly). And yes, i am just opposed to credit cards per se. ;)

To make a long story short: germans employ plastic money alien to a typical US credit card. If you are REALLY curious about this:


Nonetheless, i appreciate your help.

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Vic Wertz wrote:
Sorry—Mastercard, Visa, or Discover only.

Thanks for the quick answer.

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We're going to be opening up the fulfillment system to people who didn't back the Kickstarter so they can make pledges and choose rewards!

This is good news. I looked forward to this.

Please tell me you will accept Paypal, and i will be very happy.

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Ryan Dancey wrote:
There will be plenty of opportunities to get into Early Enrollment in the future. Just have patience and we'll roll out options ASAP.

A chance of getting into Early Enrollment would be fantastic.

Since i posted it already and i do not want to annoy anybody, suffice it to say that i hope you consider paypal as a payment method.

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An interesting thread. I was occupied with this issue since i read

Blog:Screaming for Vengeance wrote:
...A settlement can remain competitive with a low rating in law, good, or reputation (or average ratings in all three), but the penalties add up such that a settlement that caters to low-reputation chaotic evil characters will be at a fairly significant disadvantage compared to other settlements, and such characters may have a hard time finding a place to train, trade, and craft....

Since i am part-time DM and part-time powergamer in my pathfinder TT group, i worried instantly about LG settlements composed of pretended LG chars, acting LE, NE, CE etc. just for the powergamings sake, waging war on everyone, because there are no reputaion and alignment penalties for killings in wartime.

Besides, putting all alignments at an disadvantage in comparison to LG felt wrong. In reality, lawful nations can manage their affairs better then chaotic ones, yes. But a game should be about fun, not realism. Gamers would be disappointed when they realized their CN barbarian settlement will never be as succesfull as their LG neighbor, just because they choosed the "wrong" alignment.

Maybe Quandary thought about something similar:

Quandary wrote:
...then perhaps some of the more dubious settlement alignment strategies that are at-odds with the actual predominant character alignments of the settlement membership might be made unworkable...

Sorry if i did not get your point. To many words for my limited english. ;)

Quandary wrote:
...I'm definitely interested in how a settlement's actual alignment composition (in members) will matter vs. it's chosen alignment...

I like this idea very much. Settlements could have core and active alignments, too. To some degree, every member could shift into the core alignment of her settlement. Possibly conflicting with his own core alignment. The active alignment of a settlement would be calculated on base of the active alignments of its members. The more "pure" the active alignment would be in comparison to its core alignment, the more bonuses the settlement would get and superior buildings could be build.

With regards


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Deianira wrote:

I thought this could use a Friday nudge so any new posters can see it.

TGIF, everyone!

And many thanks Deianira! The headline instantly catched my eye. Seems i managed to overlook this thread last week.

And kudos to Nihimon. I find this compilation to be very useful.

Err... vote sticky.


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Ruhr area, germany.

I can not watch this video because of the GEMA-fascists (just joking, please do not get me jailed, GEMA). Hope you can.


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DeciusBrutus wrote:
PayPal keeps hitting me with targeted adverts for their 'credit card', which I believe can be made isomorphic to direct debit. I haven't looked into that with any more detail.

Thank you for the advice.

I have searched the paypal.com/de website for an offer like this, but could not find any.

The only thing i found was the possiblilty to link an existing credit card to your paypal account.

Interestingly, i could not access the US site of paypal. I am getting automatically redirected to the german site.

So i do not think this offer is intended for international customers.

Nonetheless, thanks again for the tip.

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I would very much appreciate "Late Backer Stores" the likes Wasteland 2 and Torment:Tides of Numenera are featuring.

Personally, i was aware of the PFO Kickstarter early on, but refused to participate since a credit card was needed.

Given the high prevalence rate of credit cards in the United States, i guess this seems odd to the typical US citizen.

To clarify: i am a german bank clerk, working back office at the corporate clients section. And i do not have a credit card.

Another example:shortly before release of AoC and SW:TOR, the publishers had not installed an option to use the typical german payment method to buy a game subscription. I remenber people s$$#storming the forums, demanding payment made by direct debit.

That said, i hope Goblinworks will bear in mind that probably many people in europe (and especially in germany, i think) do not want to pay with credit card for their game subscription.

And i hope i am given the opportunity to donate to PFO via Paypal before official release.

With regards


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Speaking "in character" below. So do not get me wrong, please.

There is only one god. His name is Asmodeus.

The Ones you are talking about are his minors and servants.

Of those, my favourite is Abadar. Because he is such industrious.

With regards


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Kakafika wrote:
I really like that solution from Age of Conan, Wurner. Thanks for posting that.


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Bringslite wrote:

Welcome Dergard! Dario summed it up. Just wanted to say hello. :)

Errr... and Nihimon. =D

Thank you.

Reading your replies, i understand this has been discussed before in detail. I will take my time and search the forums more thoroughly.

On the topic 'blocking where it is not desirable': GW could implement squeezing as slotable feat. You even could build whole fighting styles around that. Gnomes squeezing into opponents space, getting opportunity with the right skillset and such.

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Hello Pathfinder community and Goblinworks staff!

I am new to the forums and not native english speaking. So i apologize in advance for any spelling errors.

On the subject of this thread:

I have searched the forums to learn whether character collision will be a feature of pfo or not.

I found a post from Mark Kalmes dated from November 2011:
"This will probably be determined mostly by the engine. We aren't really scoped for making too big of a change to the underlying physics."

Since Goblinworks applies "Unity", what will it be? Character collision or not?

Personally, i would like to see a traditional longsword/shield fighter blocking an entrance. Meanwhile the wizard is tossing spells from behind at the opponent.

Does one of you got information on this? Do you even think this feature should be implemented?

With regards