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Smurfs are a persecuted culture. It's tragic, really.

Smurfy smurf. Of course they are.

They're smurftastic.


Frank James wrote:

oh smurf it with the smurf already

stupid smurf smurfers

you dont have anything better to do rather than smurfing smurf smurfette?

Not smurfy likely.

Hey, how about we get the thread back on topic and stop the smurfing debate about what is or isn't munchkin?

Destroying campaigns, much like derailing threads, can happen in any system.

I'm looking forward to the new Smurf race that I am sure is in the APG.

Orthos wrote:
Mouthy Upstart wrote:
I hate Arinzona. I heard they were all Irishmen.
They're after your lucky charms~!

Smurficly delicious!

Alright, quit smurfing around.

That's rather disturbing... in a totally smurfy way.



I smurfed my first smurf of the new smurf.


Can't wait for tomorrow.

Mairkurion {tm}, what's wrong with this thread? Everyone is so Smurfy and smiling. We love this thread.

taig wrote:
Sunflowers are the penultimate flower.

Still only second best to the Daisy.

Wu Chi wrote:

This whole side topic seems to have died and I don't want to stir it up again, just wanted to say, I in no way meant to be offensive in my post. My intent was simply to defend a play style you were condemning even though it is widely accepted as 'standard'.

It sounds like you have a very homebrew game, and again that's great. But, not everybody plays by the rules you and your buddies came up with for your table.

Stay smurfy.

You smurfed?

Smurf Cleaver wrote:


Vic Wertz wrote:

An April Fool's joke gone out of control.

No, really.

[url=smurf][/url] Now, that's funny!

So sneaky...

Ok, so that wasn't it.

Is that smurf possible?