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Current date is the 20th day of Rova 4717.


Ramona shares the spyglass with Weyve and Aria. Both observe the settlement, it looks quiet, too quiet, as if abandoned.

As she and the rest of the group step to the bow she speaks quietly, “We have a problem. Something is wrong. Nobody’s in sight. There’s no smoke from cook fires or the smithy. Some of the buildings look burned out.

Sailors can’t keep their mouths shut. Soon all the other colonists are going to hear about this—if they can’t see for themselves already—and things could become… tense.

Based upon your interviews, I believe you lot to be the most qualified to go ashore and check out the settlement. If you wish me to, I can send a few of the soldiers with you as well.

In the meantime, I going to ask Captain Markosi to sail north along the island’s coast to a secondary landing site determined by the expedition’s surveyors as an alternative spot to found a colony. The site was later designated as an emergency extraction point should any danger befall the first wave of colonists.

Perhaps there will be someone there.

After you have had a chance to investigate Talmandor’s Bounty, rendezvous with ship at this secondary location. It is due north along the coast. Once we have better information, I will make a final determination on where the rest of the colonists should disembark.

I know this is asking a great deal... can I count on you all?"


After six long weeks, this morning the crew of the Peregrine sighted land to the west. A few hours later, the Peregrine sails into a natural bay with a sandy beach within rowing distance for the ship’s boats. As the crew begins to untie one of the smaller boats to lower it into the water, the sailors pass a spyglass among themselves and finally hand it back to the captain.

Captain Jacob Markosi peers at the island for a moment before grunting and handing the spyglass to expedition leader Ramona Avandth. “You should see this,” he says quietly.

Ramona accepts the spyglass and peers toward the shore. When she lowers the scope, she is clearly distressed but trying to hide her worry. She approaches and motions toward the far side of the deck, away from where most of the other colonists have congregated. “Can I have a word with all of you?” she asks.

Andoran - Almas - the Shining Sea Inn

The mingling continues for some time with further introductions taking place and with a handful of those picked dropping out and those few are replaced by the next morning.

Along with "the group" on the journey are the Captain, First Mate, and the Leader of the Expedition who introduced themselves the prior night, as well as:

The Peregrine's Navigator - Tyra Swain (female human),
The Boatswain - Raerg (male half-orc),
Quartermaster - Bean Counter Brady (female halfling),
The ship also has 16 sailors who work the rigging and keep the ship in tip top shape,
Colonial Soldiers numbering 6 who will serve Ramona Avandth,
Colonists numbering 36 who serve a number of functions required to facilitate the building of a community, above those are a few that stand out as having special skills along with all of your own,
Alba Divenvaar - (female dwarf alchemist),
Anya Sandstrider - (Shoanti female human ranger),
Carver Hastings - (male human archaeologist),
Eamon Caranth - (male half-elf cleric of Erastil),
Harcourt Carrolby - (male human aristocrat),
Kurvis Nurpico - (male human cleric of Abadar),
Luetin Calewick - (male human expert),
Lyra Heatherly - (female half-elf ranger),
Perrell Beys - (female human expert).

Assume that any items you wish to purchase before setting off and you can afford, you are able to find in Almas.

The next afternoon, the Peregrine sets sail to great fanfare with thousands waving the ship off from the docks.... Ahead lays the greatest quest of your, or perhaps anyone's, lives!

Andoran - Almas - the Shining Sea Inn - Dinner Party

Ayse eventually wanders in and takes a seat near Spectrum but not next to him.

The food served is typical Andoran fare excellent and prepared by what are some of their best chefs as everything is delicious. The room in the Inn is packed to beyond capacity.

Smedrik is nowhere to be seen.

A set of double doors opens and a female human enters the room with a human male and a female half elf.

Weyve and Tsoang recognize two of the three as the Captain and First Mate.

The hall falls silent as the human female begins to speak, her voice amplified by a bit of magic, "Greetings friends and travelers. I am Ramona Avandth designated by the Bountiful Venture Company to make this, the second journey to the Andoran colony, Talmandor’s Bounty.

I will be the person to contact should you have any questions or concerns. I will also the person who is "in charge" of the expedition. I have no wish to be a tyrant or appear overbearing. But. We journey to a far away strange place. I will need you, all of you, to follow my lead. We need to work together to make this a successful venture. Captain".

The human male steps forward, "I am Captain Jacob Markosi Captain of the Peregrine. On my ship of course I give the orders. Still, I shall defer to Ramona on any matters which do not directly impact the well being of my ship. With me here is first mate Naerath.

As the journey begins I am sure we will all get to know one another. BY tomorrow I will have a full manifest of the crew, soldiers, and passengers that will be making the trip. Enjoy this meal and the soft beds that have been procured for you tonight, when we set sail no such luxuries await. The Peregrine is comfortable enough for a pleasure cruise but this is no such things. We will be at maximum capacity from a standpoint of travelers and supplies as we carry not only what we need, but provisions for the colony already in place".

Ramona steps forward again, "Once again congratulations to you all and I hope you are all looking forward to this as I am.

Once we set sail though, the time for questions and doubts is at an end, we will be off and will not return for months at the earliest. If you need to drop, do so tonight that we may find others still in the city to take your place. If you have any concerns, I shall be here in the main Hall to listen to them for tomorrow will be too late".

