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So I was thinking we could use a google map for the on-line map tool - allowing us to do the hunts. :D

We'll need to work out who's doing the deck building & drawing etc...

Of course I haven't even read the rules yet.

A Kingdom Death: Monster rpg-themed pbp.

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I thought it could be useful to compile a list of different businesses & building you may find in a fantasy town. Something that could prove a useful and quick resource for GM's who want to quickly flesh out a hamlet/village/town in a hurry.

1) An Inn

2) A Tavern

3) A Smithy

4) A Bakery

5) A Tailor

So it seems this month there is a glut of different KS's starting and finishing. All of them vying for our precious money.

It seems many companies have finished 1 or more and are now simultaneously releasing another.

Firstly Oathsworn Miniatures are finishing their current project. Focussed mainly around halflings with some monsters, dwarves as well.

Centre Stage Miniatures, are doing their Tome of Horrors 2. Licensed by Frog God Games, this is a line of monsters based upon the aforementioned books.

Stonehaven Miniatures after the success of their dwarf KS & the gnomes KS which has just been fulfilled

For all those brony's (& general collectors) out there, Pewter Ponies a set of mini's depicting ponies, unicorns, pegasi and much more.

Mantic Games are releasing their new 'Mars Attacks' game, though that might not be this month.

And of course there's the big boy Reaper, who'll be looking to follow up on the record-breaking line.

So, know of any others? What are your thoughts? The saturation of the market a good or bad thing?

Warriors of Darkmyre KS

Primarilly a direct arena-style miniature combat game, with a narrative theme. Warriors take on each other in the arena.
There are also potentially scenario's for co-operative in the works.

With some of the artwork style reminiscent of 'Heavy Metal', they're seems to be some interesting looking models available - with lots more to be unlocked for sure.

The miniature range includes were-rats, zombies, dwarves; as well as cheese-cake style (males & females).

With a resin board and wide range of mini's, this looks like it could be a fun game. And at $50 for the basic game is reasonable when you consider the content (even before the stretch goals)

And if they hit $7400 ($400) away by tomorrow then all physical backers get a bonus mini.

*pity it belongs in this quiet area of the forums, as the mini's seem really good judging from the companies last KS.

Just thought I'd make people aware of another miniature KS.
Torn World Miniatures.

Strange and intriguing these models would make ideal villains or twisted hero's. From the already funded, goblin pirates to the hatchet wielding Red riding hood; these should be a treat.

"Close your eyes and try to imagine a place where what you know isn't exactly what it seems. A land where your nightmares walk the earth next to you and the spirits of whimsy are only a breath away."

By Centre stage Miniatures, who have run another sucessful KS - Old School Demons & Devils. Where they have proved amenable to feed-back, capable of producing reasonable and beautiful mini's.

At a standard 28mm scale and lead-free metal, these are perfect for Pathfinder. With dozens of miniatures planned and them dropping the price of the complete package (1 of each model) to $100, this could be a bargain the more they raise.

Just thought I'd put this out there for all who are interested.

Malifaux RPG Kickstarter. It's already been funded, so it will happen. With pdf's and many of the stretch goals already hit. So it's a good deal; $125 gets you 2 copies of the books and a collection of the models - along with the pdf's, GM Screen, Fate Deck and a Pad of Character Sheets.

As far as the game is concerned it's based on their Wild West Horror miniature game, so it's a solid property with history. A bit like Deadlands, it's a Gothic Horror Steampunk. And here's their website for those interested.

The year is 1921, December 18th in London. The social scene has been disrupted by the Great War, however now it has been revived with a gallows humour. So many have seen or heard of the atrocities that they throw themselves into pleasures of the flesh and intellect. Truly this is a golden age dawning...

The London Season, the season of debutants and events were upon you once again, with Christmas and parties.

Jerry & Edward

During your time at Cambridge you took a few classes under Prof. Vernon Whitlow, a kind, studious man. He was a guest lecturer his real occupation being a researcher of history and athropology at the British Museum. Eloquent and with a cutting wit, he helped you through your classes with occassional correspondence and advice. You kept in touch through the war and he has sent you an invitation...


Your father, comes down to breakfast one morning the winter's chill is in the air but the grates are already lit. As usual the mornings conversation over breakfast seems to be the high-light of the day. The butler arrives with a silver tray arranged upon it is a host of letters and correspondence.

Opening one he remarks; "Oh an invitation to a Gala at the Museum. The 17th? Well, I have an event at the club that night, could you go in my place my dear?" his voice soft and cultured but insistant. "The Deb season is already started and your album has little in it in terms of visits to balls or signatures." He remarks referring to your debutant album, which you are meant to collect fellow guest signatures, houses visited, sketches and witty remarks. Of course you have a second one that you keep hidden from your father.

