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Full Name

Landolf Gersun von Ubersreik


| Male Reiklander Scion | Wounds 13/13 | Initiative 40 | Fencing 42 / Dodge 40 | Fortune 0/5 | Fate 4/4 | Resolve/Resilience 3/3 | Armor: Body 1 / Arms 1 / Legs 1 | Corruption: 2 | Party Funds: 1g 10/6


Landolf Gersun von Ubersreik

About Darkest Doomed

Name: Landolf Gersun von Ubersreik
Race: Reiklander
Class: Courtier
Career: Scion
Motivation: Discover
Short-Term Personal Ambition: Gain the support of a noble house
Short-Term Personal Ambition (Glorious Weather): not yet chosen
Long-Term Personal Ambition: Clear his family's debt
Completed Careers: Landsman

Weapon Skill: 35
Ballistic Skill: 40
Strength: 31
Toughness: 40
Initiative: 40
Agility: 40
Dexterity: 31
Intelligence: 32
Willpower: 27
Fellowship: 36
Movement 4

Charm: 41
Climb: 36
Consume Alcohol: 45
Cool: 30
Evaluate: 35
Gamble: 37
Gossip: 44
Heal: 33
Leadership: 41
Melee (Brawling): 42
Melee (Fencing): 42
Ranged (Bow): 45
Row: 36
Sail (Caravel): 45
Swim: 36

Talents: Doomed, Flee!, Luck, Marksman, Noble Blood, Strong Back, Suave

Combat Trappings: Foil, Fine Leather Jack, Fine Leather Leggings, Dagger

Consumable Trappings: none

Other Trappings: Cloak, Courtly Garb

Progression Data:
Weapon Skill: +33 base +2 xp advances
* Melee (Brawling): +5 career advances +2 xp advances
* Melee (Fencing): +7 xp advances

Ballistic Skill: +35 base +5 marksman
* Ranged (Bow): +5 human advances

Strength: +31 base
* Climb: +5 career advances
* Row: +5 career advances
* Swim: +5 career advances

Toughness: +33 base +7 xp advances
* Consume Alcohol: +5 career advances

Initiative: +35 base +5 xp advances

Agility: +34 base +6 xp advances
* Sail: +5 career advances

Dexterity: +26 base +5 xp advance

Intelligence: +32 base
* Evaluate: +3 human advances
* Gamble: +5 career advances
* Heal: +1 xp advance (double cost)

Willpower: +27 base
* Cool: +3 human advances

Fellowship: +26 base +5 suave +5 starting advances
* Charm: +5 human advances
* Gossip: +5 career advances +3 human advances
* Leadership: +5 human advances

XP Detail:
Character Creation 120 xp (120 total) - spent 100 xp for 4 advances in Agility, 20 xp remains
Roleplaying & Fun Award 35 xp (55 total) - spent 25 xp for 1 advance in Agility & 25 xp for 1 advance in Dexterity, 5 xp remains
Saving tenement residents 25 xp (30 total) – spent 30 xp for 1 advance in Agility, 0 xp remains
Stopping the Teufel Terror (a troll) 70 xp (70 total) - spent 30 xp for 2 advances in Melee (Brawling), 40 xp remains
Tenement Quests 50 xp (90 total), 90 xp remains
Vampire Slaying - 75 xp (165 total) - spent 100 xp for 4 advances in Dexterity, 65 xp remains
Party Short-Term Ambition "Gain the Trust of the Watch" completed - 50 xp (115 total)
Personal Short-Term Ambition "Clear his name" completed - 50 xp (165 total) - spent 20 xp for one advance in Heal, 145 xp remains
End of Making the Rounds - 115 xp (260 total)
Party Short-Term Ambition "Clear Watch obligation" completed - 50 xp (310 total) - spent 185 xp for 7 advances in Toughness during Downtime, 0 xp for Career change to Scion, 80 xp for 7 advances in Melee (Fencing), 45 xp remains
The Guilty Party – 235 xp (280 total) – spent 50 xp for 2 advances in Weapon Skill, 125 xp for 5 advances in Initiative & 100 xp for the Luck talent (first purchase), 5 xp remains

Income & Acquisitions:
Character Creation - 8 silver
Watch Equipment - Leather Jack, Hand Weapon (Sword), Knuckledusters, Ubersreik Watch Uniform
Watch Pay – 1 gold & 3 pennies (total 1 GC 8/3)
Red Moon Inn dinners – spent 3 silver (total 1 GC 5/3)
Stopping the Teufel Terror (a troll) - 1 Fate point & 1 silver (total 1 GC 6/3)
Osanna Legal Fee - fee was actually taken here (total 1 GC 5/3)
Career Change Trappings - lose Watch gear and sell Landsman Trappings, gain Foil and Courtly Garb
Downtime Purchases - Quality (Fine) Leather Jack and Quality (Fine) Leather Leggings. Also 190 pfennings in Training expenses (Money to Burn - no funds remaining)
Coach Travel Catchup - 1 gold from regiment for delivering message (total 1g)
Crossed Axes Gambling Proceeds and Money for Drunks - 5 silver final winnings & 1 silver expense (total 1g 4/-)

Landolf was born into a large family of the noble family of Gersun von Ubersreik. Their noble line had fallen on hard times following the mismanagement of Landolf's great-grandfather, Nikolaus, who accrued large debts in the family's name in a misguided attempt to increase their political standing. The nobility of the area has largely forgotten the exploits of Nikolaus Gersun in the decades since, but the banking houses of Ubersreik have not. The Gersun family was forced to sell off several of their holdings and investments, crippling their ability to repay Nikolaus's debts. The noble family obtained a favorable court order allowing them to preserve the last family estate off Grey Lady Pass from their creditors, but they were left with little else.