Waaay too long of a break there. I'll do my best to try and get posting rates back up though in RL I'm not out of the woods quite yet.

Andoran - Almas - Citadel of the Supreme Elect - Interviews

Smedrik grins, "Good, I am finding very few who I believe can actually handle the environment itself, good to know that it is something you have at least experienced.

Well my boy there are rooms at the Shining Sea Inn, head there and give the Innkeep my name. A room key will be waiting for you with only that information. Congratulations, you are on board! Tonight you'll meet those that you will journey with".


Andoran - Almas - the Shining Sea Inn - Spectrum, Singi, Makanaky, Aria, and Ayse

As the sky drags the sun to night, the Shining Sea Inn looms before you. Ahead and behind you see several dozen who are all headed to the Inn, all have bags packed and wistful looks in their eyes.

The Inn itself is a beautiful building decorated in sea and sailing motifs. It's at least four stories high. The activity there is substantial with people coming to and fro.

Several soldiers guard the environs watching all who come and go though they do not say anything to anyone their looks are clearly there to intimidate any who would seek to commit bad acts.

The front door is wide open. As you enter there are two men and two women behind the front desk. They smile when you drop the name of Mr. Smedrik, "Right this way".

You are led to your rooms, reserved for just you of course.

"The Captain will be hosting dinner tonight. Feel free to mingle with other crew members in the meantime".


Weyve & Tsaong

The man behind the desk nods, "My employer placed me here. You are both where you need to be Sirs. A dinner hosted by the Captain will begin soon, feel free to mingle with the other guests, those staying here will all be on this expedition with you. Quite exciting". His monotone voice reflects little excitement.


OK, you'll have some time to find each other and interact. I'll post again when I can.

He blinks, "Ah yes Mwangi, tropical. Forgive me, I've done so many of these I am losing track!

Of course you would be suited to such an environment.

You would be amazed at how many un and non qualified candidates I have seen.

There are rooms at the Shining Sea Inn, head there and give the Innkeep my name. A room key will be waiting for you with only that information. Congratulations, you are on board! Tonight you'll meet those that you will journey with".

Andoran - Almas - Citadel of the Supreme Elect - Interviews

He nods at all you say, "There are rooms at the Shining Sea Inn, head there and give the Innkeep my name. A room key will be waiting for you with only that information. Congratulations, you are on board! Tonight you'll meet those that you will journey with".

He nods at all you say, [b]"I am a bit concerned at your lack of tropical experience but a skilled blacksmith who wishes to make such a perilous journey is hard to come by. Know that there are diseases that those who have not traveled to such environs that can be lethal.

There are rooms at the Shining Sea Inn, head there and give the Innkeep my name if you wish to go on this trip. A room key will be waiting for you with only that information.

Congratulations, you are on board! Tonight you'll meet those that you will journey with".

[b]"Of course, the Mwangi Expanse, forgive me, after so many of these I am losing track of what I asked of who! You'd be amazed at how many un or outright non qualified people have applied! There are rooms at the Shining Sea Inn, head there and give the Innkeep my name. A room key will be waiting for you with only that information. Congratulations, you are on board! Tonight you'll meet those that you will journey with".

He smiles, "Excellent! There are rooms at the Shining Sea Inn, head there and give the Innkeep my name. A room key will be waiting for you with only that information. Congratulations, you are on board! Tonight you'll meet those that you will journey with".

"Excellent, why you've already answered most of my questions! Tell me, what experiences have you had surviving in tropical climates? What experiences have you had in organizing expeditions, if any?"

Andoran - Almas

Weyve & Tsaong:
You both are instructed that the Shining Sea Inn is the place to be as that is where those who actually went on the initial expedition stayed before they left. It stands to reason that the same place is where you both would want to be.

When you arrive at the desk the place is already buzzing with activity. In fact, the Captain of the ship and the First Mate are sitting down to a late supper as you enter.

The man behind the desk sighs and looks at you both, "Who sent you?"

As its been a while, Smedrik was the interviewer.

Tsaong & Weyve, after the next round of updates by the other PCs, I will move you both forward with everyone.

We're at the doorstep to ending the Prologue and Beginning the AP itself :-)

Andoran - Almas - Citadel of the Supreme Elect

Smedrik nods, "Excellent, why you've already answered most of my questions! Tell me, did your experiences at Mwangi give you insight into surviving in tropical climates? Also, what experiences have you had in organizing expeditions, if any?"

Smedrik nods, "Excellent, why you've already answered most of my questions! Another with Mwangi experience and a local! Tell me, did your experiences at Mwangi give you insight into surviving in tropical climates? Also, what experiences have you had in organizing expeditions, if any?"

Smedrik nods, "Excellent, why you've already answered most of my questions! Tell me, what experiences have you had surviving in tropical climates? Also, what experiences have you had in organizing expeditions, if any?"

Smedrik nods, "Excellent, why you've already answered most of my questions! Tell me, what experiences have you had surviving in tropical climates? Also, what experiences have you had in organizing expeditions, if any?"

Andoran - Almas

Weyve & Tsaong:
It seems that those selected will receive a magical message of their selection!

