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Thank you for the update

Hi Piazo
Just had a look at the Ultra Pro Website, they list the playmats. Just wondering if or when they will be available for sale, must be soon. Please update.
Thanks Dale

I would like both the PDF and I would pay the $8 plus to have the cards. Thank you Vic.

Hi Vic,
I think you need to relax a bit. Yes a lot of us would like replacement cards, I realize this is not practical. However I do agree a PDF on the faqs/errata would be an excellent compromise.
I think Vic you need to,show a bit of respect here, we are all you customers. I am in the product sales and service industry plus a manager. If I treated my customers the way you did here I would be fired on the spot.
Lets all work together this is an excellent game.

I am with those who would like replacements!

Vic Wertz wrote:

The first section of the FAQ has been posted here.

Right now, it covers only questions that result in changes to the rulebook. It will be updated with questions that result in changes to cards next week.

We will eventually create a revised PDF of the rulebook incorporating these changes, but we don't currently have a timetable to announce for that.

There are several other questions that will likely result in changes to the rulebook currently in discussion, so don't worry if you don't see stuff here yet!

Hi Vic

I was wondering if you will do an FAQ in PDF to download,