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Please cancel order # 8081163 and my AP subscription.

Please postpone or cancel order #7864510 and my subscription if necessary. Had an emergency come up and can't afford it until next Friday.

Since this has not processed yet, would it be possible to delay this order until Friday the 23rd? If it processes before then it will be rejected due to non-sufficient funds.

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With Pathfinder 2e on the horizon, is there any chance that we could get a book collecting most/all the spells in 1e in one place? The 3.5 Spell Compendium is still one of the books on my most wanted list, and would much prefer a Pathfinder version. Similar products for other parts of the game (such as feats) would be useful as well, and I'm sure that I'm not the only person longing for these to become a reality. A second Ultimate Equipment collecting what has been published in other books since the first came out would also be very welcome.

So, after about a 2 year hiatus from gaming, I finally got back into it with some guys from work. I'm running them through a mashup of Giantslayer and Second Darkness. It is going to be book 1 of Giantslayer, with a couple of details from Second Darkness brought in, a fair mix of both second books, and then pretty much Second Darkness. Been trying to think up a name for this mashup, and I'm coming up blank. Any ideas?

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Hello everyone. I know it's been a long time since I was an active member here. I made a couple of half-hearted attempts the past year to jump back in, but merely resulted in a post or 2 essentially boiling down to "what's up guys". I know I was never really close enough to anyone here to truly call them a friend, but once upon a time several of you I'd consider a regular and enjoyable acquaintance and thought you deserve know the tragedy that has befallen my family.

On Monday August 21st, at 1:16 PM CST, my son, Dean Edward Matthew Slade, was stillborn. He was planned to be brought into this world in just a couple of weeks on September 5th. As of this past Thursday, everything appeared perfectly normal, and he was healthy. Sometime Sunday night or early Monday morning, the placenta detached and sac filled with blood. Usually, there is some external bleeding when this occurs, but there was none. As such, despite the pain she was in, my wife held out until I got home from work. We rushed to the hospital. My wife could still feel him moving during the drive, but by the time we got to the hospital he was gone. We were told that the odds of such a thing happening with no blood showing is somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 in 50 million. I myself am not particularly religious, but much of my family including my wife is, so I'd just like to ask for those that are to keep us in your prayers.

Thank you.

EDIT: At this time we are not asking for any donations or anything like that. Funeral costs are covered. If you would like to donate something as a gesture, our favored charities are the Children's Miracle Network and Ronald McDonald House. Both helped us tremendously when our daughter was born 3 years ago.

Please cancel order 3640434. Thank you.

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Ok, so I'm running Iron Gods in Eberron and thought I'd share my changes. This is gonna be kinda stream of conciousness with pretty broad strokes, so bear with me. Also, I'm aware there are plenty of holes, which is part of why I'm posting. Help me fill them! :D Oh, and I've only completely read the first 2 books so far, so the details of the later books I'm not sure of yet.

I'm transplanting Numeria in whole to the Mournland. The Technic League is what the followers of the Lord of Blades call themselves, and the Lord of Blades himself replaces the Black Sovereign. I'm advancing the timeline of Eberron by 20 years to give the settlements some time to have formed. The vast majority of the people who live in the Mournland are survivors of the Day of Mourning, or their children. Nobody has memories of exactly what happened that day. Unity is still an AI, just one created by House Cannith. In fact, all the tech in the adventure was created by House Cannith; experimental stuff that didn't see much (if any) use in the war. This experimental tech was introduced to them by the Dominion of the Black late in the war for reasons unknown (at least until I read up more on the Dominion; I realize this may necessitate changing the Dominion greatly and I may replace them with the Quori or something). The crashed ship modules will become Cannith research facilities. Androids do exist and are thought by most to be a myth or rumor. Most secret agents of the technic league are androids, whom the warforged see as kin. Androids pass themselves off as Kalashtar pretty easily. The ratfolk in Scrapwall are being changed to shifters. Most if not all of the robots are variants of warforged, some may be prototypes.

Well, those are the changes off the top of my head. Enjoy and share your thoughts! Will probably post more later.

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For those who haven't seen it.

So, I have a player who wants a weapon like this. I am unsure of how to go about making/pricing it. So, ideas? Would it be a psionic weapon maybe?

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, and to anyone else working retail today, my sympathies and good luck.

Just wondering why this hasn't shipped yet. Unless I miscounted, it should have shipped by this past Friday.

