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That is by far the best production for Pathfinder Legends. I finished my 2nd listening and it is compelling as it is astonishing. Awesome.

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Best AP ever! So glad they give it the ROTRL treatment - I was desperately needing it without even knowing!

I've waited years for this. YES :)

magikeren wrote:

Yir. I need my fix. :D

It's 8 PM here in Denmark. Haha. Has been constantly hitting the refresh button the whole day. :D

Me too... Please... You can't leave us like that.... :D

Wasn't it supposed to be uploaded for download at the 19th? and then.. today? Is everything alright?

Hey you guys, sorry to bring a subject from the dead - but I have an issues with a mythic Witch played by one of my players.

She took the Mythic Hex when she became and Archmage, and since she have the Slumber Hex, she makes all non-mythic encounter a cakewalk. Should I add mythic-ranks to the published adventures mini-bosses and goons, or should I roll with it? The other players are kind of ambivalent on this subject, since they get to Coup-De-Grace plenty of foes, especially non-mythic bosses, who automatically fail their saves, and when they wake-up, and if they wake-up, they are surrounded from all directions by mythic heroes and vigilantes.

It's becoming a routine whenever they win initiative, and it makes all melee bosses, such as barbarians, Minotaurs and most demons, into a mosh. I was glad my player found something she's totally good at, and I want to encourage such behaviors, but the other players are starting to feel a little depressed about the routine...

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Thank you all :)

Since it's Golarion - and no nation need to be exactly a copycat of an real nation in our world's history, I would say it's kinda futile to pinpoint anymore than a few resembles. So sure, Osirion is like Egypt, and Irrisen draws alot from Russion and Slavic folklore, but so does Brevoy. And while both Katapesh and Qadira are influenced by middle-ages Araby, they both differ from one another, one drawming more from north-african and near-east folklore, and the other from Persia and maybe even Babylon.

I don't think you could find a legitimate real-world countermeasure to a diabolic empire such as Cheliax, with all do respect to the Spanish Inquisition - and while Absalom reminds me alot of both Constantinople (the city that was famed for never been conquered, even though it was conquered many times) or Jerusalem (both in biblical reference, and as "the jewel of the world", or the holy cradle of monotheistic religions, what could be refer to the whole holy scenery in Jerusalem as the Starstone cathedral) I think it's a little bit of both.

But for each nation we could identify as a resembling real-world reference, there at least 2 more that could never quite qualify for the job. I mean, where do you put Geb and Nex ? what about Alkenstar ? Belzken ? Lastwall and Mendev ? Druma ? Nidal ? Razmiran and Kyonin ? there are just too many out-of-this-world nations to even consider the idea.

"PDF available today..."

The wait is soooo long... I didn't checked the site for more than a day to skip the "PDF available tomorrow" taunt, but this is too much ! Damn you Middle-east time for making me live 9 hours in the FUTURE ! :(