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Meirril wrote:
avr wrote:
Wasn't there an option somewhere for kitsune to get magical tail in place of any bonus feats with options? It made fighters and rogues the fastest to get them IIRC.
3rd party, from Everyman Gaming.

Yep. Which it became 1st party when they wrote a player's companion content.

JiCi wrote:

I don't know "by level 7", but here is a list of classes that grants the Magical Feat:

- Oracle (regular), with the Wrecking Mysticism curse, which trades Bonus Spells for the feats

- Kineticist (regular), with the Nine-Tailed Kineticist utility talent, which allows you to accept Burn points equal to the feat's spell-like ability. You can also pick the feat instead of a new infusion or utility talent. For the cool factor, have your extra tails manifest as elemental shapes ;)

- Sorcerer (Nine-Tailed Heir), which trades the Bloodline spells for the feats.

Oracle might get there pretty quickly too.

For Sorcerer
Level 7, you'll have 4 feats (1,3,5,7)
Level 7 Socerer also gives 1 feat you can use to get a tail
Level 7 Nine-tailed Heir gives 2 more tails by 7
Level 6 you can get another tail by trading out the favored class bonus.

Yeah, impossible might work out better with the tails, even if if said tails won't actually work with the arcana.

I'm looking to make a nine-tailed kitsune for a game, and with everything,I could have all nine tails by level 7.

Originally, I was looking to do a psychic caster, but if I went Nine Tailed Heir, its ninth level power would be useless.

So the question here is, what bloodline would be the best to combine with Nine-Tailed heir?

Yeah, its one of the more annoying things with some class features and abilities where it pretty much randomly doesn't work for some reason. Like a class that gets Stabby Attack: This class gets the sneak attack class feature like a rogue

and then you find you can't take feats that increase sneak attack because its not actually sneak attack.

But Pretty much what Foeclan said.. There is also

Skill focus Knowledge and Eldritch heritage: Arcane

Yeah in the game I'm working on a character for we've got Spheres of Power, so there are somethings with steal combat maneuver that can be really nice, but gotta work on the base up.

Masterful Gray Gloves might be nice for when I can make normal sleight of hand checks. Especially when combined with the Quick Escape Talent and A Decoy ring. I didn't realize that the cutpurse works almost like the halfling filcher archtype that gets to make a sleight of hand check in place of the steal combat maneuver.

What are some ways of really improving this maneuver to absurdity?

As a rogue, say I picked up the kobold sorcerer bloodline through VMC or through the feats. IF I'm level 10, would I could as level 20 for the purposes of Trapsense?

Is it just me or does go seem a little wanting?

Like sure you can use your ability to act to impersonate but if someone asks you a simple question the fuse is foiled because you have to go have deciete to lie. Same with more powerful skill feats.

So Gunslinger has a feature called nimble, which every few levels you get an additional +1 Dodge AC

Kobold Gunslinger gets a FCB of +1/4 to the AC bonus of Nimble

But Nimble says it caps out a +5 at level 20 normally.

Does this cap apply to the kobold fcb as well, meaning that its basically useless after a few levels or does the kobold FCB apply after the cap allowing it to increase?

So Ricochet toss says it could work with an improvised weapon if you have throw anything. But how does ricochet toss work with improvised weapons when they're not aweapon group?

Okay Shikigami Manipulation gives my improvised weapon a +1 for every 4 caster levels the magic item has. So If I've got a book of lesser extend summoning, CL: 17, I'd have a +4 book.

Extemporanous Channeler then gives me the ability to spend one point of generic focus to give my improvised weapon a +1 for every so many points I've got in my body still. So say I can give it a +2 so far. (Level 7)

Now I could make the weapon a +5, which is easy enough. But I've got another +1. Do I just lose it or can I make my weapons a +5 Flaming book?

Either way (Either with less enchantment or yes it does stack there) Can I then further enhance it with Legacy Weapon?

So with elemental trap, it says that you can't use gather power to reduce the burn for the optional, but it doesn't say that your other ability, infusion specialization, can't reduce the burn.

Is there any reason raw it wouldn't?

