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My "sessions" tab is suddenly empty. The individual character session tabs have their scenarios listed, but the main list of all scenarios played is empty.
Anything I can do to fix this? I use that main list to check if i've already played a scenario.

For the purposes of Ratfolk "Rodent Empathy", does a dire bat qualify? A standard bat counts.

When enchanting a weapon with the Bane quality, can 'Swarms' be used as its subtype? As in, the weapon functions as a Bane weapon against all Swarms.

Back in the days of D&D 2nd ed and Spelljammer, the use of Obscuring mist could be used to partially refresh an air supply that had been fouled through use since it conjures air and water vapor. Does pathfinder allow for this kind of use? Thoughts?
I ask because a scenario I just played (which shall remain nameless to avoid spoilers) had a dungeon with a fouled air supply and we were forced to hold our breath to traverse some sections that were worse than others. If the obscuring mist trick works, it'd be a fun use of an otherwise hum-drum spell.

Is Scotty's Brewhouse going to offer a fun Pathfinder experience like it did in 2013? My crew and I spent most of our free time there last year. We are curious where to set up shop this year. is there going to be a delicious Starstone burger to be washed down by a Dog Slicer Ale this year?

Is Lightning Bolt considered an AOE spell? Specifically when used against a swarm? It seems like it would affect them as long as they are in the 5'x120' area.

I have a Gunslinger that I just added a level of Rogue to. When I hit level 2 Rogue and get a rogue talent can I take Rogue talent: Grit?

It grants the Amature Gunslinger feat and 1 grit feat of your choice. However, Amature gunslinger feat states as a prerequisite that you can't have any levels in a class that has the grit feature. Can I still get the 1 grit feat? Is this not PFS legal? Thoughts?

Thanks for any help.

Is is possible to make a sunder attempt with a ranged attack?

I have a gunslinger who fires Adamantine bullets often and I'd like to start sundering if possible. (In particular I'd like to sunder an enemy divine caster's holy symbol).