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Wrath DM wrote:

The beach

The initiative orders are Venn (23), BoDan (19), Cynthia (11), Pietro (8), Sahuagin (6). I hate it when my guys go last, often it means they don't go at all.Sigh.

Man, I'm just glad Cynthia is going before them! She has an Initiative of +10 and she is now going on an 11... :/

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Wrath DM wrote:

The beach

Cynthia can you please roll a sense motive as well as initiative. If your sense motive beats a DC of 17 then your initiative is normal, otherwise you're also at -2

Sorry about that. For some reason I totally missed that last Paragraph where you asked us to make all those rolls! I have no idea how.

Sense Motive Check: 1d20 - 2 ⇒ (14) - 2 = 12 Couldn't see that one happening... ;)
Initiative: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (3) + 8 = 11

Seeing the negotiations turn hostile, Cynthia throws her left hand out towards one of the creatures and a crackling bolt of lightning surges out from it to strike it in the chest, small discharges dancing across it's still wet hide as it roars in pain.

Arcane Bolt (Electricity) at the nearest Sahuagin (Ranged Touch Attack): 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (13) + 4 = 17
Damage: 1d6 ⇒ 2

She then races towards the creature she just hit, drawing her Curve Blade as she goes.

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As Cynthia is about to head off to bed, she hears a commotion in the camp and goes to see what the problem is. She sees Captain Venn give her the "follow me" nod and ducks back to her gear, quickly donning her armour and grabbing her weapons before hurrying over to the meeting.

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Bo-dan wrote:

Her smile falters and then fades away completely though as the other woman, Cynthia, joins their small group. Although there is no denying her beauty, something about the woman rubs the monk the wrong way and so Bo-Dan finds a warring of emotions in herself in the presence of the leather clad human. Not wanting to start off on bad terms with someone upon whom her life may very well depend in the near future Bo-Dan bows her head slightly as she replies in a monotone voice

"Greetings to you, Cynthia. Perhaps, at your convenience, you might consider sitting down with Pietro and I and filling us in on the details of your village and the fate which befell it? Anything you can share with us which may aid us in our quest would be welcome."

Cynthia, still not knowing or trusting these people, seems stand offish, although her gaze seems to linger occasionally here and there, as if searching for something she can't quite seem to find. Looking at the Half-Elf before her makes her think suddenly of Kyle and she absently runs her hand across the Kukri sheathed at her side.

"Greetings to you both. To be honest there's not much I can tell about what happened in the village. I woke up a few days ago to the sound of huge Spiders assaulting my home and watched my lover struck down before my eyes by one of the creatures. I managed to hide inside for a time until Phillipe, the young boy I arrived with, came knocking at my door begging for help. I quickly packed and we left the village as quickly as we could, disturbing some of the creatures as we left and receiving assistance from the cook of all things. don't know why they attacked or what they were after short of food, but it's certainly nothing I've ever seen before."
She pauses for a second to let the information sink in before continuing. "From what Phillipe told me, the survivors seem to be holed up to letinside the Tavern on the far side of the village from my home. Whether they will still be alive when we return I don't know, but at the worst we will be able to secure supplies for the ship, as wiout any more food my hope is thet the Spiders will simply move on."
"We should prepare ourselves fro the trip if we are to leave in the morning. I'd like to talk with the Captain and see what kind of supplies he's after so I can figure out how best to proceed when we get there. Excuse me." She nods her head and turns abruptly, moving off in the direction of the Captain, hoping to have a word with him.
Upon finishig her conversation, she busies herself with preparing her equipment for the trip, attempting to clean her clothes and bathe after her trek through the jungle and beach, before turning in for an early night.

Wrath wrote:
Sorry to hear it Flash. Come back to us when you get the time bud. I understand fully, and can NPC Cynthia till you get some more time if you want me to.

I should be good to post at least every second day. I had to catch up on everything and this was my last one to go. :)

If I do drop off at a crucial time please feel free to DMPC me. I have no problem with people doing this as I know how much a PbP depends on regular posting (I may have been in just one or two games before this one... ;) ).

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Wrath DM wrote:
Ok a couple of players are awol at the moment. Will give them another day to post before updating. Sunday night Brisbane time I'll prgress things again. Hopefully I won't be NPCing most of the cahracters at that stage hehe.