So, I was looking at somethings with replacing the Psychic bloodline with the alternate capstone, Unique bloodline. One of the options I was looking at was Arcane bloodline, that has the third level power get replaced by the 20th level power at level twenty.

So I'm trying to figure out what happens with the third level power. Does it upgrade, disappear, or just stay the same?

So I'm working on something that uses Alchemist + Evangelist, and I ran into a slight issue with herolab. Namely I'd have figured that the Evangelist level from 2 and beyond would stack with alchemist for determining certain things, like your alchemist level for picking up discoveries. (It still lets me choose one every other level)

Right now I've got it at 4 alchemist 7 evangelist, but it only still counts me at a level 4 alchemist. Before I start slapping around herolab with code and adjustments, I want to check.. Is that how its suppose to be? Or should I be counted as a level 10 alchemist?

Ah. So i can benifit from it even if i have something else in play as a feral hunter.

Does Animal Focus basically lock you out of any other spells abilities that are a polymorph effect?

So currently working on a Kobold sniper and I looked at what things could stack with the kobold's gunslinger archetype and saw Blatherskite, and at first I was like "Oh thats kinda cool." I said looking at the ability to hide.. but everything else was just terrible.

Its first level ability is "If you get missed by a ranged attack, you could jump in the way of the bullet instead to take damage and still provoke attacks of opportunity."
Yeah it does minimal damage, but I could take no damage instead.

Then the seventh level ability makes it so if you get hit by an affect, but pass the saving throw, you can instead let the affect hit you, so you can use an immediate action afterwards to give the enemy a loss to their dex. Yeah, I can pay a point of grit if I do get hit with one of those effects, but it still doesn't seem to be good enough.

Saw this spell, it seems weird.
Its like a gate spell, but sends people off to random places in the 1st world, and can remain open 1 level a round or with a proper check, you can make it last a few days.

So If I went and cast this spell, so it was laying on the ground.. How would they stop from getting gated to the other world?

It seems odd for a caster to use for themselves, or kinda op to use as a weapon.

Is there anyway to make a construct that is skilled at doing a specific job?

So assuming you do manage to get the mind reading unlock off.. Does your enemy get a saving throw?

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I end up doing some fun ones myself, like Profession Gambling with a gunslinger so its like "Where did you get that handy haversack?" "I won it in a game of cards."

Liquid Cool

I'm looking for feats/magic items that increase your ability to maintain a spell effect. In 3.5 there used to be a feat you could use to maintain a spell by making a massive concentration check and using a swift action.

avr wrote:
You can feint with bluff of course, and some feats let you do different stuff on a successful feint.

Any ideas on those feats? So far I've found deceptive exchange, but not being an alchemist I don't know what I can do with that.

Know of anyways to use feint if say, I've projected myself into an image of our knight's shield?

I'm making a character who is really good with bluff (A Mesmerist) And I'm looking for all the different ways I could really buff that bluff.

I'm not just looking for ways to increase the numerical value, but ways to increase what I can do with it. Like Empty Threats allow me to do intimate checks with bluff.

Race wise, I'm already settled in for kitsune.

So.. you're a sorcerer with the ability to possess things, and you get your bloodline spells and such..

You get up to level 19, and get a pretty cool spell - Divided Mind, letting you cast two spells a round up to 5th level like you've got a free quicken spell going. You can make two will saves, two int checks..

Only problem. You hit level 20. You're now immune to Mind-affecting effects, which divided mind is, and you lose access to 2/9 bloodline spells

Am I reading that right?

Well, They are at least consistent with that ruling between both GMs in that group. So I might be taking advantage of that house rule with the new campaign we're in.

So projectionists get Implant Consciousness ability that lets him use hypnotic stare and pyschic spells.
My question of course would be if I was to actually cast the spell, would the effect still work?

Lausth wrote:

You are a dex based class.Take the trait that makes escape artist a class skill.

Round 1 Free yourself from tentacles then use your move action to fly.

Round 2 Blast everything.

Ps : Fly part only works at high levels unless you are an air kineticist.

I was already stretched thin on my skills to begin with. Only had an int of 12, so that was Perc, Slight of hand, Stealth, Acrobatics and intimidate.

