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5 posts. Alias of captain yesterday.


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F#*! you all.

The natural world is a fascinating place.

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Or a fowl!

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NobodysHome wrote:
Kileanna wrote:
Sir Limey De Longears wrote:
Kileanna wrote:

Oooooh! Are you going to start a fight over me?

This is new, usually fights start for something I said and shouldn't have said, not for me xD

Hark! An Duel!

{Draws circle. Provides a delightful selection of implements of death and destruction doing between 1d4 and 1d12 damage, plus Str bonus}

Oho, Skintight onesies and duelling shields, forsooth?

And ye olde nightie and thong combo ys not an optionne, unlesse you want us all to be put in ye stocks.

No nighties? I am wearing mine right now. Not sexy. It has Daffy the Duck on it xD
Sez you.

F+#&ing A right!

Yeah, you might want to wash them before you wear them.

Just saying, no reason or anything.