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I've been searching for an answer to this question and i haven't found one that really closes the debate.

Q: A character casts a spell while under an effect that gives him a bonus to damage rolls (such as Inspire Courage) or a bonus damage to spells (such as Unleash Psyche), and that spell deals two or more instances of damage like meteor swarm, wich deals bludgeoning with the meteor impact and then fire on the explosion. Then:

1) The bonus is added to the total damage.

2) The bonus is added to each separate damage roll.

I know there has been a discussion and a ruling regarding this issue and Magic Missile but i think this is an entirely different situation since that spell clearly states that you should combine the damage before adding any modifiers.


I'm building a Psychic (Emotional Acceptance) for Fists of the Ruby Phoenix and my group can't reach an agreement about being able to pick up Esoteric Lore with Additional Lore (or any Skill increase).

We play with free archetype and I plan on picking Thaumaturge, refluffing its powers as the Psychic noticing and canalizing emotions the enemies feel in order to turn them into our advanteges. The limited use of Esoteric lore strike me as prefect for this, as it can only be used to Recall Knowledge of creatures, hazards... and thus is not as usefull as a "normal" Lore.

We are willing as a group to "bend the rules" a little bit, but not keen on breaking them, so before making a decision i wanted to ask here, maybe there is a non-official consensus on this since i can't find an official one.

Thank you very much (and sorry about any language-related mistakes since i'm not a native speaker).