Even so I still had a pretty high escape artist check due to the high dex. Tried to escape twice, failed both times. While the enemy launched chain lighting that likely due to a house rule, I wasn't allowed to make a reflex save for.

PossibleCabbage wrote:
If you're a telekineticist looking to disable a single target based on a fort save, why not just use suffocate and take the 1 burn? Doesn't work on golems, but golems are pretty easy to land a foe throw on...

Doesn't work on, Golems, undead, oozes, elementals..

I took suffocate to be a totally rad "Darth Vader" going around and force choking enemies.. everything we fought from that point on was undead. The one enemy I could have used it on my kineticist died. (Had to teleport into the battlefield.. which was covered with black tentacles, and I hadn't been able to purchase a ring of freedom of movement due to 'stop the final boss' time crunch that started when I joined)

In fact now that I think about it, that dungeon would have been perfect with Disintergrating Blast as all the undead kept rising back up after a few hours.

One infusion I never did use was blade rush. There honestly never seemed to be a point. And it may be because the group I was with with my kineticist was particular on things (Like I couldn't propel 10,000 pounds of water at 480 feet per 3 seconds at an enemy with the kinetic blast because it couldn't do lethal damage... but they'd let me use a grain of dried ice instead.) And it was that particularity that made me assume it'd never let me escape grapples or move through anything difficult.

PossibleCabbage wrote:
If you're a telekineticist looking to disable a single target based on a fort save, why not just use suffocate and take the 1 burn? Doesn't work on golems, but golems are pretty easy to land a foe throw on...

Doesn't work on, Golems, undead, oozes, elementals..

I took suffocate to be a totally rad "Darth Vader" going around and force choking enemies.. everything we fought from that point on was undead. The one enemy I could have used it on my kineticist died. (Had to teleport into the battlefield.. which was covered with black tentacles, and I hadn't been able to purchase a ring of freedom of movement due to 'stop the final boss' time crunch that started when I joined)

In fact now that I think about it, that dungeon would have been perfect with Disintergrating Blast as all the undead kept rising back up after a few hours.

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Man, nevermind the whole oathbreaker thing, the fact that any other polymorph effect you do that isn't fludic form causes you to lose your features of being an ooze morph.

Its like having an archtype called Banshee that screams non stop, but can stop for one hour a day.

I've heard rumors that it was purposefully designed to be bad. Makes me wonder how much more martial garbage is out there that is designed to just take up space in books and be piles of refuge.

I don't think that Disintegrating Infusion is given that fair of a shake.

It seems to go red just cause its 4 burn and has a saving throw. Both of which do suck, don't get me wrong, but by level 12 (Or rather 13) which is the earliest you can get it, you've got 3 points of burn reduction with Infusions.

So at a bare minimum to use it, you'll take 3 points of burn. (2 for force, 1 for it.) Throw in a full around action to use your super charge gather energy, and you can do it for free. Then you could charge again as a move action the next round to get 2 more points of burn to work with.

Initially, this lets you use A disintegrating Kinetic Blade, Kinetic Whip, Mobile Blast, or Snake without issue by spending that time.

At level 14, you'll be able to use a move action to charge, and fire of disintegrating force blasts every round

At level 16, the cost for the force blast drops to 1.

As you get up closer to level 20, You're looking at 6 points for infusions, 1burn cost for Force Blast, and up to 5 points for a full round + move of gather energy.

Combine it with something like Kinetic Whip or Whip Hurricane, to rather quickly remove the enemy from the world.

With the Disintegrate spell, does it have to roll for damage, or is it immediately 10feet cubes are gone?

Would this combo work to keep a Kineticist going?

I figure it should work, but likely there is some little pesky detail that says no.

Got several questions about this..

1) Is it see through?
1a) if yes, Can you paint it?
1b) if no, can you make it look like a particular material?
2) If you make a statue of a rabbit out of it and a disintegrate spell hits a whisker does the entire structure just pop out of existence or does it just damage the whisker?
3) Can it make things like doors, chains and the like that would be used as part of the building?
3a) if no, can you attach real stuff in there then?

