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I'm looking to make a nine-tailed kitsune for a game, and with everything,I could have all nine tails by level 7.

Originally, I was looking to do a psychic caster, but if I went Nine Tailed Heir, its ninth level power would be useless.

So the question here is, what bloodline would be the best to combine with Nine-Tailed heir?

What are some ways of really improving this maneuver to absurdity?

As a rogue, say I picked up the kobold sorcerer bloodline through VMC or through the feats. IF I'm level 10, would I could as level 20 for the purposes of Trapsense?

Is it just me or does go seem a little wanting?

Like sure you can use your ability to act to impersonate but if someone asks you a simple question the fuse is foiled because you have to go have deciete to lie. Same with more powerful skill feats.

So Gunslinger has a feature called nimble, which every few levels you get an additional +1 Dodge AC

Kobold Gunslinger gets a FCB of +1/4 to the AC bonus of Nimble

But Nimble says it caps out a +5 at level 20 normally.

Does this cap apply to the kobold fcb as well, meaning that its basically useless after a few levels or does the kobold FCB apply after the cap allowing it to increase?

So Ricochet toss says it could work with an improvised weapon if you have throw anything. But how does ricochet toss work with improvised weapons when they're not aweapon group?

Okay Shikigami Manipulation gives my improvised weapon a +1 for every 4 caster levels the magic item has. So If I've got a book of lesser extend summoning, CL: 17, I'd have a +4 book.

Extemporanous Channeler then gives me the ability to spend one point of generic focus to give my improvised weapon a +1 for every so many points I've got in my body still. So say I can give it a +2 so far. (Level 7)

Now I could make the weapon a +5, which is easy enough. But I've got another +1. Do I just lose it or can I make my weapons a +5 Flaming book?

Either way (Either with less enchantment or yes it does stack there) Can I then further enhance it with Legacy Weapon?

So with elemental trap, it says that you can't use gather power to reduce the burn for the optional, but it doesn't say that your other ability, infusion specialization, can't reduce the burn.

Is there any reason raw it wouldn't?

So, I was looking at somethings with replacing the Psychic bloodline with the alternate capstone, Unique bloodline. One of the options I was looking at was Arcane bloodline, that has the third level power get replaced by the 20th level power at level twenty.

So I'm trying to figure out what happens with the third level power. Does it upgrade, disappear, or just stay the same?

So I'm working on something that uses Alchemist + Evangelist, and I ran into a slight issue with herolab. Namely I'd have figured that the Evangelist level from 2 and beyond would stack with alchemist for determining certain things, like your alchemist level for picking up discoveries. (It still lets me choose one every other level)

Right now I've got it at 4 alchemist 7 evangelist, but it only still counts me at a level 4 alchemist. Before I start slapping around herolab with code and adjustments, I want to check.. Is that how its suppose to be? Or should I be counted as a level 10 alchemist?

Does Animal Focus basically lock you out of any other spells abilities that are a polymorph effect?

So currently working on a Kobold sniper and I looked at what things could stack with the kobold's gunslinger archetype and saw Blatherskite, and at first I was like "Oh thats kinda cool." I said looking at the ability to hide.. but everything else was just terrible.

Its first level ability is "If you get missed by a ranged attack, you could jump in the way of the bullet instead to take damage and still provoke attacks of opportunity."
Yeah it does minimal damage, but I could take no damage instead.

Then the seventh level ability makes it so if you get hit by an affect, but pass the saving throw, you can instead let the affect hit you, so you can use an immediate action afterwards to give the enemy a loss to their dex. Yeah, I can pay a point of grit if I do get hit with one of those effects, but it still doesn't seem to be good enough.

Saw this spell, it seems weird.
Its like a gate spell, but sends people off to random places in the 1st world, and can remain open 1 level a round or with a proper check, you can make it last a few days.

So If I went and cast this spell, so it was laying on the ground.. How would they stop from getting gated to the other world?

It seems odd for a caster to use for themselves, or kinda op to use as a weapon.

