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I haven't bought or read this AP yet, but I have one question for all you veterans:

I've started a campaign with RotRL AP, but since I don't have too much time on my hand, I'm more interested with AP's that are made directly to Pathfinder RPG. I know converting RotRL AP to PFRPG is quite easy, but still..

Keep in mind, I only have 3 players.

So my questions is: Since the starting setting is the same as are the NPC's, does it sound possible that I will finish the first part of RotRL and then move to Jade Reagent AP?

The 1st part of RotRL would be like an introduction to the game for my new players and I think it would not mess up the storyline too much, since it doesn't reveal too much about the AP, then we could just adapt and move on with the Jade Reagent.

The players would be a around 4 lvl at the end of RotRL, but I think that would not be a problem, since I can always harden things a bit with JR - and since I only have 3 players, they can be a bit higher lvl than average anyways.

What do you guys think?