I've recently found out a ratstack, which allows you to have four ratfolk working together in a single 5ft square.

So I'm trying to get a group of ratfolk together that have a good access to teamwork feats and trying to figure out the right class for them.

Two are going to be tower shield users who use mobile bulark, and the other two sort of ranged and if possible, magical.

I'm reading this feat here.. and I can't for the life of me figure out what its trying to do.

prd wrote:
Whenever you use Duck and Cover, your ally has evasion or improved evasion, and your ally succeeds at its saving throw, half of the damage you would have taken is transferred to your ally. (This damage is not reduced by the ally's evasion or improved evasion.)

As written, it just kinda seems like a richard move here. You pick that up, and now they take half the damage all the time even when the succeed.

I think it is suppose to be something like

Whenever you use duck and cover, and your ally has evasion or improved evasion, and they succeed their saving throw, half the damage you take is transferred to them (This damage is not reduced by the ally's evasion or improved evasion.)

So if a witch has this ability.. do they pretty much have the ability to shrug off almost every fortitude save?

Cause that is what it seems to me..

Witch gets hit with Fort save effect, uses this ability to make another creature have to save vs the effect. If she succeeds, the other target takes -4 and if she fails, the other target has to save against the same effect twice.

Taenia wrote:

I have had no complaints yet on my Aether/Aether in PFS and he is almost 10th. In fact, with the exception of GMs rolling really well on saves, he has always had something to do and I have not missed the extra options.

Keep in mind that going Aether/Anything really doesn't change the composite problem. You might ended up getting an energy blast, but I find that so far has not been something I missed. I did consider Aether/Earth but that was for the stacking defense, Flesh of Stone plus Force Ward work very well together and make spectre, wraith and vampires completely non-threatening.

Still, getting to use Foe Throw in Bonekeep 2 was incredibly useful. It turns out if you throw a caster at his minions, most defensive buffs won't come into play, plus having a caster prone in front of your barbarian can really shorten a fight.

With my Aether Kineticist that when Aether/Aether as well, I had gotten to 12. Granted, most of those levels were skipped because the rest of the party was finishing up stuff.

Extra elements doesn't do a whole lot for me. Its like being a sorcerer and getting a lot of new spells you can choose from, but do you really ever use spells like Skin Send? Do you pick up Fireball, Lighting Bolt and whatever other 3rd level evocation spells there are? I know some do, others don't.

I mean if you really wanna mess some stuff up via elements, pick up Alchemy with an Aether Kineticist. There is a weird interaction with using alchemical weapons and the standard method of the Telekinetic Blast (The you do 1d6+1 per each odd level + con) where you may or may not also get the alchemical effect, but TK Blast has the second method.

In this case, the object’s special effects apply (including effects from its materials), and if the object is a weapon, you must be proficient with it and able to wield it with one hand; otherwise, the item deals damage as a one-handed improvised weapon for a creature of your size.

This would allow you to do things like hurl Perfect Ice at enemies or other alchemical items.

Things I picked up with my guy:

Touch sight/reactive touch sight. While touchsight is normally not that useful.. remember its any time the enemy takes damage from your blast. So something like a using TK blast with a wall, would allow you to see the enemy. (Something I just now realized I could have used.. :/)

Self-TK/Greater Self-TK - This is honestly a weird power.. Do you make fly checks at all for anything?

Force Choke - Gonna be Darth Vader. Sadly, we immediately went into an undead dungeon as I picked this one up and ended the campaign there. So I never got to use it

Extended Range/Extreame Range - Cause the basic TK power needs to be able to move further. Being able to pick up stuff at 400+ feet away, move it at 60 feet a round is pretty useful.

Telekinetic Haul - There is soooo many time were are like "Oh no! What are we going to do with all this loot!" and I'm like Elf please, I got this. Granted its not something one can do on a constant basis but being able to pick up really heavy things is really useful.

Telekinetic Finesse - While mostly useless on the surface, when your DM asks you "Are you trying to tell me that your telekineses is capable of doing things beyond just picking up heavy stuff" as your trying to do something crazy like tie ropes around poles and such, you can say Yes, yes it is.