Is there anyway to make a construct that is skilled at doing a specific job?

So assuming you do manage to get the mind reading unlock off.. Does your enemy get a saving throw?

I'm looking for feats/magic items that increase your ability to maintain a spell effect. In 3.5 there used to be a feat you could use to maintain a spell by making a massive concentration check and using a swift action.

I'm making a character who is really good with bluff (A Mesmerist) And I'm looking for all the different ways I could really buff that bluff.

I'm not just looking for ways to increase the numerical value, but ways to increase what I can do with it. Like Empty Threats allow me to do intimate checks with bluff.

Race wise, I'm already settled in for kitsune.

So.. you're a sorcerer with the ability to possess things, and you get your bloodline spells and such..

You get up to level 19, and get a pretty cool spell - Divided Mind, letting you cast two spells a round up to 5th level like you've got a free quicken spell going. You can make two will saves, two int checks..

Only problem. You hit level 20. You're now immune to Mind-affecting effects, which divided mind is, and you lose access to 2/9 bloodline spells

Am I reading that right?

So projectionists get Implant Consciousness ability that lets him use hypnotic stare and pyschic spells.
My question of course would be if I was to actually cast the spell, would the effect still work?

Would this combo work to keep a Kineticist going?

I figure it should work, but likely there is some little pesky detail that says no.

Got several questions about this..

1) Is it see through?
1a) if yes, Can you paint it?
1b) if no, can you make it look like a particular material?
2) If you make a statue of a rabbit out of it and a disintegrate spell hits a whisker does the entire structure just pop out of existence or does it just damage the whisker?
3) Can it make things like doors, chains and the like that would be used as part of the building?
3a) if no, can you attach real stuff in there then?

I've recently found out a ratstack, which allows you to have four ratfolk working together in a single 5ft square.

So I'm trying to get a group of ratfolk together that have a good access to teamwork feats and trying to figure out the right class for them.

Two are going to be tower shield users who use mobile bulark, and the other two sort of ranged and if possible, magical.

I'm reading this feat here.. and I can't for the life of me figure out what its trying to do.

prd wrote:
Whenever you use Duck and Cover, your ally has evasion or improved evasion, and your ally succeeds at its saving throw, half of the damage you would have taken is transferred to your ally. (This damage is not reduced by the ally's evasion or improved evasion.)

As written, it just kinda seems like a richard move here. You pick that up, and now they take half the damage all the time even when the succeed.

I think it is suppose to be something like

Whenever you use duck and cover, and your ally has evasion or improved evasion, and they succeed their saving throw, half the damage you take is transferred to them (This damage is not reduced by the ally's evasion or improved evasion.)

So if a witch has this ability.. do they pretty much have the ability to shrug off almost every fortitude save?

Cause that is what it seems to me..

Witch gets hit with Fort save effect, uses this ability to make another creature have to save vs the effect. If she succeeds, the other target takes -4 and if she fails, the other target has to save against the same effect twice.

I'm looking to see how much I can improve Fascinate for my idea of a new character. The character is a Super Villain who has a habit of monologing, only his monologs are filled with a ting of magic.

In the game I'm playing in, I don't have the ability to Multiclass but we are allowed to gestalt with another class.

At the moment I'm thinking Kobold Celebrity Bard | Mesmerist?
Going to be working to get these dancer anklets and a belt to add +2 to the DC of my Fascinate ability. Then a rod of beguiling to add +5 to my effective level.

Kobold adds +1/2 my level to fascinate. Which means every six levels I effect one more target and I get a higher DC to my ability.

I could circumvent the kobold by going Human with a racial heritage feat though.

Now if I use Restless Slumber on someone and they pass am I now unable to use Slumber on them, or vice versa?

If I am unable to use slumber/restless slumber because the other had failed, Then can I not use split Hex with Restless Slumber?

