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Good story, poor art, good additions


My opinion of the first comic was a real roller coaster. The first thing you notice about any comic is the front cover, and I decided on this one. I like it. (One of the problems of having a bunch of different covers for essentially the same product is that reviews won't be grouped. Oh, well.) Then I opened it up, and saw that the entire art was not nearly as well done. Opinion dropped. As I read, however, I started to enjoy the story, in spite of the art. Opinion increased... until I got to the end, which was just over halfway through the comic. My first thought was, wow, did I just buy a comic that is almost half advertisements? Well, no, and my opinion quickly rose again because the back half was full of gaming goodness - like (finally) a mostly player friendly writeup on Sandpoint, the included fold out map, an encounter to use with it, and more.

So my final score is a 3.25 out of 5. If you are not a fan of the RPG and just want to read this as a comic, I recommend against it - the art is very subpar and you'll be buying a lot of extra stuff you don't need, which means less value for the money. But if you are a fan of the RPG and the Golarion setting, it's a good buy in spite of the artwork.