Telekinetic Maneuvers - Honestly.. This is a bit of an odd one. I cannot for the life of me, figure out why they decided to use Telekinesis vs the spell with the same name, beyond trying to gate two options behind Telekinetic Finesse. There are some useful Maneuvers like reposition and such that would be very useful to have.

Arachnofiend wrote:
I think an artificer could just be an Occultist archetype, really. You can do the concept pretty well with just the base Occultist already with some minor re-fluffing.

The Base occultist can't really even do some of the things its trying to do (The whole circle crap that doesn't really work). The best I can see with the idea of occultist is someone who uses magic items, but not someone who crafts things.

To begin with, the occultist has a very limited spell selection. Beyond the fact its a spont caster, its also a psychic caster. That alone puts a lot of limits as many spells from all the books (especially the player companions) are not on the occultist list. To make matters worse they get 1 spell from each level for one particular school each time they get an implement.

While you can craft magic items without the spell, you can't make wands, scrolls, potions, or staves without the spells. Spont casters have a hard time with this too. You also have no bonus on spellcraft to recover the +5 dc for each of the spells you don't have.

What I see becoming an artificer is either an Alternate class of alchemist or a hybrid class of wizard/alchemist. Because the Alchemist is basically an Artificer who does potions. Still some issues though with spell selection with their potions, but their spells are generally ones that are suppose to be used with potions.

From a General Artificer who is okay at making all kinds of magic items, an complex mundane mechanical items, you can then further divide it into new archtypes.

Wandwielder - Wields wands with great effect.
Scroll Master - Similar to the Wizards archetype, but better-ish. Really good at scrolls
Battle Smith - gains some ability to make temporary weapons or weapon/armor upgrades.
Wonderworker - Able to get some particular uses out of wonderous items.
Iounist - works with Ioun stones, has an Ioun wyrd familiar
Clockworker - Creates clockwork golems, good with repeating crossbows.
Crossbowman - Really good with crossbows
Gunner - Really good with firearms (sort of a magical gunslinger)
Trapsmith - Makes and disables traps
Mechanic - Helps in Vehicle Combat by repairing, upgrading and developing vehicles
Siegemaster - Primarily a siege weapon user
Runesmith - Focuses primarly on rune spells.
Toy Maker - Makes smaller golems
Golem Master - Makes a single larger golem that they continuously develop and improve.
Cyberdoc - Works on creating cybernetic implants and implanting them into people
grafter - Works on creating other kinds of grafts and attaching them onto people.

Zolanoteph wrote:

I haven't seen one of these threads in at least 3 days so here goes...

A few class concepts I think we could use, in the form of an ACG part II or otherwise:

1) A caster or pseudocaster with a go all day ray power. A take on the DnD warlock that is not the kineticist. After all, some people don't do psionics and can't understand how CON is a casting stat.

How is the Kineticist not this? Its not Psionics. (Paizo's pathfinder doesn't do psionics.) Heck is not even Psychic Magic (completely different from psionics)

Con was a casting stat for Warlocks back in 3.5 through the use of the hellfire warlock. But beyond that, you would say that Cha is a casting stat right? Undead use Cha very closely to how not undead people use Con to represent their life force. If you want a media example of con as a casting stat.. Look to Stranger Things, where El bleeds every time she uses her power, except for the times she doesn't.

Zolanoteph wrote:

2) A martial buffer/leader. In 4th edition, which was generally god awful and way worse than pathfinder, there was a class for this. I think it was called the marshal, and it was a cool concept. Somebody who does battle ahouts, raises morale, etc. A non magical bard or cleric.

You mean like the Cavalier? There is a handful of various archetypes of Fighter and Brawler that do similar things.

Zolanoteph wrote:

3) A life drainer. We've all seen this, weather in the form of a cool life draining ray (the sith from star wars), Rogue's decaying touch (X Men) or Warcraft's life drain spell. I feel like a life thief with 3/4 BaB and some fighting ability would be reqlly flavorful, either for a villain NPC or a cursed PC. Perhaps she could also drain magic from casters to activate temporary magical benefits.