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My daughter, Krystalin Lucyle Slade, was born this past Tuesday, September 2nd. We went in for a scheduled doctors appointment, and the baby was not moving. Half an hour later, she was delivered via emergency c-section. Krystalin is making great strides, as is my wife. The baby is completely breathing on her own, and is alternating bottle feeding and being fed through a tube. She has been slightly jaundiced and is currently having to lay on a biliblanket. Chandra (my wife), made it down here Thursday night, and is in less pain every day.
Now is the bad news. While we are all extremely happy and excited about our new family member, it has put a great financial burden on us. We have set up a fundraiser site located here. I hate the fact that we are having to do this, but our insurance only helps so much, same with medicaid. Other bills need to be paid, and we have just lost over half our income. If anybody could donate anything, it would be greatly appreciated. Even just sharing this on facebook can help.

Krystalin Lucyle Slade, born this morning at 11:29 AM CST. Unfortunately my wife and the baby are in separate hospitals, as it was an emergency C-section and the baby had to go into the NICU which the delivery hospital did not have. However both are recovering well. Baby is having slight breathing issues (breathing too fast), and fluctuating blood sugars (which are starting to stabilize), but is otherwise perfectly healthy. My wife had a massive spike in blood pressure before delivery, but has been fine since other than the expected pain.

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One of the things that keeps getting brought up in this thread is GMPCs ruining GM impartiality. So my question is, is GM impartiality really that important? I'm not necessarily saying this in reference to GMPCs. For example, what if the GM is rooting for the PCs, fudging things to give them the upper hand, and refuses to kill off characters? Is this a bad thing? If yes, why? Does it change things if the players are unaware of this?

The internet is 25 today.

So, my players are preparing for the giant raid. Over preparing. They have gotten it in their heads that hundreds of giants are coming to wipe Sandpoint off the map, and have called in every favor owed them. They have gotten Magnimar to send a dozen troops up (who haven't arrived yet), and every NPC with class levels stands ready to defend their homes. They will wipe the floor with the relatively small raiding party, and I'm fine with that. I just don't know if I should just let that happen, or I should bump up the raid a bit. They seem really stoked about the fight, and I don't want to disappoint them. So my question is, do I let them stomp the ever-living crap out of the raiding party and possibly be underwhelmed, or do I bump up the encounters to be a challenge and they feel justified in their preparations?

Hi. I'm just wondering why this has not yet shipped. According to my confirmation e-mail, it should have taken 2 to 11 business days to ship and it's been 16.

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Just found out yesterday that my wife is 7 weeks pregnant! We are both kinda in shock, but excited. She went in for a wellness check expecting to get put on medicine for PCOS, and that's when we found out. Tentative due date is in September, but she may be further along than the initial estimate. We have appointment on the 24th of this month to do an ultrasound and then we should know for sure how far along she is.

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Just got my new gaming table to usable condition this past week and thought I'd share some pics. It was a friend's train table before. He's staying with us for awhile, and was just going to get rid of it. Instead he allowed us to turn it into a game table. Really all we had to do was put the white boards and lip on the top, so I got kinda lucky. The biggest pain in the but was the grid. The project isn't finished yet, but the rest is likely going to wait until spring. We plan on putting a nice removable top on it, and staining the trim.

The top.

This cabinet is right in front of the GM. Planning on putting a shelf or two in it eventually.

This cabinet is to the right of the GM. It's huge. We think we'll be able to fit nearly all or our board games in there, once we actually move them.

This shelf is on the opposite side of the table from the GM. It was intended to be the other way, but we flipped is so that at least one person on that side of the table can actually get right up to the table, instead of having to sit back a bit.

I just purchased the Bestiary Box from FRP Games via Amazon, and it was missing the huge bases. This was a new product, and had not been opened prior to delivery. Is this something that needs to be handled through FRP Games, or is there any way Paizo could just send me the huge bases? I would hate to have to return the whole box when it is just the one package of bases I am missing.

This is pure theory at this point, but I'm thinking of doing it in future games. As has been stated in other threads, I dislike the current alignment system. I think it is too restrictive, and honestly, who ever thinks of themselves as evil. So here is my proposal:

The alignment system will stay largely the same, but the names change. The new axises (axi?) will be Selfless/Selfish and Methodical/Chaotic. I think simply changing the terms makes a world of difference. I would relax the Paladins restriction from Lawful Good to simply Selfless.


The Goblin Shark
Found this because of another site and had to share it here.

So, when I click the track your package at link, I get a page saying tracking unavailable at this time, and to give 24-48 hours, and if it's still unavailable after 3 days contact your shipper. Well, I gave it a week with the holiday weekend and all, but still no tracking. Just wondering what the deal is with this.