So the Harrow Mat has the following line

When this mat is used to perform a harrowing (magical or not) over a grave or other burial site, the spirit of the interned body influences the harrowing; for each card drawn related to the past, the harrower can draw from the deck twice and choose which card to place.

So say for example, I'm doing Harrow or Greater Harrow, and I'm suppose to draw nine cards. Do I have the ability to draw twice each card from the deck? Or is it only specific cards or something?

Got a few questions here on this..

With the standard telekinetic blast
1) If I was to use an alchemist fire - what happens? Does the alchemist fire suddenly not do anything at all when its hurled this way because ...

2) Really big object is thrown. It does normal damage, but what happens with the object?

Foe Throw and kinetic wall. If I have an enemy on the otherside of the wall that I use foe throw on to make him a weapon, does he take damage from the wall? If he was on my side of the wall and I threw him at someone on the otherside of the wall?

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Currently working on a brewmaster when I realized something about brew potion. The only limitation on it is that the potion has to be able to target one or more creatures/objects.

There are two things you can make with brew potion as well, Potions and Oils. Potions being something internal and Oils being external.

So it seems to me that you could make an oil of Magic Missile which targets up to five creatures.

Where am I wrong though?

Was looking at the Monk of the empty hand, and looking to see if there was any archetype thta worked with it and so far the only one I think I see is oddly the Weapon Adept.

Now the Weapon Adept gets Perfect strike, and the MotEH treats all 2h weapons as equivalent of quarterstaffs, which makes me wonder if it would work there?

Been working on trying to make a character for a game who is something of a potion maker/occult object collector. I'm most likely going normal alchemy (Not class alchemist) and occultist. I noticed the Curator archetype that seems to be pretty good.

Likely I plan on taking Divination/Abjuration/?? as normal implements but then taking Illusion, enchantment, necromancy, and evocation as the relic ones.

None of the guides out there I've seen really talk about the curator though.

I'm currently working on a level 8 character who is based on my old 4e character, the Tea Cup Assassin.

In 4e the assassin class had an item called a Ki Focus that allowed him to switch his weapon out with any weapon he was prof with and give the new weapon his Ki Focus enchantment effects.

Pathfinder recently released a similar item, a set of gloves that gave whatever improvised weapon you're wielding the enchantment on the gloves. So the tea cup assassin can come about with that again now.

But thats only one part of it. The character was a changeling, so he often switched between different appearances though his default look was a catfolk appearance Which would be This here

I might have to drop the ability to shift appearances and use a magic item like a hat of disguise or something for that, as I want to keep the catfolk appearance.

Which comes around now to the next two aspects of him, which is his ability to teleport. Someone suggested that I use the Path of War, with the Veiled Moon, which does seem to mimic a lot of the assassin stuff from 4e.

Cause this character pretty much abused the teleport. In 3.5 he was a warlock with Flee the Scene and would abuse it even more. (Along with Flying at will with perfect maneuverability)

I'm trying to get a lot of the whimsical aspects of this character who could kill you with anything in the room. So I'm looking through the classes of PoW but cannot find anything that is a perfect fit. Nothing that I can see that uses Veiled Moon uses Cha as its initator stat.

So the new book Legacy of the First World came out recently. And in it, there is the Twinned Summoner, which basically allows you to summon an eidolon that looks like you.

The Eidolon gets all teamwork feats you have for free, and can have one item slot that doesn't count against your link. It also gets a heavy +16 to disguise itself as you.

So there is two of me now. I figure, lets push it further, and took Vomit Twin spell. Which would allow my Eidolon and myself to both throw up a copy of our selves.

Then for a magic item, Pick up the Decoy Ring. Now anytime we make a withdraw action or become helpless there is four more of us.

I've also picked up a familiar, Valet instead of Decoy. That way it has all the same teamwork feats I do again as well.

I could pick up a familiar for the Eidolon as well, and make it so it has a decoy familiar.. Which would let the familiar copy it, copying me.