He passes across the invitation....

You see the signature at the bottom and remember the middle-aged man that worked with your father importing antiquities. And whom corresponds with your father about politics and history showing a side of him that wasn't all business. Perhaps it this gala would allow you to find a side of him that wasn't all business?


When you asked your cousin Jerry if he knew any people at the British Museum he placed you in contact with Professor Vernon. He enabled your recent visit to the near East, providing a stipend and guides for the travel. You have recently returned to London and upon arrival you find an invitation...

Here is the discussion thread for the game, come in here for all your queries, Out of Character talk. Or general chatter :)

Below is a tab for text formatting.
I have sent you the PC information that you can edit into your Alias.

Using [ ] rather than ( )
Bold (b) Words (/b) is for speech.
Italics (i) Words (/i) is for thoughts
Out of Character (ooc) Words about other stuff(/ooc) is for out of character RL chat.
For dice rolling (dice)1d100(/dice) with []gives 1d100 ⇒ 94

Of course this formatting is optional, but it makes it easier to read. Prose don't have to be brilliantly written.

So here we are.

This is a recruitment thread for my Dresden Files pbp. We have had a couple of people drop out. The game is set in York, the characters are just completing the first arc. Feel free to read the game-play thread.

It's using the Dresden Files RPG (Fate system), but experience of the game is not required. Posting once a day, as a minimum.

This is a Star Wars, character journal. I have been meaning to put up for a while.

Anyway the initial players are:

My Companions
PC: Taurean Gold- Lothario, Bar man, Male Human. Scoundrel L3, Soldier L1.
PC: Napoleon- Male Blind Jedi Guardian L4.
PC: Fandrel- Cat man, pilot, male. Scoundrel L4.
PC: Will- Male Human Gambler. Scoundrel L4.
PC: Al-Arbek- Male Zabrek Bounty Hunter. Scout L4.

& My PC: Gabriel Wilde: Human, female Tech-Specialist/3, Noble/1. Teenage girl, who is the niece or a crime syndicate boss on Corusant. I will post the back-ground story, but after a couple of session posts as she slid away from my writing concept into my playing style (necessitated by certain actions of players/ gm).

We started off at 4th Level and so far we have played the game for 3+ years.

Hope you enjoy it.

Prologue: In Maeves Court

Yet another beautiful masquerade ball was taking place, the music soared everyone danced. At least it was until moments ago.

The dual was about to begin; Lord Sylas had been spreading scurrilous rumours about the half-blood Princess. When Duana over-heard in such a manner, that for a moment reason left her and she challenged him to an honour-duel.

The entire Court looks on as Duana faces the tall and ambitious knight. It was not turning out how he expected he just was trying to undermine the half-blood, but now he would destroy her in front of the court but not before he would show her up. Danny watches on from the crowd as the honour duel begins.

A furious frenzy of metal as the arrogant Sidhe Lord strikes rapidly each attack merely eliciting a shower of sparks as Duana puts up a robust defence. The assault is aggressive and the ambitious Sylas leaves few holes in his defence. The fight seems to stretch an eternity, the desperate defence of the Princess can barely hold up against the expert Lord. Then she spots an opportunity to riposte against his attack, but it was a ploy and she feels his cold blade draw blood from her arm. She leaps backwards, and he gives her a nod a lascivious smirk crossing his face. The pair circle for a moment. Duana has the feeling that the Lord is prolonging it just to show off his skill and make the battle a memorable one. Then the Fey Lords’ eyes widen slightly in surprise and Duana lunges; her blade finding his heart. The steel is an anathema to him and quickly he falls to the floor dead.

Maeve rises from her throne as silence grips the Court, suddenly aware of their own mortality. She glides to her daughters’ side, raising her un-bloodied arm in Victory. Subtly indicating the victory was not Duana’s alone. The assembled Nobles let out a collective gasp of relief and the room bursts into life. Within moments the duel is seemingly forgotten, Maeve draws her daughter off to one side to stand with her, the Frost Knight and the Princesses hound.

With the smallest of smiles Maeve looks at Duana; ”Thanks” she says putting a set of car & apartment keys and a cash card in her hand, folding it about them. ”You should probably leave now, the Lords family will be seeking vengeance.”