As this is a campaign report, expect significant spoilers. Also, this first post is from our prequel session, which is the We Be Goblins! module adapted to work as a prequel for Runelords. You have been warned.

Session 0: We Be Goblins!

Chandra- Mrs. Gogangles the Flamey, goblin sorcerer
Ben- Mogmurch, goblin alchemist
Lucas- Chuffy Lickwound, goblin rogue
Richard- Poog of Zarongel, goblin cleric
Erica- Reta Bigbad, goblin fighter

The adventure was run mostly as written, with some minor changes to the backstory and ending. The mention of the failed raid on Sandpoint was removed to make this a viable prequel to Burnt Offerings. An additional dare was also added so that every PC was able to participate in one.

The players read each other’s’ songs while I got set up. Once I was ready, I sang the Licktoad’s song, and read the adventure background to them, changing the bit about the failed raid on Sandpoint to rumors of an upcoming raid.

The PC’s met with the chief, were given their mission, and the feast began. Everyone partook in the fermented apples, and Chuffy failed his save, becoming very intoxicated (luckily due to his Pustular trait, he wasn’t actually sickened). Shortly after this, the party received their first dare, “dance with Squeely Nord”. Chuffy, in his drunkenness, was more than eager to oblige. He failed his first ride check, but rolled a natural 20 on his reflex save, so I ruled that he was not thrown from the piglet. He made the rest of his checks without any failures.

The next dare was my custom made one, “hop across the stumps”. I said there was a small bog lying immediately next to the village, and that there were several stumps jutting up out of it. There was green slime growing on the surface. I did not use the same slime in the CRB; this one would simply cause 1d6 damage per round if the participant fell in, and damage would stop if they escaped by making a DC 10 swim check. To make it across the stumps required a series of 3 DC 15 acrobatics checks. Mogmurch was the participant, and made all checks without fail thanks to downing his jump extract before attempting the challenge. He received a skyrocket from the chief as his reward. This was the same skyrocket that would usually be provided to the PCs before the journey’s start, but I decided to make it the final dare reward instead since there was an extra PC and I didn’t adjust the encounters accordingly.

The next dare was “eat a big bag of slugs real quick”, and Mrs. Gogangles was the participant. She had several failures, as she was attempting to spit out the poison bladders, and it came down to the last slug and the last attempt. She decided to just go ahead and swallow it whole, and was able to get it down. Unfortunately, she failed the save to resist the poison, ending up sickened. The other 2 challenges were completed with no failures, Reta participating in “hide or get clubbed”, and Poog partaking in “the rusty earbiter”.

The party headed out the next morning with Chuffy about 15 feet ahead of the party as a “scout”. He failed his perception check to see Lotslegs Eats Goblin Babies Many, and was nearly ambushed as a result. Luckily, Mogmurch, who was next in line, saw the spider. Mogmurch rolled 1st in initiative, and threw a bomb at the tree the spider was hiding in. He critted on his roll, causing the tree to fall, and nearly crushed Lotslegs in one attack. The spider was pinned, at 3 hp, and was quickly finished off by Reta.

When the party found Lotslegs nest, things got interesting. They split the gold evenly ( threw an extra gp in so this wouldn’t be an issue), and agreed that Reta could have the crossbow, but fought over the rest of the gear. Mogmurch successfully appraised the pearl, and attempted to bluff on how much it was worth. He failed.

Now, at this point, Chuffy was standing behind Mogmurch, and Mrs. Gogangles was behind Chuffy. Poog and Reta were about 10 feet in front of Mogmurch. Chuffy wanted to sneak attack Mogmurch, and Mrs. Gogangles wanted to cast burning hands. I had Mogmurch roll a perception check to see if he heard them about to attack (and therefore not be flat-footed), but he failed. I had everyone roll initiative, and Mrs. Gogangles came out on top, followed by Chuffy, Poog, Reta, and finally Mogmurch. She cast burning hands, and hurt Chuffy quite a bit thanks to him failing his reflex save. Mogmurch saved for half damage, but his pouch containing his fireworks and bombs caught fire. Chuffy ran over to where the as-of-yet unclaimed potions were lying on the ground, about 20 feet away. Poog and Reta spent their turns running as far away as they could from Mogmurch, as they saw that his pouch where he kept his explosives was on fire. Mogmurch threw his flaming pouch backwards towards Mrs. Gogangles, who kicked it back at him on her turn. Chuffy chugged a random potion, hoping for a cure potion, but instead got the bear’s endurance potion. Poog and Reta each rolled perception checks to see if they could spot the pearl that Mogmurch dropped, but failed. Mogmurch finally put out the flaming pouch before the explosives went off, but the pouch itself was ruined. At this point everyone agreed to stop attacking one in other, so I let them act in whatever order they wanted. Chuffy chugged another random potion, this time getting a cure moderate wounds which brought him up to full health, and held on to the 2 remaining potions. Reta and Mrs. Gogangles started searching for the dropped pearl, and spotted it at the same time. I had them roll initiative to see who got to it 1st and Mrs. Gogangles won. Mogmurch went over and claimed the bag of candy. Overall, this killed about 45 minutes of game time. An hour, adding in the time for me to set up the tiles for the next encounters (we use Heroscape tiles). Usually, I wouldn’t allow things to get this out of hand over treasure, but everyone was having fun with it. They all also assured me that this was because of their alignment being NE, so hopefully I won’t have these problems once we get the actual campaign rolling (this also makes it clear that I will definitely be banning evil alignments for this campaign).

