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I am in your current situation. We have finished book 1 and we are adding a new player.

The new player is running a Samurai and has been tasked by Ameiko to guide a bunch of glassworkers from Magnimar to Standpoint to help her with her inheritance. The new player went to Magnimar to find the workers are being held hostage by the skinsaw cultists asking Ameiko to double her price (greed!).

Ameiko asks the current group to work with the Samurai to help spring her new workers. On the trip to Magnimar, the group has encounter some ghouls attacking a farm to give a little for shadowing.

Once the get to Magnimar, it will be interesting to see if the PCs try to negotiate or rescue.

Has anyone though to run the PFS Golemworks scenario as a preview of Xanesha?

I will give it a look.

Keep 'em coming.

We are currently between Burnt Offerings and Skinsaw Murders and I need help with a side-quest.

Current party are level 4 and it looks to me like the PCs level way too fast in book 2. So I want to send them on a side-quest.

We are adding a new player who will be a Samurai who is a distant relative of Ameiko's. I was hoping for a backstory of the Samurai proving protection for a group of new workers for the glassworks.

I was thinking the current PC's could be sent by Ameiko to gather the new workers and find them embroiled in some kind of trouble in either Magnimar, Riddleport or the swamp.

Need help fleshing this out.

Please offer any thought and assistance.


That is why she is known as Sheyla in my game. Easier to get my mouth around.

Thanks for the info.

Much appreciated.

I see this product advertised with a black box and a white/tan box. What is the difference?


Thanks for all the input and suggestions.

I will see how far we get with the modules as written and play it by ear when I know for certain the drop-dead date for the end of the campaign.

I am looking to start this soon for a group that will include players who will be moving next summer. With this in mind, I need to shorten RotRL to approx 20 to 25 sessions.

I was thinking about only going to book 4 or so and making the giants the ultimate bad guys. Are the encounters in the first few books which can be skipped or rewritten to help achieve this?

Thanks for any and all input.

Thanks for every ones input. I look forward to making this group happen and will keep you abreast of the action.

Thinking now of changing the Gunslinger to an Arcane Duelist Bard and the Rogue to a TWF Ranger.

Thanks for the input and comments. Very helpful.

How about instead of a Gunslinger, the character goes with a Wizard Spellslinger? Would this give them the arcane abilities needed or just make a character who can do two things, but neither well.

Keep the comments coming.

Any possible pitfalls with the following party:


Give me your thoughts.

Just a comment. I only got 3 kobold warriors with my set, but the box says 4. Is this the case or am I missing a sheet? I do not see anything else missing at this point, but am only halfway through sorting and storing.

BTW, this product is great. I look forward to future sets.

Has anyone ever written out the speaches given at the opening of the Swallowtail Festival?

I have really enjoyed reading the wealth of knowledge over the years here and finally have a group to run through this AP. Thus I am finally coming out of lurk mode and posting.

I want to tie the PCs into the story and the festival, but I do not want them to be from Sandpoint. Thus I was going to use the oldest gag in the book and have the character guard a transport that was carrying something of importance to the festival and the rededication ceremony at the church.

I was thinking of having the caravan ambushed by Bruthazmus, Lyrie and the obligatory goblins. The PCs would survive (with possibly Shalelu saving the day), but the item they were bringing to the ceremony gets stolen because Nualia needs it for her offerings to Malfeshnekor.

What kind of item would she need?

Any thoughts or ideas would be of great assistance and appreaciated.


Kalderaan wrote:
Imper1um wrote:

I'm looking for a regular Pathfinder group. The module matters not (although I will tell you that I have completed CoT 1, 2 and part of 3 already). I am willing to GM, and I can host a number of campaigns.

I'm generally available after 7pm most days.

I am getting a group together to play something, most likely Pathfinder, in the Clermont area.

We are going to meet to discuss a campaign and such on June 3rd at a gaming store called Heroes Landing (on 27 across from Wal-Mart).

If you are interested in attending, I can give you more information.

I live a few miles south of Heros Landing and would be interested in joining a group. Let me know the details of when on the 3rd and I might be able to bring a few people with me.

Thanks for the post.