Gammaton Gunman - Kinda weak?

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Playing with a Gammaton Gunman character, in a game that is very gun focused.

And honestly, the Homebrew Archetype feels very weak but also is a bit confusing.

The main feature Hail of Bullets can't work with two-weapon fighting, rapid shot, many shot. Then it doesn't add Str bonus? Or is that really suppose to be dex bonus? Why does hail of bullets mention "even though it is a ranged weapon"

I suppose at level 7, we get a little more powerful in short bursts? r/grammaton-gunman-gunslingermonk

I'm not familiar with this archetype, but Hail of Bullets said

"A grammaton gunman’s hail of bullets otherwise functions as a normal flurry of blows for a monk of her level".

And flurry of blows does not require to wield two weapons to gain the benefit of additional attacks. Also i dont think strength bonus is applied to firearm.

For the sentence

"but only when using a firearm (even though it is a ranged weapon)."

My interpretation is that, even you use other ranged weapon (bow or something else), but only firearm will be applicable for this feature.

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