One of the locals does indeed suggest that you both visit the Theater District, especially if you are selected for the trip, no Theater exists in Azlant, at least not one that is not in ruins...

The Theater District is a neighborhood in the city of Almas, the capital city of the nation of Andoran. The district, which is nominally part of the larger North End district, is located on a peninsula between the Moulton and Andoshen Rivers, and is the home to all manner of artists.

As you arrive in the District, you see that the architecture of the Theater District is that of an old, traditional style. An exception is the famous playhouse known as the Captive Audience, a tall structure, illuminated with everburning torches, and painted several shades of bright green. It is run by an eccentric and demanding gnome by the name of Senlokto Boraminder.

A play is currently running at the Captive Audience. The play is set in Absolom, in the year 4680, a brilliant poet and swordsman named Cyrano de Bergerac finds himself deeply in love with his beautiful, intellectual cousin Roxane. Despite Cyrano’s brilliance and charisma, a shockingly large nose afflicts his appearance, and he considers himself too ugly even to risk telling Roxane his feelings.

The actors are superb even if the story is a bit odd.

Once the play ends night has fallen.

The city streets of Almas are as safe as any you've walked.

Do you wish to pursue any other sights of the city or head to an Inn for the evening?

You in the case of my last post is addressed to each of you individually. You are alone for these interviews but for the sake of brevity I did not type the same thing over and over again in seven separate spoilers. :-)

Hopefully, the nonsense of the past two weeks stays in my rear view mirror.


Weyve and Tsaong, I'll be updating the scenes for you two next.

Andoran - Almas - Citadel of the Supreme Elect

Spectrum, Ayse, Makanaky, Aria, and Singi

The line moves slowly but it moves. Unfortunately, for Singi, the guards redirect her to the back of the line.

Ayse, shakes his head, the Seneschal is not well known enough for him to identify anything specific about the man.

Aria is able to identify a few familiar faces that she spotted in Absolom, indeed, she is not the only Society Member that has arrived.

The Citadel of the Supreme Elect is a walled complex that houses the offices and residence of the Supreme Elect, who is the chief executive of the democratic nation of Andoran, and who also serves as the mayor of its capital city, Almas. The small keep stands near the western end of the Field of Concord in the Liberty District of Almas. The citadel is topped by a large copper dome, and guarded by a battalion of Steel Falcons. The House of the Demarchy Assembly, which holds the offices of the ministers who advise the Supreme Elect, is also located within its walls, as are buildings that contain the offices of consuls, ministers, and other state officials.

In fact, once you are inside, you realize that the line was not all that long. A page brings each of you to a small administrative building where only a handful of people are seated and waiting. Within 15 more minutes those few people are in and out. Either the Seneschal denied these people quickly or his line of questioning is much abbreviated compared to how the Society vetted its Members.

As you enter the office, a wizened old human hunched over with bad posture waves you forward. His outfit is ostentatious and slightly big for his skinny frame. His eyes though are sharp as an Eagles and his voice strong and clear.

"Greetings, tell me about yourself before the interview begins".

Andoran - Almas - the Docks


The Captain winks at him and replies in her slight Tian accent, "I say, go pursue your dreams".


The Captain shrugs, "I don't know them that well. I imagine they need to see so many people that those with experience will stand out, whether it is real or imagined. How much time can they spend chasing down every last story from the hundreds if not more who will apply?"


Andoran - Almas - Citadel of the Supreme Elect

Spectrum, Ayse, Makanaky, Aria, and Singi

Just wandering around the city for a bit, the secret Society Members discover that all who wish to be considered for placement aboard the next ship bound for the colony will need to apply at the Citadel of the Supreme Elect. There all interviews will be conducted by Smedrik, the Seneschal of Codwin I of Augustana.

Soon enough the group make their way, separately of course, to the Citadel. The line is out the door!

Andoran - Almas - The Market

Weyve & Tsaong:
The two companions head to the Market.

After wandering around for an hour, they learn the following:

Talmandor’s Bounty has two primary sponsors: the Andoren government, and a newly formed finance company named the Bountiful Venture Company. Though who is behind the Venture Company is not known, at least not commonly known.

The Colony leaders' names are Rayland Arkley a former military man who is still at the Colony and Ramona Avandth a bard and adventurer who returned with the Liberty’s Herald. She will lead the next expedition back to the Colony.

The trip also confirms that Smedrik is the first point of contact for those who would wish to join the Expedition. Indeed, all port cities have become aware of this Expedition and the number of interested parties has swelled to at least double the amount interested since the return of the Liberty’s Herald.

With the boards finally working I'll try to update between tonight and tomorrow night. Of course now that the boards work I am getting a splitting headache...

Andoran - Almas - the Docks

Spectrum, Ayse, Makanaky, Aria, and Singi

The trip on the Emperor's Blessing takes a few days. They are an uneventful few days on a fast, smooth ship. Before you can even settle in, you have arrived. An even larger ship is docked at Almas, you assume this is the Peregrine. It is a three-masted sailing ship with a spritsail on the bow. The vessel is 100 feet long and 25 feet across at its widest point. There are three decks and the ship and you imagine it can accommodate a cargo whose volume is substantial.

