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Venture-Captain, China aka Dandoval

Congratulations! Hope you have a great community there!

Venture-Captain, China aka Dandoval

Rob Silk wrote:
Wow! Fantastic. Now I've got another good reason to go back to China. Good luck and fortune cookies on you.

You are more than welcome to come game with us. That is the advantage of PFS. Take your game anywhere in the world!

Venture-Captain, China aka Dandoval

Benjamin Falk wrote:


Kobold is 妖 yāo, 妖精 yāojīng or 小鬼 xiǎoguǐ.
But 小鬼 xiǎoguǐ could also be imp and 妖精 yāojīng demon and 妖 yāo goblin or all of that.
I think the chinese language has not so many traditional words for that.
There is a D&D translation as far as i know and i know from the germas translation team that they use that language (which by now sometimes sounds silly and old) to keep it all in line.
You could look to those translations, might help a lot. Or maybe buy one and go through it with a chinese friend.

That is actually really useful. I will have to look up those translations. Thanks!

Venture-Captain, China aka Dandoval

Mandarin, for the record.

Venture-Captain, China aka Dandoval

Thanks for the promotion. I look forward to the challenges presented in such a different market and culture. Now to work on translating some of the game for a new market. Anyone know how to say "Kobold" in Chinese?

Venture-Captain, China aka Dandoval

(Ummmm. Yay!?)

I humbly accept the responsibility thrust upon me. It is not a matter of choice, but duty, that compels me to serve this new venture. In this land of darkness, may I be the light that guides the weary to a place of respite.

I thank those of you who support our cause, and if ever you find yourselves in the land of Tian Xia, send this humble servant notice, and he will do what he can to assist his brethren along their path. All are welcome at our table.

May your Wayfinder never fail you.

Your servant,

The Dandoval