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CorvusMask wrote:

Wohoo, I'm happy they avoided the whole "let's describe god of destruction as nihilistic" thing with the Devourer :D

(though granted, it does sound more nihilistic than Rovagug since Rovagug hates existence while Devourer just wants to end to everything for no real reason I guess? Still I'm glad they avoided the "nihilism is evil!" implications in that blurb)

Also I think Devourer is CE because Entropy is Chaotic force in Pathfinder.

i agree, but Ebberon's Devourer is a god of wirlpools and other destructive forces of nature rather than an all-destroying entity.

I would like a fiend-celestial mix planetouched (hound archon/ glabrezu and lillend/ marilith planetouched using only bestiary 1 outsiders would be cool) and alignment elementals.

Malefactor wrote:
sorry about that. i`m new to this and don`t really get it.

Malefactor wrote:
Creon Vizcarra wrote:
i would like more celestials too. how about CG glass critters and dinosaur people.