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Draak Attack vs. Mezzeloth [dice]1d20 + 18 + 2[/dice] - Damage [dice]2d8 + 11 + 2[/dice]

Draak Attack #2 vs. Mezz [dice]1d20 + 13 + 2[/dice] - Damage [dice]2d8 + 11 + 2[/dice]

Entering and Exiting questions:

1. What is your name?
2. Are you a resident of Zhentil Keep, Darkhold, or the Citadel
of the Raven?
3. What is your business in Zhentil Keep?
4. Are you a follower of Bane?
5. Are you from Hillsfar, Mulmaster, or Shadowdale?
6. Are you wanted for any crimes anywhere in the Moonsea?
7. Are you carrying any powerful magical items?
8. What is your name again?

70 gp 1d6 1d8 18–20/×2 — 5 lb. P or S hand-and-a-half.

Tulwar: The tulwar (or talwar) is a
long slender scimitar with a moderate
curve, typically 3–4 ft. long, with a
distinctive disc-shaped pommel and
delicate knuckle guard. Its blade is
shorter and more rigid than the elven
curve blade. The tulwar is primarily
intended for slashing but can also be
used for thrusts.
In Your Game—The tulwar shares
a similar niche with the scimitar and
can be found in cultures that use its
smaller cousin.
In History—The shamshir, kilij, and
pulwar are similar weapons originally
from the Middle East (although
slashing only) that probably inspired
the Indian tulwar in the 13th century.

The Archduke will be Dispater:
The Lord of the Iron Citadel.
And so the prestige class would be Disciple of Dispater. I know the usual wariness regarding stacking crit range amplifications (specially with a Falcata, which would end at -quick calculations- 15-20 without Improved Critical, 13-20 with it... too much by my account) and as such I wouldn't be against modifying it to not stack with Improved Critical or whatever changes you deign necessary.

To be honest, the PrC's main appeal for me are the SLAs (Summon Erynie's sounds fun as hell, as well as Rusting Grasp)

So, just so you can convert it, my idea is to go straight fighter (perhaps a level of two of ranger/rogue or such if RP appropiate) and take Disciple of Dispater when the RP allows it, leaving the remote posibility of taking Ur-Priest at mid to high levels if you later allow it and, once again, the RP allows it organically.

TL;DR: Disciple of Dispater and Dispater it is, as Ur-Priest is something I'd take at too high a level to think about it now.

Potential Replacement Players - Lord Foul II & Jovich. Just in case...