The ship's two boats itself are 20' long and at least 10' wide. Cargo is still being loaded onto the ship and it is a hustle and bustle of frenzied activity getting ready for the trip.

Soon enough you dock the Citadel of the Supreme Elect is one of the tallest and most readily identifiable buildings in the city. Now that you have all arrived, your destinies await!

Captain Doi shakes her head, "We shall arrive at Almas in only a few days, her routine is not relevant. You rest and prepare for what lies next. Should you need me, I will be there for you Ms. Malas", she bows and grins with a twinkle in her eyes.

"And yes, I always expect piracy. It is better to have ballista and the mangonel and not need them than it is to need them and not have them".

After Aria's moment of "self discovery" we'll move on to Almas. :-)

Absolom - the Grand Lodge

Spectrum, Ayse, Makanaky, Aria, and Singi

The Venture Captain raises an eyebrow at Spectrum, "Can you swim as fast as a ship and never need to rest? Regardless, that was what one of your people chose as a profession. These are not just made up fictitious denizens, they are all quite real".


Absolom - the Docks

As you all arrive at the docks you see that the ship Emperor's Blessing is a three-masted junk in the Tian Style. It measures at least 70' from bow to stern and is at least 25' abeam and appears to be constructed of the finest of Tian Teak. The sails themselves are decorated with images of a jade phoenix.

While a merchant vessel, it has some significant armaments, enough to show that it's no ordinary merchant vessel.

The crew must be at lest 25 and between cargo and it's over 30 passengers quite full and ready for the journey. The Captain barks down at those still not on board, "Head on up lubbers! I've got more to do than just haul cargo and passengers despite the lucrative nature of this contract!" Standing beside her is a undoubtedly a monk, a human female monk! As you and the other stragglers board, the Captain and the Monk pull Aria aside.

The monk bows to you, "Greetings Aria Gest, I am or was Aenon Malas. I offer you peace on your journey, this is Captain Manami Doi. Should you need a recommendation for your journey she will be happy to provide it". The Captain grins, "Nice to meet you again for the first time, Aenon". She extends a hand to you. The Monk in the meantime heads down the gangplank her eyes focused on the Grand Lodge of Absolom!

Andoran - Almas - Citadel of the Supreme Elect

Weyve & Tsaong:
"Very well, I'll put you both up for lodgings and note you as strong candidates. You were wise to come to me and meet with me.

Perhaps before you leave you will visit me once more as there is something I wish to accomplish with respect to the Expedition though I shall not be on the journey myself. Of course, that little talk will have to wait until selections are finalized else it would be moot no?"

He pulls out parchment and scribbles upon it. "Head to the East Hill Neighborhood of the Portside District. The Inn, the Golden Coin will accept these vouchers. Enjoy your stay and good luck".

With the Smedrik shakes both of your hands and escorts you out of his offices were a guardsman escorts you out of the building entirely. He does provide you directions to where you need to go.

I will not assume you go right to the Inn. A bit of RP is fine though we will soon enough be moving along to final interviews.

Tsaong Cho wrote:
My 4th weekend of BSA camping starts tomorrow night. This time my wife is going, and she asked me to post my reminder messages tonight so she can push me out the door that much faster if I get out of work late.

Heh, have fun!

Update now, I was just so damned tired last night. But this is the best I've felt in a month so that's good :-)

I'll get to this tonight tried to do it today but ran out of time...

Spectrum wrote:

I was hoping you would say that. It leads into my idea for how Glimmer connects to Jatembe's Wayfinder.

Ioun Wyrds are described as some small stones orbiting a larger central stone, so I think Jatembe's Wayfinder is actually a small Armillary Sphere.

Glimmer fits into the armillary rings into her orbit stones and creates a whirling defense system that she can fire out of (acting as a Familiar Satchel that only works for Ioun Wyrds).

When not in combat, she hovers over Spectrum's hand like a Wizard's Orb or flattens her rings and sits on his chest like an inanimate amulet.

How does that sound to you?

Pretty damn cool.

Spectrum wrote:

...which brings me to my follow up question.

Can the air holes in a Familiar Satchel be made to act like an arrow slit?

Yes, just need to reinforce them with a solid object so that your movement does not close the holes and block off whatever tiny little projectiles or rays the familiar will utilize. Let's say a 5 gp investment. You probably have time to get that done in Absolom before you leave or you can just mark off the gold and consider it done as part of your build.

Glimmer wrote:

Finally got Spectrum's familiar statted out. Here's the alias. The full stats are in Spectrum's sheet.

Glimmer is an Ioun Wyrd with the School Familiar and Protector archetypes, so basically she's going to behave like a particularly cool Ioun stone. She fires rays of frost and can give AC bonuses.

The only thing of note that I need the GM to be aware of is that Glimmer has Blindsense 30, which combined with Empathic Link gives Spectrum something of a "danger sense." Blindsense is basically the ultimate trump card vs stealth and invisibility, so if anyone is hiding within 30', Glimmer can alert Spectrum to that. Later, once Spectrum picks up Speak With Master, Glimmer will be able to provide more details than just general feelings.

Good to know who to target first in combat ;-)

Absolom - the Grand Lodge

Spectrum, Ayse, Makanaky, Aria, and Singi

"Your roles will be that of scholars not soldiers, despite the background as a Monk. If combat ensues on the ship, pass off any ability outside that of the ken of the one you pose as through use of a magic item. Keeping any Wayfinders a secret of course.