Duana & Gelert:
A tiny sprite flaps down to you with its dragonfly wings sparkling in the light. He holds himself in a regal manner, an pin sized sword affixed to his waist, you recognised the Viscount Aret. ”I’m sorry that the happenstance was such. But verily, your sword-play was exquisite. If thou find thyself in need of aide, thou shalt call upon my kin, Lycius, the Nerid oft thee River Ouse. Thus my debt to you is complete, for my part in this eve’s entertainment.” He starts to flit away.

During the Duel
Maeve looks at you, your fingers go numb for a second and you drop the flute of the sweetest alcohol that you were drinking. It falls to the floor, the glass shattering into a fine mist about your feet. Involuntarily your hand rests on the blade of your winter-bound sword. You feel the eyes of the Sidhe Lord bear upon you as Duana lunges, you see death in his eyes.

In the aftermath Maeve comes up to you. ”That was good work, that young upstart was too ambitious, darling.” She says dragging out the last word causing shivers to run down your spine, and other regions.

”Unfortunately, there will be repercussions. You might need to be away from Court whilst it cools down. I have an assignment for you, stay with Duana. There is something you should meet in Old York. I’ll let you know soon.” Maeve places a soft kiss upon your cheek, which burns with cold. Which leaves a red mark that quickly fades, but you can feel it gently pulsing.

The duel holds you mesmerised, the speed and skill is astounding and you can tell none of it is Glamoured. You wince in sympathy as the young woman gets cut. The rumour that you heard from a winged sprite earlier about her you cannot believe even in a chaotic, hedonistic place such as this no wonder she tries to prove it a lie in such a way. You almost whoop in delight as the Arrogant Fop is skewered.

As the party resumes you notice in your pocket a chill blue Rose about its stem is a card with 2 embossed names in florid script your mothers and “Margaret Clitherow”.

Alright here is the OOC thread to start co-ordinating things. The Players;

Duana - Changeling Half-Blood of Maeve
Gelert - Foo (Wyld Fey) Dog
Raventhorns' - Winter Knight (a mortal)
Danny Kaye - A Summer Changeling in Winter's Court
Jericho Korben - Ferromancer Evoker
Aximeus - Demigod
Madclaws' - Were-Polar Bear Shapeshifter

Just a few extra questions, ideas for the city, theme for the city, how grim/gritty do you want the campaign, how much combat, how much romance, how mature, how much difficulties (danger) do you want?

PS. First Thread i've ever started :)

So I have just volunteered to run a one-shot game since the GM is busy/ player issues.

The game starts in 4 hours and will last approx. 3 hours. Though I could use this as a sounding board.
I am planning on running Traveller (4th Ed), a hard science game. Character creation should be fun & since players turn up at staggered times, it will not impede too much on play time. There will be approx. 3 players

My basic scenario I though could be a simple courier mission, they start in a town on a desert planet, where there has just been a revolution. They have too take a ‘package’ to the starport.

So I was wondering if anyone has any advice, or suggestions.

The basic format, I was thinking would be;

Meet ‘Mr Smith’, he gives them the mission.

They choose transport (probably a speeder)

The get to the Starport, there they have a confrontation.

What should be the package? A Bomb.
The opposing political faction as the ‘Enemy’

Anyway thanks to anyone who can help.

I am running RotRL, converting it to the 7th Sea RPG.

Well done paizo for inspiring me to DM for the first time in nearly a decade.

We have just finished Burnt Offerings and plan to run the first 3 chapters with a climactic epilogue. There are a few loose ends that i would like some help tying up.

I will use common points of reference for those not used to the system/ world (sidhe= elves). Sandpoint is located in N. Germany.

Basically, the party avoided Elyrium and they let Lyrie & Orik escape. Tsuto was captured & sentenced to be strangled (thanks Aubrey) by Ironbriar, but will hopefully return (& escape) at the 7 Brothers Mill.
What should Lyrie (& therefore love-smitten Orik) do? She was 'given' to Nualia by Lucrecia.

The Kreegs & Grauls (Viking clans) both hate 2 of the PC's, due to backstory. Lyrie, Orik & Vikings tried to ambush the party as they travelled to Magnimar, but they took a ship instead.

So now that she thinks Tsuto is dead should she still ambush them as they return to Sandpoint for "the Skinshaw Murders".
Or should she use her social and political skills to make life hard for the PC's. Perhaps seducing the mayor of Magnimar?

She has already cursed 1 of the PC's. She cannot really win a direct confrontation (unless she ambushed a lone PC), even poisoning would be hard/ unfair. Or should she go back to Lucrecia and the casino...

I will hopefully put a complete campaign journal up here tomorrow.

Their initiative is : 7 & 7

The 1 in front of you has the 2 actions, the 2 behind you have 1 and will start next round.