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Yeah, I agree that the cost starts to get pretty insane. I was thinking along the lines of:

- Tattooed Rings: Ring of Sustenance, Decoy Ring, Ring of Freedom of Movement (If you have the money), and a Ring of Invisibility.

- Worn/Meridian Rings: Ring of Protection, Ring of Feather Fall, Ring of Spell Knowledge (for spontaneous castors), Rings of Resistance (various ones), Ring of Forcefangs, Ring of Force Shields, Scholars Ring, Ring of Chameleon Power, the list goes on.

So what I'm thinking would likely never be allowed in a game, and the DM would slap me, but still, it's fun to theorize.

The question is: Using the "Inscribe Magical Tattoo" feat, could I tattoo a Hand of Glory onto my neck slot, then tattoo a ring onto that tattooed version of the Hand of Glory, then tattoo a ring onto an actual Hand of Glory + putting a normal ring onto it? Essentially giving me 7 ring slots in exchange for my neck slot (both tattooed and normal) and my ring slots (2 tattooed + 2 normal).

Inscribe Magical Tattoo: tem-creation

Hand of Glory: of-glory

Now, WHY would we want to do this? I dunno, but it's still an interesting idea to think about. Then you throw in the Meridian Belt, and you are getting ridiculous.

Meridian Belt: ian-belt


Andy Ferguson wrote:

Snakebite striker brawler archetype gives 1d6 sneak at lvl 1, so you wouldn't have to be evil.

If you have some way to make things flat footed, elemental aura would be pretty cool.

My DM hasn't opened up Hybrid classes yet. Snakebite Brawler would be cool, and Assassin's pretty generally suck, though the INT necessary for this build would make Death Attack almost worth it.

Yeah, I understand that if you build a blaster, you are under-utilizing a caster's abilities, but still, sometimes you just need to build a monster fireball. How many creatures did that Life Shaman hit at once?

Fairly new to posting in forums. Long term reader, first time thread creator so please, bare with me.

I have a character build idea in mind that would at level 16, deal 27d6 + 54, with a fireball, averaging our to a total of 148dmg, or 74dmg if they make their save. I find this pretty impressive myself.

So, as far as the build goes, I only have level progression and the fact that you need the Magical Knack Trait figured out:
1st: Cross-Blooded Sorcerer (Choosing Draconic (copper is recommended to better deal with higher level fire resistance) and Orc bloodlines) unfortunately you will always only have 1 spell for this class. Make it something useful: Grease, Obscuring Mist, Shield (I don't recommend Mage armor, as you'll take that with your Wizard levels, and a first lvl shield spell should last you through most combats)

2nd - 4th: Wizard Evocation Specialist (Admixture subtype, allowing you to switch dmg types to acid, cold, fire, or electric)

5th: Vivisectionist Alchemist (Or Rogue or Ninja, just need that SA I prefer Vivisectionist Alchemist, there may be a better Rogue Archtype)

6th: Assassin (yes, this means you must be "evil") gives you the required 2d6 sneak attack dmg for the next 10th lvls of:

7th-16th: Arcane Trickster. (Going this path basically demands an alignment of either NE or CE, both can be fun, but only NE is really all that cohesive with an adventuring party)

17th - 20th: Wizard

So, at 8th lvl, you could, in theory, use a scorching ray (acid) for: 4d6 (Base Scorching Ray dmg)
3d6 (Sneak attack dmg)
+14 (Sneak dmg counts as the same energy descripter as the spell, therefore, your Draconic and Orc Bloodlines both add +7 static dmg)

and a second ray for 4d6+8 (as sneak attack can only apply to the first shot).

Or at 16th lvl, you could hit with the Fireball I mentioned above.

Any remarks/advice/critics/praise are appreciated

harzerkatze wrote:
Sean K Reynolds wrote:
James Jacobs has clarified this spell here in the Golarion FAQ.

Great, that helps a lot.

Now to another open question aboit the spell: Can you affect undead and constructs with it? They are immune to ability damage + drain, as well as paralysis, but not to ability penalties, it seems. So can you use the spell to reduce them to Str+Dex 1, even though that does not paralyze them?

I would say they wouldn't be paralyzed, but would collapse under their own weight, unable to move as long as their Str was 1, and MIGHT (depending on the size of the creature) be able to drag themselves, seeing as with a Str 1, to drag or push is a maximum of 50lbs.