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Amala 21/21 hp
Aurelius 17/17 hp
Fellzir 17/17 hp
Hallidan 16/16 hp
Octavonius 10/10 hp
Cimri ?/? hp

Current Effects:


Current MAP.

XP totals:

1200 Jabril
400 Abbie
135 Archie
270 Shaul/Pippa
600 Story Tannery heist/Razelago
800 Attending Sermon
1200 -3 RP
2600 Decree Postings
1200 Report to Razelago
1200 Sign the Hellfire Compact
1600 Last Call event
400 Arrest Caggan
200 Interrogate Kels
800 Retaining Mr. Ingoe as an informant.
600 Learning of the Rebellion
600 Assassin Vine
400 Spider Swarm
800 Deal with Caggan
600 Gatehouse fey
1600 Angel/Priests
18,205 Total (3326 each)

Previous Campaigns:

Prophecy of Icarus Campaign
Expedition To Castle Ravenloft
War of the Nobles

For every 5 you beat the DC by you may select one of the items from this LIST to get information on.

Suny's Stash:
* scale is of some sea creature, judging by the curvature of the scale, it was a big one, perhaps big enough to swallow a human or elf whole.
* the wood stick, on closer examination, appears to be a map/scroll tube. Inside of them looks like a map of some sort, and the other an old poem or song
* 5 coins you have never seen before, they look to be a bronze color and ceratinly are not worth anything monetarily, at least here in Golarion.
* Conch shell, faint magical aura.