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Silver Crusade

Oloch moves forwards, unimpeded by the waters current, and drives his blade deep into the stony construct. It's not enough to kill it, but it certainly leaves a hug crack running down what would be it's midsection on a living being. Celie, seeing it fall back, advanced, making sure her curse sticks just before falling unceremoniously into the murky water herself. Theo and Ramen simply advance cautiously on the thing, now wanting a hammer to the face, while from behind, the exhausted priest simply waits, biding is time in case he is needed.


Statue 2 (-19)
Oloch (), Celie (), Fredrick (), Theo (), Ramen (), Dhastrach (), & Guilford ()

So I have good news, bad news, news, and a question.
The good news is we are very nearly done.
The bad new is I just played this one and I can honestly say it's not what I was fearing, (that it was me), it just really is this slow going.
I have not heard from Fredrick, so if I don't by, I'm going to say the end of this fight, I'm going to just say they are out.
And finally, would anyone mind if we sort of fast forwarded a bit after this? Get into the more interesting parts while I sort of narrate a bit what happens in between.