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Eric Brittain wrote:
At least until the inevitable happens.

Are you referring to one of cousin Zarta's tawdry "balls" (with the exorbitant cleaning bill) or the unleashing of some unspeakable horror? I suppose she could invite THUNDERLIPS! and kill two birds with one stone.

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Dearest Cousin,

While it saddens me to hear you are leaving our homeland for brighter shores, it is somewhat understandable with the number of enemies you've managed to cultivate in your own home's garden.

While others may be fooled by your sudden altruistic ideals, I assure you that I, and more importantly our Lord Asmodeus, are secure in the knowledge of where your true allegiance lies. Cheliax is still the cornerstone of our Lord's plans, but now it seems you realize his is a much grander strategy and you continue to serve that larger purpose.

Those that chose to see you in the harlot's guise you have so readily crafted for yourself do so at their own detriment. You always were the clever girl, Zarta.

Beware Ambrus, dear cousin, for I have a belief his dedication to the Society far eclipses what sweet nothings he may have whispered to you so many years ago. Do not be too eager to please him in your new role- despite your fondness... words of caution from myself and others in our noble family.

Best wishes in your new endeavors,
Beware treachery within the Society,
Asmodeus keep you close and favored.

Damien Dralneen

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Brian Lefebvre wrote:
Nothing can really stop you from using material in published canon in your backstory, but your backstory can't grant you any special in-game benefits.

I wouldn't describe the running around, cleaning up after my dear cousin's various failed liasons, much of a benefit. If she only knew how much her antics are frowned on by the rest of the family...

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Menaje Guerra wrote:
It is interesting how you view your faction on the moral high ground. You are a group of assassins that kill, no wait a stronger word is order here MURDER people that your sweet heart, the Major disagrees with.

You are too kind in addressing the lapdogs of Maldris directly, Menaje... but your words are as true as can be. Well put. The faithful servants of Asmodeus bring peace, order and stability to the land.

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Dear Cousin,

I am saddened to hear of your current burdens. I am sure your capable mind will leave the dogs behind you in a worse predicament than your current one. I have made subtle arrangements with the family and our loyal servants- the provisioning of safe houses and supplies we spoke of many years ago are still in place and waiting to aid you.

My our Dark Lord protect and guide you to your assured vengeance,
Your cousin and ally,
Damien Dralneen

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Asaris has stated it succinctly, "dear cousin". As the *cough* multitude of Pathfinders, who have earned your attentions in the past, give oaths of loyalty... think to yourself the best way to spend that coin. If not for the greater Glory of House Thrune, think of Cheliax itself and our own family name. Once upon a time, Zarta, the name of Dralneen was associated with nobility, strength and valor- let your machinations cease to drag it through the proverbial mud.

I do believe your heart to be in the right place. I remember you, in our youth, talking about your love of Cheliax- of the dreams you had to bring it to greater glory and renew the strength of the houses... and you were such a clever girl, I believed in you and so have entered service with you. And it might be that all the frivolous pageantry and sordid goings on are meant to obfuscate your true plans- so I will continue to play my part in hopes your designs are true.

Your cousin and servant of the Empire,

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Purple Fluffy CatBunnyGnome wrote:
ooooo the Paracountess has swings? Wonder if any of them are purple..

Yes, my cousin does have said swings... some are purple. A few are velvet. Most are drip-dry. Just remember to sign the waiver before mounting one.

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Fromper wrote:
Gave out the boon yesterday. Much to my surprise, nobody actually used it, despite facing channeled energy from an enemy cleric.

Saving it for "save or die" type death magic. I know it will be a while for that character, but could be a life saver.