The intervening decades left the Gersun family striving to stave off destitution. Unable to pay a household staff of any consequence, they labored to keep their estate afloat while staving off the demands of their debt collectors. Through diligent industry and the careful use of political favors, they managed to amass the beginning of a small fortune kept hidden from the banking houses and their incessant demands. Slowly, the noble family seemed to be making up ground.

By this time the nobility had all but forgotten the small and impoverished family on the borders of the territory. Landolf's future mother Livina brought an end to that obscurity in a scandal that rocked the family to its foundations. The Gersun family had arranged to marry their young and beautiful daughter off in an alliance with another minor noble house with greater prestige but whose financial fortunes had fallen behind even that of the Gersun. Instead, Livina stole the money that her family had been hiding from the banks and offered to deliver it to the largest of her family's creditors along with her hand in marriage. In return, the bank would forgive the remainder of the Gersun's balance with their institution and provide assistance in negotiations with the remaining banks.

The reaction was ferocious, but armed with control of her family's debt and the revelation that the Gersun had broken their agreement with their creditors by hiding their money, Livina and her new husband-to-be Conrad were able to fend off the offended nobility and obtain possession of the Grey Lady Pass estate, now newly mortgaged under a heavy load of debt. The associated court proceedings provided a constant hum of gossip in Ubersreik for months. Though unable to formally disown their daughter, Livina's parents cut off contact with her and took the remainder of the family away to Nuln.

Livina's only confederate among her family in the endeavor was her brother, Sieghard. Together, they had come up with the scheme as they became sickened by their family's refusal to pay their debts and their growing sense of self-indulgence and irresponsibility. To them, it seemed as though their noble family line was about to repeat the errors of Nikolaus that they had spent their entire lives trying to undo. Where Livina took the lead role, Sieghard sought to blunt the outrage of their parents. As their fortunes rapidly changed, Sieghard joined the Imperial Navy.

After Livina and Conrad wed, their fortunes improved steadily. Despite their voluminous debt, they were supported by Ubersreik merchant contacts through Conrad's family, and managed to stay sufficiently ahead of their debt payments to afford a small amount for the maintenance of the Grey Lady Pass property, though the frills of noble life were out of reach for them.

Landolf was born almost twenty years later, the seventh child of Conrad and Livina after his brothers Wigbart, Raban, Degenhard, Isenbert and Kunibart and his sister Alrun. The family was later joined by his younger brothers Renigard and Bruno. Landolf's uncle Sieghard maintained frequent contact with the family when his duties with the Navy would allow it.

Like the rest of his brothers, Landolf's family put him to use around the estate as soon as he was able. His fondest memories of home are of listening to his mother's stories told by the light of a roaring hearth fire after the labors of the day had concluded. She taught her children of the Empire, of their place in it and of their responsibilities as members of its nobility, instilling a sense of patriotism in them. Her fervent wish was that her children would grow up to be members of the Empire's nobility in a way that she had never enjoyed, and warned them against the follies of her parents and her grandfather that had put the family in such dire straits. Her stories told of far-off stretches of the Empire and beyond that captured Landolf's youthful imagination.

If Livina instilled a sense of wonder in Landolf, it was his uncle Sieghard that helped transform that wonder into a sense of adventure. Her stories were of heroes in far-off lands, while Sieghard's stories told of his own experiences in places just out of reach, on the waterways of the Reik. When Landolf was fifteen years old, his uncle borrowed a few of the boys and spent a month teaching them their way around the docks of Ubersreik while his ship was under repairs for a collision with a wrecker ship, and he gave them some experience with managing a riverworthy vessel. It was then that Landolf first began to imagine a life away from home...a place that although he loved, he knew would never be able to provide a real future for himself.

One year later, Sieghard disappeared while on patrol downriver from Altdorf. The Navy informed Conrad as Sieghard's next of kin and presented the family with his medals, listing him as missing. It was then that Landolf learned that the household income had been supplemented by a portion of Sieghard's wages, and their fortunes declined noticeably following his loss.

As Landolf grew to adulthood, his family members slowly began to go their own ways. Raban left home for a career in banking and from the little they hear of Kunibart, he has found a retreat in the gambling dens of the Empire. Wigbart was to receive the Grey Lady Pass estate when the time came and Degenhard was making plans to purchase a nearby farm when circumstances permitted. When Landolf's father Conrad announced plans for his sister Alrun to marry an Altdorf noble named Waltram, Landolf became aware that home would hold no future for him. He spoke only to Alrun of his plans to leave until they saw her off on her way to Altdorf. He informed his parents of his decision and abruptly left, hoping to find his way onto the rivers of the Reik and the adventures he knew would wait for him there.