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Full Name

Dan Sandoval




Photographer and Bard/8 and 12




Medium (vertically)



Special Abilities

Captures Souls with "Camera" DC 23 reflex, Charm (no save)


Chaotic Good




Chengdu, China


English, Spanish, Chinese



Homepage URL


Strength 12
Dexterity 16
Constitution 14
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 12
Charisma 20

About Dandoval

Dan Sandoval. Born in the City of Angels on August 12th 1984. Since the early days of his youth, Dan found himself to be an explorer. Whether he was digging a hole in the yard (and subsequently running from his mother) or reading a book, Dan found he had an insatiable hunger for exploration that was constantly getting him in trouble. Growing up, Dan dabbled in many different loves as he pursued what was to become his holy grail: Knowledge. Along his journey, Dan discovered he had many tools at his disposal. Tools such as Spanish, English, and Public Speaking which came to him naturally. Other tools, such as Story Telling and Leadership he learned to use slowly, but eventually he honed them to perfection. Throughout his journey, Dan found himself teaming up with many unlikely allies on the road towards Knowledge. Although he had natural abilities of his own, he found that sometimes they were not enough. He sought out new clues and information to reach his goal. He trained in different schools of thought with gurus from the Temple of Compu-Sci and Lit Rature. Sometimes, he was reluctant to team up with some, but he knew that if he truly was seeking his goal, he would have to learn what they had to share. These powers included Math-e-Matics, priest of efficiency, and Bio Logy, cataloger of life. Eventually, though, he met a mysterious man that would inspire him to train with the ultimate tool. The man known as Lumina was introduced to him by the Librarian of Sci Ance. When Dan first men Lumina, the man seemed to beam with radiance. It was as if beneath the surface of the man lay a great power. Dan immediately became fond of him. Lumina took Dan on a journey to visit many scholars. Scholars that held the secrets to the universe, such as Astro Nom-E and Fiz-X. Lumina attempted to convince Dan to join in one of the schools of these scholars, but alas, Dan found that he desired more. He desired to understand the power behind Lumina. One day, 2 years after their journey together began, Lumina approached Dan.

"The time has come for me to teach you about a device. This device gives one the ability to freeze time itself, but you must train well and train hard to use this device to its utmost. Keep in mind, that everyone can use the device, but it is only by mastering it that you will truly unlock its potential. A master of this device can control the minds of others. Influence their thoughts and bend them to your will. You will find that you can make people feel emotions they thought they had forgotten, as well as give them desires they never knew they had. The name of this device is the Cam R.A." 

He handed Dan a device that, once in his hand, seemed so familiar. It was as if a missing appendage had been replaced. That night, as Dan slept, Lumina disappeared. Upon awaking, Dan discovered Lumina's disappearance. He had known it had been coming, but was saddened, nevertheless. Dan found himself on his own once more, but with newfound determination. Dan gave a silent thanks to Lumina for introducing him to the device, and continued his quest. As Dan journeyed further, he developed his control over the Cam R.A. and learned to harness and control the power of the sun by bending light and capturing it. Even today Dan is constantly refining his technique with the device, although he has learned enough to occasionally take on apprentices. These days, Dan can be found in the far eastern lands of Chi Na. There he wanders, always searching, always hunting. All the time he finds pieces of the puzzle that lead further along the road, closer and closer to his ultimate goal: Knowledge.