My main issue though is unifying this in something that would actually be useful in game. I do have a particular trick with it, where Gem and Ini both carry around a wand to cast their magic. Only in Gem's case she doesn't use the magic from the wand. While Ini UMDs the wand and bluffs that its her own magic the whole time.

Gem the summoner and Ini the eidolon

Looking for some advance on a skald build of mine


The party has two blood ragers, a sorc and an alchemist in it. I'm looking do Celestial totem to really boost the crap out of healing instead of my usual spirit totemist skald.

Likely I'm gonna go fated champion as the other stuff doesn't seem too great.

(Incase you're wondering,this is usually what my skalds tent to look like more. https://www.myth-weavers.com/sheet.html#id=229036 )

Trying to figure out what is the best way to go about this with a Phantom Thief character, especially a phantom thief who is focused on being that, a Phantom Thief.

I'm talking like Kaito Kid, Mouse, Joker, and even Lupin the Third (There are probably a few more I missed)

Currently working on a character

A Psychic Bloodline Sorcerer and ran into a snag with what feats to pick for him. To the point I was starting to think of running a witch VMC. A witch!

Then I remembered I could take a skill focus and pick up a second bloodline. Most are crap, however there was one I thought was pretty neato. The Impossible Bloodline. I already had Craft wondrous item, and humans get that thing where you can get a skill focus easily.

Ignoring the spell pre-reqs for crafting items, would allow me to just produce pages of spell knowledge, hands down, without a GM saying I can't just increase the craft dc by 5 to make them anyways. And the level 15 ability is pretty cool to me.

So, the first thing is, what to use the extra skill focus slots for? I'm trying to find if there is any good feats out there that really make skill focus worth it.

I've still got two slots left as well.

What are some ways one could use sleight of hand for new and unusual ways?

So far There is Filcher rogue ARchetype, but you have to be halfling for that. Then there is the Swindler Archetype but Its first ability is pretty wonky to be honest.

There is the rogue talent that lets me use slight of hand to cancel out ranged attacks by stealing their ammo from them.

Mesmerist trick to steal the ammo from them when they try to shoot me from further way.

Trying to build a character who is like a master stage magician and doesn't rely on magic too much. Its a level 8 gestalt game. http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheet.html#id=644578 is the sheet so far.. I'm trying to figure out how spend a 25 point buy to make the character really skilled with skills and such.

Character is kitsune. Going Keen Kitsune for -2 str +2 dex +2 Int.

So far I've got
Str 10 Dex 16 Con 10 Int 16 wis 10 Cha 14
Str 10 Dex 14 Con 10 Int 18 wis 10 Cha 13

Currently using Pragmatic Activator for my UMD to be off Int and Cunning Wordplay for my bluff to be off Int.

So heroes of horror came out with a series of feats where you could have a spirit infest your hand, eventually making it into a familiar.

Funnily enough it also came with an insert selling the new Vampire Hunter D story. So its pretty obvious I think..

This led me to coming up with how to make Vampire Hunter D, something I don't think could be done with normal rules in any type of speed. But I play a lot of Gestalt games.

So the base class I have is Alchemist. Why alchemist and why not slayer, inquistor or something like that? Because Alchemist has what you need for the two companions D has. Left Hand and Robot Horse.

By taking Construct Rider, you can now have a robot horse easily enough. Then when you can, you take tumor familiar and Hand familiar, you'll have Left Hand, with fast healing while he's a part of you.

Left hand can also use potions and the like to heal you, reviving you from the dead.

But How to best put together his combat power? Now is when we'd want the inquisitor or slayer or something along these lines.

So had a bit of a crazy idea here for a gestalt type game, where you have a mindblade magus (Psychic Magus who can create weapons from his arcana pool) and a Fighter that uses Monk weapons.

The reason for Monk weapons is it is the most versatile group in the game. Lots of cool weapons in it.

The question is though, are there any feats/abilities or the like that can increase what weapons you treat as part of this group?

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So I'm working on making a character for a Pathfinder/3.5 king maker game.

