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Paizo good morning.
When is release some product, the correct way is include instructions about the rules.
I am very disappoint about the Ultimate Intrigue cards: Aric & Red Raven.
Please, could you tell me how works this card, for example include, like the instruction guide of pathfinder one session simulation playing using these cards?
When I start the round using Aric, how works, how cards I could play, if found one monster/henchman or barrier I could you one of 3 cards additional to change my character from Aric to Red Raven?
How works?

Hi all, I buy this deck some time ago and I really have doubts, here we are:
1.Eric have 6 cards on hand, Ravin have 4. What is working the change between characters and about this quantity of cards?
2.Yes, this character have one kit with 3 cards and could be used to change between Eric(Human) and Ravin (Avenger).
3.Eric is better to find Ally, Item, Bless, (boon) while Ravin is better to find barrier and monster (Villan, Henchman)
4.If I decide use Eric for my first exploration on location and found a monster, what´s the procedure to do? I could fight with monster if I have weapon like Eric or I need using one card of my kit and change to Ravin to encounter the monster?
This dynamic is very confusing to me.
Could you give me details, like a simulation step-by-step about one round and your variance/possibilities?


Sorry but I have a lot of doubts related to Ultimate Intrigue and how works the cards.
There is some link or some material to help me to understand this addition deck, like the user guide - one example of 1 or 2 rounds with these deck?