Yeah I'm sorry. I've had another week from Hell at work this week, resulting in restricted Net time. :(

I'm a good Boss... why does everyone with any experience whatsoever keep quitting on me... :/

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Cynthia's back straightens, her already tall physique seeming to grow before your eyes. She looks around, eyes squinting as if she were looking for something but doesn't quite know what it is she's looking for.
Distracted for the moment, she ignores the others as she tries to search out whatever it is that is making her so flustered.

Perception Check: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (10) + 4 = 14

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Cynthia shrugs. "I'm not worried which course we take. Even if we can do something to save the village, there's no life left for me there now, so whatever the rest of you decide is fine with me."

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Cynthis takes in the thoughts of the others before responding to the Captain's words.
"I'm not so sure there will be any surviviors from what I heard on my way out. Phillipe," she motions towards the boy, "says that they were all holed up at the tavern, but with all of the Spiders around it could only have been a matter of time before they were all killed. I agree that the ruins seem to be our best option at this stage. Hopefully by the time we get to the village all of the Spiders will have had their fill and moved on. At least then we can get to raiding the leftovers for any supplies we need."

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Cynthia takes note of the others as they arrive, noticing more than one of them eyeing her curiously. She focuses her attention for the moment on what the Orcs are saying, but soon realizes that she doesn't yet have the full picture and isn't really sure what to make of the Old Shaman's words.
She patiently waits for someone to explain more before speaking up.

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Cynthia raises an eyebrow at the request to join the Captain, not knowing the specifics of his dealings with the Orcs. She shrugs and follows him out of the tent, sparing a glance at the butchering going on. She does take note however of the large feral man hoisting a halfling lad above his head and wrinkles her nose at his blood soaked face.

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Cynthia starts to move forward towards the gathering, but by a firm hand on her shoulder and a shake of his head the Ulfen lets her know that she shouldn't interrupt. She shrugs and sits down to watch the show for a time, before drifting off to sleep, ready for what the morning may bring her.

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Cynthis looks at the boy and sighs heavily. "Yes, you're right. I did think for a second about leaving you there. To be honest I don't know why I didn't just keep on running from those cursed spiders. I suppose that even though that place wasn't exactly the best place to live it was still home and I didn't want to let the last memory of that home slip away so easily."
She stops for a second and her eyes bore into the boy's with a look that accompanies words he won't soon forget. "Trust me on this boy when I say to you that if there had of been more than one spider, then you would still be hanging there. Right now there is only one person that I aim to look out for in this world and that person is me. Granted, if you tag along I'll do my best to see that you survive, but if the choice ever came when I would have to seriously risk my life to save yours then I'm afraid that you're on your own. That's life boy. It's hard and it's tough, but if you survive it then you come out stronger and more capable."
She stands up and clasps the boy's shoulder. "Consider today your first lesson in life and make sure you learn it well. Only one person is truly worth living for and that person is yourself. Oh trust me, there are people who you will come to like and maybe even love, but when everything is said and done, no matter what you may feel for your companions, you'll always come back to one thing: you can always rely on yourself, but you can only sometimes rely on others. You just have to never let your guard down fully."
She turns and begins to pack her things, ready for the day's travel and eager to be back on their way towards the safety of the Vixen. "You should get ready to go," she says over her shoulder, quite clearly a dismissal even to Phillipe's young ears.

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This is my second Post... my first Post got eaten. Why is it that my Posts only ever get eaten when I forget to Copy them first... :/

Cynthia pulls up as she exits from the trees and sees the two men panting on the beach before her and Phillipe busy vomiting into the sand a short distance a way. Looking around warily and cursing herself for putting on her Trenchcoat, she peels the sweat soaked garment from her body and sets it down on a rock with her shoulder bag. She plants her Curve Blade into the sand and leans on it while she too catches her breath, watching as the warrior moves to the shade of a large rock. It is then that she notices the figure laying there and she looks on as the Ulfen tends to a vicious wound in the man's stomach.
He turns and speaks to them and she scowls and grips her blade tighter as he orders her around. Realizing that he is right however, she sighs and gets up, throwing her bag over her shoulder and tying her trenchcoat securely around it.
She claps Phillipe on the back then heads off, keeping her eyes peeled for anysign of movement from the trees.

Perception Check: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (18) + 4 = 22

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Cynthia takes one last look at the Village before turning and running after the two men, wondering where they came from and taking the chance to follow them back to whereever they are going.

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Risking a glance back at the Garundi and giving him a withering stare, Cynthia once more turns her attention back to the wounded Spider, wanting to finish it as quickly as possible before others arrive to help it.
She grips her Curve Blade tightly and brings it down squarely between the beast's eyes, whispering "for you Kyle" as she watches the creature twitch before her, trying desperately to escape from the damage inflicted upon it.