The charade will need to be kept up in front of the colonists for as long as is necessary. Exploration where you believe your abilities will need to be utilized should be conducted with your Society team only".

Andoran - Almas - Citadel of the Supreme Elect

Weyve & Tsaong:
Smedrik sits back and gives a wizened cough, "Interesting Cho. You have indeed come a long way to be here. Quite the gamble to journey so far with no guarantee of being accepted for our second Expedition. Still, I find myself wanting to know more about you.

You both have great promise whether by pedigree or sheer determination. Certainly, the effort you put into coming here reinforces just how interested you are.

Have you lodgings as of yet?"

Absolom - the Grand Lodge

Spectrum, Ayse, Makanaky, Aria, and Singi

Marcos shrugs at Aria's question, "Unfortunately, we've no idea. All we have are assumptions which at this time we do not wish to share as wild speculation from the Masters tends to find its way into the ranks and then into the public. We do not wish to speculate on what was done wrong on our end giving the Andorans yet another reason to continue sour relations with us".

Aram Zey responds to Singi, "Politics. Many selected, including some of you, will be going not only based upon skill but based upon specific requests by influential members of the Society.

The remaining two are not full fledged Members. However, membership has not been offered to them on purpose. This is because it will be easier for them to be accepted as is. We have had tangential allies press the right buttons to ensure that they receive special consideration by the Supreme Elect".

The Venture Captain picks up the conversation, "We will provide most of you with cover stories which you will utilize to get on board the ship.

Answer their questions the same way you answered ours and we have no doubt your skill and enthusiasm will shine through.

In about an hour, a ship will set sail for Almas and you five will be on it. You shall remain aloof from one another. It would not do for everyone coming from a port of call of Absolom to know one another and be interested in this Expedition.

Remember, under no circumstances are you to reveal your affiliations with the Society. Is this all understood?"

Master Shaine steps in approaching you all to hand you scrolls, "Each is your "cover identity". Know them as well as you can in this short time. These people do indeed exist. In exchange for membership in the Society and a place in the Chapter Houses of their choice, they are allowing us to use their identities for our purposes.

We believe the Q&A of the Andorans will be less rigorous than ours so even with a short period of time to study and little background, you should all pass the Andoran scrutiny".

Cover - Orbious Onx – A sea elf sailor and deep sea spelunker, Orbious has spent much of his life at sea traveling the world. The Mwangi expanse after all is quite similar to Azlant in environment so between his experiences there, his use on and off a ship, why would he not be the perfect choice for this trip! After all the Pathfinders are not the only ones who have explored the world and lived to tell the tale. As if the Expedition needs another reason to take him, Onx would be remiss not to mention that he is also well versed in the Azlanti language.

Cover - Elias Sonelle – A Varisian scholar of Thassilon. His knowledge of Azlant was borne out of its Thassilonian roots. He is a worshipper of Desna and a Wizard. Having heard of the first Expedition, Elia knew he could not miss the second. He booked passage on the Emperor’s Blessing hoping she would arrive on time.

Cover - Jinase Bannks – The position he would fill would be as hunter/gatherer for the Bountiful Venture Companies second Expedition into Azlant. Having grown up in the Sodden lands his mother was a member of the Flock of Father Heveril once holy Paladin of Erastil. He is a hunter for the flock we provided a lot of the food and fresh water that keeps the flock alive. His elven vision, inherited from a father he never knew, will be invaluable in a strange land with little in the way of resources. The Expedition needs a man of his unique talents!

Cover - Aenon Malas – A Varisian traveling Monk. Aenon spent years following the flow of destiny, changing ships and crews to let her travel even further away from her birthplace. This led her aboard the Emperors Blessing, the ship of the renown Tian treasure-hunter Manami Doi and under her guidance she explored the seas from Minkai to the Cape of omens. Over the years, she taught Aenon everything she knew, from the tian language, to navigating the seas and even the ways of the eastern mystics, and in her service Aenon became both a fierce warrior and talented sailor. When she attempted to return home, on what he decided would be her final voyage, fate intervened once more as she met a local about to board for a once in a lifetime Expedition, instead of getting off, she stayed on and here she is!

The scroll is empty witha message written upon it, Just be your wonderful self.

Aram Zey finishes, "Time is short, have you anything further before you leave for the ship? It is named, the Emperor's Blessing".

Tried to hit this tonight, hitting the wall instead, I think I can get to it in the afternoon tomorrow.

Absolom - the Grand Lodge

Spectrum, Ayse, Makanaky, Aria, and Singi

As each of you finish your interviews it is hard to ascertain just how well you did as Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin simply states, "Thank you for your time. That will be all". His tone and the looks on the faces of the assembled Masters makes it clear they won;t be answering any questions today.

A sleepless night turns into an early, tired morning for most of you who are unsure whether or not you will be selected. The crowd is just as large for the selections as it was the prior day. Many veterans are all but being congratulated for their selection to represent the Society, albeit incognito, one one of the most important Expeditions to take place in the history of the Society!

