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When PF2 starts in a week, why not just grant unlimited replays to all PF1 scenarios? Why make even MORE work for Paizo to track which replays are which?

Paizo isn't making any new PF1 scenarios. So, once you've played them all, you are forced to switch to PF2 or quit. A small amount of replays is not really going to do much except make more work and delay the inevitable forced switch over.

Is it possible to make the new scenarios in both PF1 AND PF2 format?

Oh the crazy derailed commentary. Haha....
I'm going to say this: Bats, while certainly NOT rodents in real life, count as rodents in Pathfinder since at least 2 books reference them as such. Unless someone can link a specific place in the rules that refutes this, I'm going to give my ratfolk the rodent bonus with his dire bat animal companion.

My "sessions" tab is suddenly empty. The individual character session tabs have their scenarios listed, but the main list of all scenarios played is empty.
Anything I can do to fix this? I use that main list to check if i've already played a scenario.

Hooray, so my Ratfolk Hunter with a dire bat animal companion gets to apply his +4 handle animal for rodent empathy.
Thanks for the help.

"Bats are Diminutive nocturnal rodent fliers that eat insects and fruit. They rely primarily on sound to navigate rather than sight."

For the purposes of Ratfolk "Rodent Empathy", does a dire bat qualify? A standard bat counts.

So "roll" is the word that might be problematic? Hmmm

Can knockback be used in conjunction with power attack?

Can you use Power Attack in conjunction with Knockback? Thoughts?

Agile Breastplate made of Dragonhide.

A spiked gauntlet counts as a piercing weapon and your hand is still free to help reload.

That was the concensus on our end as well. Thanks everyone. :)

When enchanting a weapon with the Bane quality, can 'Swarms' be used as its subtype? As in, the weapon functions as a Bane weapon against all Swarms.

Is this playable as CORE?

Michael Brock wrote:
gnoams wrote:
Continuing the spell access to normally open spells train of thought, the same applies for weapons and armor. If you fight a guy with a normal earthbreaker, can you then purchase one yourself? Can you purchase a masterwork one? Can you upgrade it? If there's a +1 flaming chakram on a chronicle sheet can you buy that and then upgrade it? Can you buy a normal one instead, or only one exactly like you found?
If the weapon appears on the Chronicle sheet, then you can purchase it. Otherwise no.

So, IS there a chronicle that has a chakram listed on it?

So, can Deadly Aim feat be used with a firebolt domain power?

I'll give up on this now...

That doesn't sound right... It's called flurry of maneuvers, not Extra Maneuver.

Flurry of Maneuvers can be used with ANY full attack action? You can just tack it on any time? Is that actually correct? The wording seems a bit vague.
I would read it as: when you declare FoM it's considered a full attack action and the extra maneuver can be used in conjunction with that. Similar to the class feature it is replacing.

When we are done, no longer will the spire unload its evil emanations upon the masses.

Why would I think that? Well it's the domain spell for both the Water AND Air domains and it's a Conjuration spell.
In the old editions it used to pull the mist from the plane of air. I see now, though, that the [creation] descriptor on the current Pathfinder version would change that.

Back in the days of D&D 2nd ed and Spelljammer, the use of Obscuring mist could be used to partially refresh an air supply that had been fouled through use since it conjures air and water vapor. Does pathfinder allow for this kind of use? Thoughts?
I ask because a scenario I just played (which shall remain nameless to avoid spoilers) had a dungeon with a fouled air supply and we were forced to hold our breath to traverse some sections that were worse than others. If the obscuring mist trick works, it'd be a fun use of an otherwise hum-drum spell.

See you all there!!

Is Scotty's Brewhouse going to offer a fun Pathfinder experience like it did in 2013? My crew and I spent most of our free time there last year. We are curious where to set up shop this year. is there going to be a delicious Starstone burger to be washed down by a Dog Slicer Ale this year?

ISO 'Grave Blooded'boon. So I can make a Dhampir for PFS.
I plan to make a Divine Hunter/Mysterious Stranger. Yes, that's right, a 1/2Vampire Paladin/Gunslinger. Hahaha.
Can anyone hook me up with this boon? I am willing to trade.
I have:
'Former Crusader'
'Shoanti Quah-friend'
'Extra Trait'

ISO: Dhampir pfs boon. Titled: 'Grave Blooded'. Message me if you have one for trade.

Awesome. Thank you!
You'd think that Paizo would maybe have some program to help with this kind of thing. For instance on the page that lists all your "sessions" the scenarios are all already number coded and filtered by date played, maybe a filter setting for it to either filter 'by date played' or 'scenarios played'. Might be harder to implement than I think, but it's something to consider, (nudge, nudge, PAIZO...) :D

So.... any official ruling here? Can it, in fact, roll on a single target more than once in a single round?

Is Lightning Bolt considered an AOE spell? Specifically when used against a swarm? It seems like it would affect them as long as they are in the 5'x120' area.

I shoot Adamantine as often as I can afford. Damn the costs, it's just awesome.

I have a Gunslinger that I just added a level of Rogue to. When I hit level 2 Rogue and get a rogue talent can I take Rogue talent: Grit?

It grants the Amature Gunslinger feat and 1 grit feat of your choice. However, Amature gunslinger feat states as a prerequisite that you can't have any levels in a class that has the grit feature. Can I still get the 1 grit feat? Is this not PFS legal? Thoughts?

Thanks for any help.

Is is possible to make a sunder attempt with a ranged attack?

I have a gunslinger who fires Adamantine bullets often and I'd like to start sundering if possible. (In particular I'd like to sunder an enemy divine caster's holy symbol).