Attack Giant Spider with Cold Iron Curve Blade: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (19) + 4 = 23
Confirm Critical Hit: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (20) + 4 = 24
Damage: 2d10 ⇒ (9, 3) = 12

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Cynthia is surprised to see the huge warrior step up beside her, but her surprise is short lived as he orders her to get behind him. Chafing at being ordered around in such a manner, she instead steps into the beast and swings her Curve Blade in a long arc. Unfortunately she miss-timed the creature's jump and her swing misses, passing before the spider's eyes as it completes it's leap.

Attack Giant Spider with Cold Iron Curve Blade: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (8) + 4 = 12

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Cynthia turns from the boy and takes a few steps towards the waiting jungle, before sighing and shaking her head. She pivots back on the ball of her foot and aims a slice at the strands of webbing holding him captive, attempting to free him quickly and resigning herself to the fact that she is going to have to face the spider.
"At least I'll avenge Kyle," she thinks to herself, a look of hatred coming to her face as she turns from the boy. Telling him to run, she summons a bolt of fire to hand and hurls it at the webbing supporting the bloated beast.

Range of Arcane Bolt is 110ft. I am attempting to target any of the webbing that the spider is resting on in hopes of burning it out from under it.
Arcane Bolt (Fire) Ranged Touch Attack: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (17) + 4 = 21
Damage (Fire): 1d6 ⇒ 1
Well on the plus side I probably hit it... but it has hardly been enough to do anything but singe the web I'll wager :(

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Wrath DM wrote:
Flash (Cynthia) has told me he's still keen to play butRL is killing his time at the moment. I'll accelerate her story to have Cynthia with the group soon as well. I'll just do a recount to fill in what happens to bring her to the area. Cheers

Yeah sorry about that. This and 2 other of my PbPs have had to wait for a few weeks while I had dramas at work that left me with little free time and what time I did get wasn't conducive to the sort of posts needed for this style of play (I didn't just want my first Post to be "Cynthia walks to the Beach"... that doesn't work for a narrative game like this unfortunately, as it has with most of my other PbPs.

Things seem to have settled down a little though and so I am right to start posting now. Thanks everyone for bearing with me.

Cynthia finally finishes getting dressed, sliding into a figure hugging pair of midnight blue leather pants and pulling on a pair of blood red boots, the colour an eerie match for her hair. A shiny black shirt slips effortlessly over her bare skin and Phillipe's eyes almost fall to the floor as he watches. Even in her haste under pressure she exudes sexuality in even something so simple as getting dressed.
She moves to the foot of the bed and opens a chest there, pulling out a finely made shirt of chain links and pulling it on over her shirt. Reaching into the chest once more she removes a small mace and attaches it to a hook on her belt. Lastly, she takes from the chest two strangely shaped scabbards, one small and one large. A tear wells in her eye and makes it's way down her cheek as she caresses the blades and straps the large one over her shoulder to rest across her back and attaches the small one to her belt so that it sits in the small of her back.
Wiping the tear from her face, she turns to Phillipe, her hair flicking through the air with a swish and giving him a mischeivious grin despite their situation. "You can close your mouth now. Oh and you may want to put your eyes back onto your skull as you may just need them today if you want to remain alive." This last sobering thought chases the smile from her face and she strides quickly across the room, pulling a shoulder bag from a cupboard and loading it with all manner of things that might be needed for the journey ahead. Lastly, she grabs a stylish red trenchcoat from a wall peg on her way to the door and slips into it as she puts her hand on the latch and pulls.
Sliding the large blade from it's hiding place beneath her coat, she holds the dull blade in one hand and eases the door open a crack to peer outside. Her gaze instantly goes to the form of Kyle laying still in the grass, blood pooled beneath him. She fights back the tears that threaten to come, knowing that she will nedd to be calm and her vision clear to survive the journey to come.
Seeing the small yard clear, she pulls the hood of her trenchcoat up and motions Phillipe to follow her quietly as she pulls the door open and steps lithely outside. Listening to the screams coming from the direction of the tavern, she shakes her head sadly and beckons for the boy to follow her as she strides quietly towards the jungle behind her cottage. Her long legs carry her swiftly away from the carnage of the village, her only thoughts now about wanting to make for the beach and the probable safety of the water.

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OK. This will be my character.

I am halfway through her stats at the moment and will just need to work on her background.
Wrath: Any possibilities for an amoral young lady to enter the lives of the party? ;)