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I got a response from customer service! Huzzah!

Just dropping a line to follow up on the other two posts I had made.

It was what was expected, lots of product being worked, few people, a lot of business, etc. But - the kind Customer service agent addressed my numerous ignored emails and was very thoughtful about trying to make things right.

So, to all that are still working on the wait times, it appears there are things in motion!

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For those that PM'ed me, thank you for asking, but no I still haven't gotten any sort of response from Paizo.

I figured because I posted on Sat,(not being unreasonable) I'd wait a couple of days. Monday came and went, we shall see what Tuesday brings - but I am a little surprised the drought of contact continues.

I happen to work in the IT field, and I have to be upfront, if I ignored a customer for as long as Paizo has, I'd likely be shown the door by my boss. Quickest way to lose business (and repeat business) is to ignore the customer.

Not sure what is going on with customer service just not responding at all, but I have faith that at some point someone at the company will make a modicum of effort - or they won't - and I'll have to figure out my next steps.

Not throwing in the towel yet, but here's to hoping something will move. Would rather not cancel my order because I'd like to actually have the entire slew of books I ordered.

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Good morning, I'm having a similar issue with multiple customer service emails not being responded to about Order 37297508.

I purchased a couple of books on Jan 27, and have seen the pocket core rulebook on backorder, holding up the entire order.

I've requested that the entirety of the order (6 books) be shipped OTHER than the backordered pocket core rulebook. I stated in my email that I am happy to pay the additional shipping cost, which should resolve any fears Paizo may have of shipping costs for my order.

I understand the company is overwhelmed with orders and warehouse work, but my latest email went out on Feb 22nd with zero response from customer service.

I'm removing all preconceived roadblocks from this being a financial problem (for the company) with paying the additional shipping at zero cost to Paizo. I gave specific permission for this to happen in my customer service email (latest support ticket ID is 185096). My order shows you have the other 6 books in stock, so if you could have someone at least communicate with me about the situation I would be appreciative.

Thank you in advance! You are super appreciated.