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I tend to play high Int characters despite the class. I was also focusing on the revelations that dont scale with level. The backstory does focus on past lives, I even using their racial oracle class as somewhat of a frame work. I would use the class, but you have to take certain abilities that scale a bit too hard with oracle. Though I could just try to raise me CHa really high to somewhat go around that. So right now the plan is just oracle lore. I'm caught up on either having haunted or tongues. I would like haunted for the extra spells, but it does have the item usage penalty. I feel like will be using a lot of items with this character so I will probably go with tongues. Then at first level I will take Scribe scroll and Side step secret. Then at third level I will take Craft potion and Focused Trance. Then at fifth level I would take extend spell. At seventh level I would take skill focus arcana and revelation it would be either Mental Acuity for more Int or Arcane Archivist to have more spell flexibility. Then at level eight on forward go loremaster since I will still be gaining more spell levels and even a faster spell growth. On top of that the bonuses that come with the class. Also at every level I would be gaining another spell due to my race I should have a rather robust spell list.

I was thinking about doing a divine loremaster. I'm focusing on gathering spells and having vast array of knowledges. Mechanic wise it will mainly focus on buffing and divining. So I was thinking Samsaran Lore Oracle. Their racial option for oracle is gaining more spells. Then if you take one of the racial feature options you can gain spells from another spell list based off of magic origin. Well this is my start, any advice would be appreciated.

I'm working on a character that has a familiar and I wanted to get a level in the new shaman class in the advance class book. Despite being a level one shaman would the familiar actually be a higher level. For example lvl 4 magus with familiar goes into level 1 shaman would the spirit animal actually be level 5. The rules say Levels of different classes that are entitled to familiars stack with shaman levels for the purpose of determining any spirit animal abilities that depend on the shaman’s level. If a shaman possesses such levels in other classes, her spirit animal always uses the shaman rules for spirit animals, not those used by familiars of other classes (such as witches, wizards, or sorcerers with the arcane bloodline).If the shaman has witch levels, her spirit animal also serves as the conduit to her patron and stores her witch spells. The shaman’s spirit animal is treated as a familiar for the purposes of all spells, effects, and abilities that affect familiars.

Here is the rules of for the gensai void soul race so I can make this as clear as possible.

They can remove themselves from the board to avoid attacks or move safely with void Assumption: You cease to exist and can take no actions until the start of your next turn. You have line of sight and line of effect to no creature, and no creature has line of sight or line of effect to you. At the start of your next turn, you reappear in the square of your choice within 3 squares of the square you left. You can remove someone from the board temporarily with Glimpse of Void. They don't have to breathe or eat. They have a passive where if the enemy misses you the they take damage equal to a stat. They can create an aura that damages or stuns them. They also have an ability that simply reduces and damage to zero.

In pathfinder they have the sorc void-touched lineage which is a variant of the starsoul lineage. I silence for one round every time I damage with evocation. I can rain down mini black holes onto my enemies as one of my bloodline powers. I don't need to breathe at a certain level. The I can create an ice storm combined with deeper darkness later on.

Dave Justus wrote:

I'm not sure what the mechanics and flavor of the void race you talk about is. But if you want otherworldly, stealthy and cool racial based powers that are a bit 'void-like' take a look at the Fetchling. They are a shadow-plane based race, which isn't exactly void but has a similar flavor.

They get a bonus to dex and chr, so a fighty-bard, a fighty-oracle, the new spontaneous casting magus, or the blood rager would all be viable choices to create a 'swordmage'

What race are you referring to?

Bob Bob Bob wrote:
The elemental races are Ifrit, Oread, Sylph, and Undine.

The Sulis are a elemental genie slash human hybrid with no elemental restriction unless you choose to have one, also The stats and the races benefits go well with the idea.

LoneKnave wrote:

I think you are talking about Genasi. I can't remember if void was a sub-race for any of the elemental ones (I'm thinking it was wind, not sure). Still, some races from PF could fit I think, if you look hard enough.

If you wait for the Advanced Class Guide to come out, there will be a class called Bloodrager, that is a fighty-type of guy who also gets sorcerer bloodlines, and a Magus archetype called Eldritch Scion who is halfway between fighty Bloodrager and casty sorcerer.

I'd advise you to pick from those, simpler than going into Eldritch Knight.


Ok here is another character I'm working on. I really need some help on this one because this looks awkward to me and I don't know how to mechanically make this character real. The lore of this character is based off a race in D&D forth edition known as the gensai, these are half elemental half human beings. The subrace I chose for it was void. This sub race is very evasive skill wise and has some nasty abilities later on. He was also a swordmage, but when I prestige with this character I went full race perks instead of class. So I've been trying to recreate that character with pathfinder. The closest thing I could get was Sorc with the void lineage to eldritch knight, but focusing on more on sorc to show that the character wants to master his lineage. This is the character sheet. His role in D&D was tanky with evasion and Crowd Control.

Odaous Arcadia

Male Sulis

Lvl6 Sorc(void) Lvl1 fighter Lvl1 Eldritch Knight

Str 14
Dex 14
Con 16
Int 14
Wis 10
Cha 16

Arcane Armor&Mastery
Combat Expertise
Weapon Focus Longsword

Mage Evolving wrote:
One issue I have with the build isthat the two ranger archtypes that you choose (warden and guide) can not be selected together. They both replace hunter's bond.

I'm refering to the prestige class natural warden.

Thanks for the advice

Hi I'm working on some characters for future games and I would like some helpful criticism to better make my character efficient, while still keeping the main idea of character alive. This is my first character if any would like to put in there two cents. The idea of this character is that she fights with the help of her pet, but is evasive rather then brawling. By using the ability from the wolf shaman which can give you a boost of speed of 20ft with her claw attacks or beast shape she can be annoying and be able to get other party members if she needs to heal them or get distance quick to throw spears. I haven't chose any spells because I'm still looking through some books but, the idea is healing, protection, and pets. Of course if there further details that you wish to know to better help I will gladly give them.

Loba Lvl 4 Wolf Shaman Lvl 3Guide Lvl 1 Natural Warden
Str 14
Dex 18
Con 10
Int 12
Wis 16
Cha 14

Aspect of the Beast:Claws
Spring Attack
Natural Spell

Claws 1d4
Pilum 1d8