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Garrick J. Williams


Software Engineer / Web Developer

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Founder of Rhetoric Studios, I am a software engineer that moonlights as a game designer and develops a variety of computer and tabletop games. While I started playing tabletop RPGs in 2012, I have designed games since an early age. I enjoy taking game mechanics apart and figuring out how they work so to realize new and exciting play experiences.


  • Oozefolk of Golarion - The Ozid ooze ancestry and Oozemorph versatile heritage for Pathfinder 2nd Edition.
  • Artiforged Class Handbook - A base class where you play a warrior that augments themselves with magical and/or technological devices.

    Credits & Recognition:
    RPG Superstar 2021 Platinum Prize for the monster "Contortion Creeper"
    RPG Superstar 2020 Silver Prize for the monster "Ghostwriter"
    RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 16
    RPG Superstar 2013 Top 32 Alternate
    2008 Randy Paunch Scholarship


  • "Runari, People of Sigils and Artifice" [Discussion] - A race of humanoids capable of casting spells from runic tattoos on their body that believe their ancestors to be constructs given flesh and blood by their goddess.
  • "Patch Changes to Firearms & Gunslinger" [Discussion] - House rules to remove touch attacks from firearms, grant Dexterity-to-damage as an innate feature, and remove misfires. The gunslinger is compensated with new features and the Musket Master archetype grants Vital Strike feats instead of granting free action reloading of two-handed firearms.