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So, I've been gaming 20+ years. Started when I was about 10 when my uncle gave me a Dwarf Fighter, ran me through a dungeon full of goblins and got me hooked.

I cut my Gamesmaster's teeth with 2nd edition Ravenloft in the 90s and the Domains of Dread are still my favourite setting. I've been playing some form of D&D pretty continuously since then. In fact, I've been playing in the same ongoing 3.0/3.5/Pathfinder campaign since 2000 and there is still no end in sight.

Although Pathfinder is my game of choice these days, I love many other games and settings. Steve Kenson's Icons is a big favourite right now.

I got to the last 8 in RPG Superstar 2012. You can see my best work here:

Elixir of Resurgent Flame

Anointed Choir of the Rapture


You can see two pieces by me in Wayfinder 14