Moving on, they came across the ship, and saw Stomp the horse at the same time as he saw them. Poog got 1st in initiative and threw a javelin. He critted, dropping Stomp to 1 hp. Reta finished the horse off with her crossbow. Chuffy was the first to go up the ramp, and saw the wasp nest trap. However, he jumped over the tripwire instead of disabling it. Everyone else did this as well, except for Mrs. Gogangles. She failed her perception check to see the trap, and also failed a sense motive check to determine why everyone else was jumping. She triggered the trap, but everyone made all saves, so no one was affected.

Minor note here: it seems I inadvertently mixed up the rooms of the ship. I had the galley as Vorka’s cabin, and vice versa.

Once they were all aboard the ship, Reta let everyone know that there were dogs about, thanks to her Dog-Sniff-Hate feat. Before they went any farther, Chuffy downed his Dragon Brew Gourd, and everyone prepared themselves for a fight. I went ahead and had them roll initiative, and Chuffy went first. He moved up a few feet, spotted Tickletooth near the railing on the second deck, and used his 1st breath attack, dropping the dog instantly. Poog was next, and he rounded the main cabin, saw Scabtongue, and used a fire bolt, dropping that dog as well. With the fight over, Poog’s player Richard had to stop to get some sleep. Poor guy had been up for 36 hours and was falling asleep while we were playing, so I took over as Poog.

At this point, the party decided to bypass the lower cabin, and move on to the upper deck. Mogmurch and Chuffy stopped to snack on the remains of Tickletooth, while Reta, Mrs. Gogangles, and Poog went to look in the upper cabin. There, they found Vorka in the middle of a meal (she was munching on Scribbleface’s arm). I don’t recall the exact details of the battle, but early on Mogmurch joined the fight, and Chuffy looked in the small room, saw how crowded it was, and went to explore the lower cabin, where he torched Cuddles with his breath weapon, dropping the pooch in one hit. At some point, Vorka was shrank via Mogmurch’s reduce person extract (it was getting late, and I didn’t want to take the time to explain extracts don’t work like that). Poog was eventually swallowed by Lord Licktongue, whom Poog fire bolted from the inside. Reta and Mrs. Gogangles finished off Vorka with their dogslicers (Mrs. Gogangles had the Gorge of Gluttons). Mogmurch lit his skyrocket, and shoved it into Lord Licktongue’s moutn, and the frog exploded with Poog still inside. Poog was amazingly still standing at 2 hp.

The group gathered the treasure, and headed back to the village. Upon arriving, they saw “a pointy-eared longshank” (Tsuto Kaijitsu) leaving the moot hut, escorted by Slorb. Slorb waved them on into the hut, where they gave the chief the fireworks. He gladly accepted them, and told the group he had a new mission for them. The longshank was asking for assistance in a raid on Sandpoint, which members from all the local goblin tribes were taking part in.

Edit: Almost forgot to thank _metz_ for Mrs. Gogangles the Flamey and Al Rigg for providing the download for her.

Earlier today, Nintendo unveiled it's upcoming console, the Wii U. Looks like Nintendo will finally be bringing HD to the table, along with another unique controller. I am both worried and excited about this. The controller definately has some interesting ways it could be implemented, but I think that we'll still have the problem that the Wii did: a bunch of shovelware because of control gimmicks. Anyone have any thoughts?

Picking up on an idea started in this thread, is there a possibility of ever seeing a book based on the various iconics, complete with stats? Who all'd be interested in this?