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About DM Kludde

Hello everybody and welcome!

I have been playing roleplaying games on-and-off since I was a nerdy 16-year-old, and have been a play-by-post GM on the Paizo boards for slightly over 10 years. Playing in a play-by-post format allows me an outlet to vent my creativity. The unique format of play-by-post games gives a lot of room for descriptive narrative and gives room to add little extra details, in order to build a world together with the players. My most enjoyable games are ones where the characters take the time to form a bond with each other and show close interactions, sometimes across multiple scenarios. I feel I have succeeded in my mission if I have provided the players something to interact about, and given them something to make the game memorable. I really enjoy writing ridiculous songs and making up fake artists. One day I'll release a compilation album.

I like to keep a good pace in my games, and would normally ask for a posting frequency of 1/day + 1/weekend. I use the 'two-vote' for moving to new areas. In combat, I usually give people 24 hours to post an action (which is usually more than enough), and I'd either ask the other players to suggest an action or just allow the player to catch up when I don't hear anything after 24 hours. If there are days that you are not available, or if something unexpected comes up, that's of course no problem - if possible, a notification is appreciated.

For combat I use block initiative, which means that all players in a block can act in any order. I'll typically resolve in the order of posting, so if you're intending a different order, you can indicate that by making an 'ooc' comment. If your action depends on a condition that might happen, you can always put the action under a spoiler tag.

Pregenerated Characters

Help, I don't know how any of this works!:

Relax, there's not that much to it. You probably want to start by having a look at this excellent guide to get you started.

How do I get that cool stat line?:

Most players have a stat line just below his name, that looks something like

Female Human Bard 3/Sorcerer 1 HP 26 | AC 12 (16: Mage Armor), T 12, FF 10 (14: MA) | F: +2, R: +5, W: +5 | CMD 13 | Perc. +5 | Init. +2

Make sure you character has one as well. You can do this by going to your character profile (right-clicking on your character name in the forum thread gets you there), click edit, and enter the code into either the ‘race’, ‘gender’ or ‘class’ line of your character.

Mind the leading space (and change all [-ooc] tags to regular ooc tags without the '-'):

[-ooc]Female Human Envoy 4[/ooc]
| Speed: land: 40 |
| SP 24/24 HP 28/28 | [-ooc] RP 7/7[/ooc] | EAC 13; KAC 14 | [-ooc]Fort +1; Ref +5; Will +4[/ooc] | Init: +1 | [-ooc]Perc: +4, SM: +4[/ooc]

PbP basics:

Bold is for speech:
Yes, let's get started.

Italic is for thoughts and mental communication:
Heheh. Little do they know what is coming for them

Regular text is for descriptions:
This DM sure looks like something from another plane, and even reeks faintly of sulphur.

And this is obtained by the 'ooc' tag and is used for out-of-character text.
You don't have to roll knowledge checks to remember this

The dice roller can be accessed by using the dice tag. Use dice=Description to describe the roll
If I roll one you all get cake: [dice=Cake]1d100 ⇒ 20[/dice]

Use of AI art:

I use AI art to enhance my games with handouts here and there. I categorically do not pretend to be an artist. In fact, I can't draw myself a way out of a paper bag, and I have the deepest respect for people who can create the marvellous artworks that we are treated with every day.

Nevertheless, I get enjoyment out of creating little pictures and graphics, which brightens up my day. This also leaves me with a very double feeling, because I am profoundly aware of the issues that have been raised against AI art, and the threat it poses to the artist community. In particular, I deeply empathize with digital artists whose work is jeopardized by this new technology.

If you are a digital artist who is offended by my use of AI art, or if you are facing trouble due to this new technology, I can offer to provide compensation through the commission of a piece (where my current budget allows). Feel free to reach out to me by DM. Quotes and portfolio links are appreciated.