Master of Scrolls Kreighton Shaine exits Skyreach and a hush falls over the assembled adventurers. He opens a scroll and begins reading with no fanfare, "Will the following Society members please proceed to the interview room within Skyreach where we tried your patience just yesterday...

Llevyn "Spectrum" Dawnsea,
Aysalith "Ayse" Iandain,
Aria Gest, and
Singi Stensen.

There are still a handful more we may select. However, unforseen circumstances may cut the number of Society Members that we can reliably sneak into this trip.

As for the rest of you, Venture Captain Valsin thanks you for your interest and assure you that your next set of assignments shall be favorable".

The crowd murmurs as several unknowns are selected and no veterans of any kind it seems will be selected. Shaine turns on his heel not addressing any who approach him and heads back into Skyreach.

Many of your fellow Society Members clasp you on the back and offer well wishes but others you can see are jealous. None of that of course concerns any of you as you will soon be far away from anyone who would wish to escalate the matter above a cross eyed look.

You all once again find yourselves in the same room as yesterday before the same Leaders of the Society. This time though with you are several others, most of whom you at least mingled with in passing the prior day.

Venture Captain Valsin speaks once everyone is settled, "Congratulations, You have all been selected for this very important endeavor, before we begin to brief you, do you have any questions for us?"

Andoran - Almas - Citadel of the Supreme Elect

Weyve & Tsaong:
"I see. Certainly Mr. Murkwater your lineage does speak for itself. However, interviews will not, officially, begin for two more days. Still, I will keep my eye on you when the Supreme Elect and the Council sit down with all of those who express interest.

There are many you see, who, having heard of the our initial successful landing, have been sending letters from across the continent to attempt to gain a spot on this second Expedition.

As you are here Mr. Cho, tell me a bit about yourself. Besides your interest and obvious enthusiasm for this quest".

I sent a PM to our wayward PC. I want to move forward as a unit so no one gets too far ahead of the others. Regardless of what happens though I will move us forward on Sunday.

Terrific job of RP thus far folks!

Ayse wrote:
DM Ends of Golarion wrote:
Ayse wrote:

I really enjoyed that little questionnaire! Quietly arrogant characters are always such fun to write.

Question for the future: How do we feel about Arcanists and Pages of Spell Knowledge? I'm pretty sure that they let Arcanists have an extra spell prepared for the day, but there does seem to be a little contention on that point.

Per level or one extra spell at variable level per day?
My assumption was a Page would add the spell in said Page to your list of spells prepared for the day, much like they add to a Sorcerer's spells known. Ayse, for instance, would probably try to pick up a Page for a spell or two he's almost always going to want to have available; Mage Armor, for instance.

I'll have to look at that not familiar and I'll get back to you, might want to PM me the question so I don't forget.

Ayse wrote:

I really enjoyed that little questionnaire! Quietly arrogant characters are always such fun to write.

Question for the future: How do we feel about Arcanists and Pages of Spell Knowledge? I'm pretty sure that they let Arcanists have an extra spell prepared for the day, but there does seem to be a little contention on that point.

Per level or one extra spell at variable level per day?

Spectrum wrote:

Answering the interview questions is going to take me a while. I want have a large enough block of time in front of a computer until Monday night.

Should be fun though. I already have some fun ideas for answers.

Oh I know it will, lot of deep thought required but it will really help flesh out characters i think :-)

Sorry for that long delay but what can you do?!

Interviews are up (for those in Absolom), these are not easy questions and I think will be fun to answer. They will enable each of you to really flesh out the background of your PC. Obviously, each of you will be selected but I felt the opportunity to RP was worth starting where I did in the process.

Also, it appears that Tempus Proavus XLII has never posted, I believe that brings our number of PCs back down to 7. I'll keep it there.

Absolom - the Grand Lodge
Spectrum, Ayse, Makanaky, Aria, and Singi

One by one the Pathfinders are called in to complete the Interviews. As the Interviews are granted, those Pathfinders who have completed theirs drift away. Either into the Lodge proper or back out into the city to await word of selections.

The Test:

As your name is called, you enter a meeting room and find arrayed before you at the table the Leadership of the Society here at the Grand Lodge. Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin, Master of Scrolls Kreighton Shaine, Master of Spells Aram Zey, and Master of Swords Marcos Farabellus.

Ambrus motions to the lone empty seat across the table, "Please be seated. As you may be aware, the Society has been forbidden from sending any of its members upon this Expedition. The Decemvirate finds this position untenable and has created a series of false identities for our agents to infiltrate the next ship that will leave Andoran.

However, for those agents to be successful in their infiltration, they will need to be able to handle the interview process that will be final test being utilized by the Andorans in determining who has the appropriate skill set to be sent along to establish a new colony. Thus, we have created our own set of questions that will hopefully enable our members to "practice" for the actual interview and also allow us to ascertain who the most qualified candidates truly are".

Shaine speaks, "There will be several questions. We expect honest answers in this room. Remember though, it is vital that when delivering such answers during the true interview that your affiliations are not revealed else you will not be selected for the Expedition".