In Haunted Heroes handbook, there is a chain of feats that gives you left hand. I really can't think of it as anything else especially with the Vampire Hunter D insert that came with the book.

I do get an extra feat from the start with the house rules of the game so I could get the first two if I was to go with D.

Baring that, I'm looking more at the mechanics that the left hand could do.

One - Minor skill bonuses. Not really anything all that great to be honest.
Two - Minor increase to attack and damage increase when using a light or one handed weapon. Nice really but it limits what I could choose

Picking up the next feat

Three - Reduce two weapon fighting penalties. Really good for wielding two one handed weapons. Still okay with light wepaons

Four - One of the big ones for me. The hand can perform any action I could reasonably do with a single hand whenever I'm not able to do actions.

The next feat makes the hand into a pseudo familiar, which can become a real familiar if I have the familiar class feature. And this is where things get weird.

Okay first off the second feat inspires me the most here, cause the third one makes me go in weird directions.

I've decided to play an Alchemist or Investigator. The reason being is that with the possessed hand, It could force feed me potions whenever I need to be fed a potion and I can't do it to myself. Don't know exactly how I'd like to do the two weapon fighting one.

Now on the third feat Since it becomes my familiar there is a few weird ways we could use it.

Beast Bound Witch - I could transform into a copy of my familiar.. Maybe? If I die.. I could possess my hand, in one of the weirdest things.. Then could use one of the Resurrection methods that needs a body part.

Synergist Witch - I take my hand off.. to allow it to jump back into me and fuse with my form. Ultimately does very little of anything but my form would be a blend of my hand and my body.

Magical Girl - I take my hand off.. and it transforms into a worg. Or an imp or something when I transform myself.

Pact Wizard - My hand's true form is revealed at level 7! It becomes an outsider version of itself.

Spirit Binder - Probably one of the more flavorful versions there is and a bit creepy. A love one died.. And I make them into my hand because I can't let them go.

Homunculist Alchemist - I experiment on my hand apparently, evolving it into a more advanced hand.

Duettist Bard - Together my hand and I make lovely music and performances.

Figment Familiar - My hand is just part of my imagination.

Tattooed Sorcerer - My hand could become a tatoo on my body.. Manos! The Hand of fate.

Familiar Adept Wizard - I'm really good with my hand.. and all my spells are stored in it.

So my thing here is.. Should I go weird? Or should I go Alchemist/Something else? What should that something else be?

I've got this game where we'll be playing monsters from level 2 on up.

We can pick any monster with a CR 2 or less. We can apply templates on weaker monsters to bring them up to 2, but cannot bring monsters with CR higher than 2 down by using templates.

The one I chose myself here is a Worpletinger. Cause I like cute monsters, and its one of the better ones I saw.

I'm taking the bipedal template, and it gives me -2 str +4 dex +4 con +2 Wis -4 cha. Then flight of 40.

I'm currently stuck between options at the moment.

Kineticist because it matches with stats and does have non-weapon damage

Gunslinger - What isn't cool about a tiny rabbit-bird-deer flipping around with guns? Well Weapon damage size. I'd be doing like 1d2s if that.

Vigilante - This is a possibility I suppose.

Do you Threaten With weapons you aren't considered to be wielding? Can you make attacks of Opportunity with them?

Specifically, the thing in most question is.. Kinetic Whip. Since you are neeeever Wielding such a weapon.

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I'm kinda on the fence of these two..

Armed Bravery - You apply your bravery bonus to will saves. Does this mean you still have bravery's normal bonus too?

Most of the time you get abilities that replace out something like Side Step Secret states you use your cha instead of your dex for your ac bonus.

But Armed Bravery doesn't say you gain your bravery bonus to all will saves instead. So, could be double the effect?

Improved Bravery - Now this one improves the bravery bonus to be instead of just fear, but against all mind-affecting effects.

Imp Bravery can be further augmented with the bravery aura from ultimate intrigue.

So Assuming both don't stack, which is better to have?

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