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My party is on their way to Highhelm in the Five Kings Mountains. Has anyone run any adventures there? If so please share what you did.


Im confused, and maybe just wrong.

Why did the bard moving into a threatened square provoke an AOO? We play you only generate an AOO when moving out sans 5' step or casting, or drinking or whatever.


Nevermind - I get it - because the monster had reach, in order to close to melee distance, he also moved out of a threatened square.

My party has decided that they are going after the Blue Jarl in Ysborg.
Has anyone done any work on Ysborg and evirons, beyond what is detailed in the LLK book, that they would be willing to share?


Has anyone done any development on Ullerskad? My players found themselves here -sort of not on purpose-- at the end of last session. So now Ill need to do some creation. Help Appreciated.


Moving back to Michigan this winter after 2+ years in Alabama.

My players have looted the legal documents found in Foxgloves townhouse in Magnimar, and figure that they will somehow be able to sell this to generate gold.

Any thoughts how I can twist this around to explode in their faces?

With regret, I must ask you to cancel my pathfinder subscription. Please keep up the good work, this request does not reflect on your product in any way. Thank You Very Much.


I've chosen to have her leave Thistletop and "recruit" more support in Magnimar before smashing the party in an act of vengeance.

The party entered thistletop and were smashed up pretty badly by Malfesheknor before retreating.

She is a very effective red herring at beginning of Skinsaw, as the group is sure shes the murderer, although I've been hinting strongly at Titus Scarnetti.

My players, characters heavilly wounded, retreated from thistletop with pretty much Nualia and Malfekshnor(sp) left.

How would Nualia play this. Presumably she knows everything else in the place has been slaughtered. Would she try to sneak out to regroup, sneak up on the camping party? Fight to the bitter end in Thistletop?

Input appreciated.

I'm trying to stretch ROTL out a few more levels, so I've added some subplots (many stolen from these boards- Thanks!) My group has a history of not really caring about anything subtle, just diving into the dungeons, So I'm trying for more "buy-in" earlier, hence my need for side quests

I have a player that desires to Buy choppers Isle. Any idea who currently owns it?

What side quests have people added between Burnt Offerings and Skinsaw Murders?

I wanted to weigh in on this, though I haven't read much of Edge of Anarchy.

But what I do think is amazing, no, its bloody brilliant, is that not only do I get the best adventure writers alive writing these adventures. I also have access to them through these boards, where they give their time and are open, honest, insightful and helpful to individual GMs and players.

Logue, Pett, Baur, Jacobs et al, have a beer at the Welcome Wench on me. With Much Thanks.



Re the post that you made about the dinner scene at the Scarnetti manor, which opens like this:

The Scarnettis have become antagonists in my game as well - and in another friend's game. I'm not sure what makes the family so provacative, but they inflame an emotional response, moreso than Nualia or Aldern Foxglove. I've had to flesh them out to keep up with the players' interests.

Can you elaborate on how you pulled off the actual dinner scene? Thanks

Echoing: This is Bloody Brilliant. I can't wait to give it to my players...

Unfortunately my group consists of one strong willed chaotic player, whose every character turns roguish and impulsive and three "followers" So basically the rogue player drives the action.

In this campaign, we are using Gestalt and I have:

Barbarian/Mystic (modified class)
Halfling Rogue/Wizard played by Mr. Rogue.

I would love to have party unity!

Nice, I wish my players were more team oriented. I think I'm gonna run ROTL with 4 rogues!

Is anyone doing anything before Burnt Offerings to "bring the party together" before the events of the adventure start?

Interested in your thoughts.


It sounds like you are a DM+5 (especially compared to me) Can you elaborate on the mechanics of how you run a scene like the Scarnetti dinner with browbeaten halflings et al?

Much Thanks

Sadly I do not have access to the book that has this Prestige Class. Should I just leave the +2 affiliation score modifier out, or substitute another prestige class in its place?


Hi Mando,

I would love to get a copy of these too please.

dnakamstra AT comcast DOT net

Thanks very much for all this work.

For those running STAP in Greyhawk, or more specifically, using the Greyhawk Map. Are you running it as a true GH campaign, using the history and the deities from GH, or some other way, such as using the PH deities, for example.

Perhaps you don't want to reveal this, but I'm gonna ask anyway. I am currently running a homebrew campaign, but am planning on running Savage Tide next. I am considering using some underwater adventures in the current campaign, but don't want to if STAP will have some of it.

Can you tell?

I'll add my two cents

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