This sounds to be an archetype of some kind.

Zolanoteph wrote:

4) Rogue/caster

The eldritch scoundrel does this well but it's a freaking archetype. We need a class.

A class is not needed for something that can sufficiently be accomplished through an archtype. My own rule/view point on it, is that the class has to be able to be archetyped. If there is ever only a single version of the class it is not something to make into a class. The closest you could get is a PrC.

For Eldritch Thief kind of character that would be the Arcane Trickster currently.

If I was to say there is a class needed for something, it would be an artificer type character. You could have archtypes for different magical item types. Even one that is a non-magical archtype. Perhaps even a few that are siege engine types. Or even one that is like a personal trainer type that focuses on enhancing party members.

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Filthy Lucre wrote:
How would you implement Alchemist without access to infusions? Just completely remove them?

Spheres of Might gives a little bit towards a more alchemy character without having as much magic. But I don't see why an alchemist couldn't have infusions.

Attached to Aether once is an opportunity cost don't forget. Taking Aether blast at first option or second option. you are not getting any composite blast damage.

The best you have is the ability to add one more point of damage to your simple blasts per die.

By going Aether at all early on (1 or 7), you're regulated to at least 15 levels of doing 1d6+1 for every odd level of kinetcist+con, with the ability to add +1 more point per every odd level or 1d6(POL)+1/2 con with a +1(POL)

So it would be more accurate to say that you still do half as much damage without force blast if you wanted the world best mage hand and at-will invisibility.

It won't be until level 15 when you get your second expanded element that you'd be able to work yourself out of that hole. At least in most situations, but I don't believe there is any composite blasts that are single element that do not require you to take the same element twice.

I still disagree with force being a 1 star. You might not being doing more damage but you do still do full damage vs etheral things like wraiths and shadows, something that would only take half damage from everything else. And force damage is one of the least resisted elements.

I used it a lot when with gather power to hit things with high ac but low touch ac, or high damage resistance.

Kinetic healer is not just an emergency heal thing as well. Its something that can help you're party go on longer without having to expend all of the clerics resources. Its not the first choice of healing sure, but you can use to supplement it.

I personally use kinetic healer when I take a large amount of damage because it can heal so much and recharges my force barrier in the process.

Extreme Range - For a Aether Kinetic at least, this is really good still. Yeah, you might not be able to use the 480 constantly with your blast but it makes your mage hand ability now work at long range and increases its speed to 60feet per round.

Alright so here is what I've got.

House rules - 30 point buy, bonus first level feat, gestalt, no mythic material, no multiclassing

The Kobold Super Villain. At level 1, he's not too powerful. He's just getting his claws wet after all.

Kobolds increase the effect of Fascinate by 1/2 level for each point of favored class bonus they get. So that is basically +1 dc per level, +1 for every 3 levels above one or every 6 levels worth of FCB. Ifrits and Assimars can suck that big 401k.

He uses Oratory for his fascinate effect. He also will use oratory for his sense motive and diplomacy effects as well via Versatile Performance.

Primary tactic of his is to start up Fascinate, then start using diplomacy on the people he ensnares. IF that isn't enough, he's got cunning caster to manipulate people further without as much ability to notice that its happening.

Level 8 he gains the celebrity bonus that makes it so that to get out of the fascinate effect, the saving through they have to make takes a -4 effect. And drawing a weapon doesn't break the fascinate effect either. After all, as a villain, sometimes you have to stick a knife in someone's mouth to get the point across.

I'm looking to see how much I can improve Fascinate for my idea of a new character. The character is a Super Villain who has a habit of monologing, only his monologs are filled with a ting of magic.

In the game I'm playing in, I don't have the ability to Multiclass but we are allowed to gestalt with another class.

At the moment I'm thinking Kobold Celebrity Bard | Mesmerist?
Going to be working to get these dancer anklets and a belt to add +2 to the DC of my Fascinate ability. Then a rod of beguiling to add +5 to my effective level.

Kobold adds +1/2 my level to fascinate. Which means every six levels I effect one more target and I get a higher DC to my ability.

I could circumvent the kobold by going Human with a racial heritage feat though.

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