The four ask a series of rapid fire questions:

1. What kind of experience do you have studying objects and structures recovered by excavation to identify, date, and authenticate them and to interpret their significance?
2. What skills do you possess that would be an asset to a colony with no readily available resources?
3. Provide an example of a time when you successfully organized a diverse group of people to accomplish a task.
4. What experiences have you had surviving in tropical climates?
5. Share an experience you had in dealing with a difficult person and how you handled the situation.
6. Tell us how you organize, plan, and prioritize your work.
7. Name a time when you identified strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions to problems. What was the impact that your insights had?
8. In your experience, what is the key to developing a good team?
9. How are you affiliated with the Pathfinder Society?
10. As you will NOT be able to answer the previous question truthfully in the interview at Almas, explain how and why you are qualified to be accepted on this Expedition for reasons that have nothing to do with your Society Affiliation.
11. Provide a time when you were able to identify a complex problem, evaluate the options, and implement a solution.
12. Finally, why do YOU want to be a part of this Expedition?

As you respond to the questions in turn, the Masters do not ask any follow ups though you can see some of them do indeed have them.

Aram closes the interview, "You have done well. This was a difficult task even for our more senior operatives. Gather here tomorrow morning at the same time as today and the final selections will be announced".

No one, not a single Member leaves that interview room feeling comfortable.

Free form RP, clearly not a problem for this group, can continue as you see fit post interview. Once all "candidates" have completed the Interview process, I will move forward to the next day.

Prologue Spectrum & Ayse:
Shaine moves closer to inspect Spectrum's handiwork. "Impressive, it seems you are everything that Ayse described. A unique talent that will make you versatile in the journey that lies ahead to be sure.

You will both of course need to be part of the interview process regardless. If the Venture Captain and the other Masters find you both to be unable to think on your feet verbally they will object to my recommendation. I believe that you will both do fine.

Now, head down and mingle with the rest as they arrive. I am handling all of the initial greetings so feel free to take in breakfast for now and catch up. After lunch the interviews will take place".

Andoran - Almas - Citadel of the Supreme Elect

Weyve & Tsaong:

The two strangers who find they have a great deal in common finally arrive at the Citadel. The amount of hustle and bustle present is incredible, you can both only assume that the Expedition has heightened the activity level else this city is simply one that conducts substantial business. Perhaps it is both.

A few bureaucrats from the Citadel itself are helpful and direct you to the office of Smedrik. As you knock on the door you hear a chair shift on the floor followed by the sound of deliberate footsteps and the opening of the creaking door. Standing before you is a wizened old human hunched over with bad posture. His outfit is ostentatious and slightly big for his skinny frame. His eyes though are sharp as an Eagles and his voice strong and clear.

"Good day gentlemen, are you here about positions upon the Peregrine?"

This will be the first among the game that I update tomorrow. My Status thread, assuming you have been following it, has noted my health issues this past week but I believe by tomorrow I should be tip top once more.

Absolom - the Grand Lodge

One by one as you all approach, you quickly discover that everyone here is trying to get selected by the Society to get onto that Expedition, the catch, there's only seven slots...


Prologue Weyve Murkwater:
The people getting off of the Peregrine are a mix of smiles and gruff grunts, it seems most were coming from elsewhere to arrive here in Almas but are not bound for the new Colony as they have all of their possession with them as they exit. The crew sailors are working on the rigging and cleaning as its clear the Captain runs a tight operation.

Captain Jacob Markosi is pleasant, a blue-eyed man in his 40's with fair skin burned by the sun. He smiles warmly, "I've yet to receive the manifest of passengers. You'll need to double check that your name is on it before I can give you permission to remain aboard.

I've been told to tell anyone who comes aboard to head to the Citadel of the Supreme Elect and seek out Smedrik, the Seneschal of Codwin I of Augustana".

As he relays that information you see another man at the top of the gangplank speaking to another of the crewmen. Tsaong Cho.

Prologue Tsaong Cho:
As you reach the top the crewman nods to you, an attractive half-elf female who received the best features of both races, "I'm First Mate Naerath, Captain Markosi relayed to me that anyone who comes aboard with questions about the Expedition should be directed to the Citadel of the Supreme Elect and seek out Smedrik, the Seneschal of Codwin I of Augustana. I assume as he is the designated representative he'll be expecting an influx of people soon".

Weyve & Tsaong, you are very much near each other and can interact if you wish at any time, you'll find yourselves heading in the same direction soon...


Prologue Spectrum & Ayse:
Shaine responds the expression on his face warm despite his tough tone, "Ayse told me you were the right elf for the job. Besides your heritage being an obvious advantage it seems your credentials, as you describe them, are impressive. Of course, I've not seen them applied only described so I cannot be sure whether your theories are practical or merely interesting.

Some of our people need to be on this trip, Azlant was a danger long recognized by the Elven nations of their time, if anything found is dangerous, it needs to be hidden away or destroyed...

However, Arnistolientar Popswicker the famous Delver, Akmanya the Savant of Desna, Torga Stigardsdam the dwarven ranger student of war, and Aram bin Kaleel the inquisitor of Sarenrae have all expressed their intent to get on board for this trip.

Experienced Pathfinders, convince me why I should leave any of them behind to bring you. It is up to you to convince me, not for me to tell you how to convince me. Consider this practice for the real interview in Almas".

Prologue Makanaky:
Shaine's eyebrows raise, "Descendant of Gregaro Voth eh? Indeed, we should speak. Once the press is completed I assure you, we shall". A surge of a few pushy Society Members head to the podium intent to interrupt a conversation that is "off topic", "No shoving! All interested will get a chance to sign up". He sighs.

Prologue Aria Gest:
Those around you murmur when you announce your name, Shaine nods, "Indeed. I've got your name my dear. Go ahead and head to Skyreach, food and drink are there already. Interviews will begin after lunch". He looks as if he wishes to say more but refrains as all eyes nearby are on you as are all ears.

Prologue Singi Stensen:
Valsin grimaces, "I'm afraid that the Master of Scrolls has argued quite vociferously that spellcasters and more than one, are a necessity on this trip based on the history of the Ruins of the Empire upon whose ground the Expedition will soon tread.

I trust you to make the tough decisions and will stand by your judgment whatever should happen. You will encounter something. Hopefully just damn Goblins, like roaches they're everywhere. If that is the worst you face, count yourself lucky.

Interviews will be taking place, you'll need to meet with Shaine for this purpose as members more experienced than you will be bumped for you. If we do not at least observe the formalities, I'll never hear the end of it. Politics. If I would have known there were so many damn politics in this leadership position I'd have never taken it!

Look for one named Ayse, he is Shaine's protege' and I know for sure he will be on that ship with you. Now head down get some food and drink and mingle".


Once sign ups are complete Kreighton Shaine makes an announcement, "If I did not mention it, there will be separate interviews. Not only for us to verify membership, though I am sure you are all on the rolls. Your performance on this interview will give us an indication of how well you do on the next, the one you'll need to pass to get on board the Peregrine. There is food and drink at the Great Hall in Skyreach, we will begin promptly at noon, in alphabetical order".

As the initial sign ups are completed, the mass of potential crewmen (and crew-women) head towards Skyreach.

Feel free to interact now with each other or NPC's after your initial responses to the Master of Scrolls.

Ayse wrote:

Hey hey, glad to be under way!

A few little questions before things get really swinging:

1) Does the Intelligence bonus from my Scion Ioun Stone come with an associated phantom skill rank in something? If so, what?

Knowledge History.

Makanaky wrote:
He cloned himself. Several times.

I wish!


FYI, I'll have response posts up within the next hour to hour and a half or so.

Ayse wrote:

Hey hey, glad to be under way!

A few little questions before things get really swinging:

1) Does the Intelligence bonus from my Scion Ioun Stone come with an associated phantom skill rank in something? If so, what?

2) Where do we stand on using starting funds (little though they be) to buy a few more spells known, as if copying from another caster, per the rules here? If that's not kosher, I'll end up with a few more odds and ends, no big, but it would be nice to flesh out my spellbook a bit.

3) You can't just use Linguistics to pick up Azlanti, correct? 'cause I totally will if that's a thing.

4) Finally: Is it too late to change my gestalt class? We don't seem to have a Delver in our little group here, and I'd be glad to fill that niche. I'm fine sticking with Chronicler (ye gods Deep Pockets is entertaining), but a little more diversification doesn't seem like it'll hurt us.


1. I'll have to look as I don't remember off hand and all that data is at home, PM me to remind me to look ;-)

2. If you have funds left, go for it!

3. Correct though as we move forward that will become an option.

4. No, go ahead and change if you like!

Weyve G. Murkwater wrote:

Here we are! Looking forward to the game.

GM: My archetype (Pai Zin Practitioner) has the fluff that it uses herbalism for the purposes of medicine. But aside from the ability to identify potions with the Profession (herbalist) skill, and do some alchemy with it, it mainly just uses the skill for a class feature at 7th level (removing conditions with Lay on Hands).

So I wanted to know:

1. Would you allow me to treat things like disease and poison with Profession (herbalist) instead of Heal skill?

2. Would you allow me to buy a "herbalist's kit" that works like a masterwork tool or something? If yes, I would like to adjust my gear to get that.

Also: Haven't adjusted background yet but I will get on that shortly.

I went with the Background as is so no worries there.

1. Yes.

2. Yes.

Table III Party of 8 Now Being Served...

Prologue Singi Stensen:
You stand next to Ambrus Valsin in Skyreach, the enormous, white, five-towered palace that stretches high above the others structures and the surrounding city and is the largest by far within the complex that makes up the Grand Lodge, watching through a stained glass window depicting Dervin Gest's final fateful trip for the Society.

"The Society was created centuries ago for just a trip such as this. The chance to reach Azlant with actual support and the Godsdamned Andorans have cut us out!

Not to worry my dear, the Decemvirate have a plan to put Society Members on the next ship, Peregrine. That is what all the activity down below is about. Once more not to worry, though they are taking applications to select only a handful of Society Members to infiltrate this next journey, I've pulled strings, you were already selected to go. Shaine believes an abundance of Wizards and spellhurlers should be sent along but with no thoughts for who the hell will protect them. That someone, is you. Even if I have to overstuff this infiltration unit I'll see you on it!"

He sighs and reaches into his belt pouch, he produces a Wayfinder, his own and hands it to you! "Watch your back and remember your lessons from the Society and the ones you learned as a young girl living as an outcast. Be strong, be tough, and most importantly be smart".

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