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Witch is my favorite spell casting class in Pathfinder. I play a Blasty Witch using Elements Patron but more over I tend to use my witch as a debuffer before laying down the pain. Dat Misfortune! Anyways heres a small list of Level 2 and 3 Spells that should be much considered:

Blindness/Deafness: Can't tell you enough times this spell has taken out an opponent that otherwise proven difficult in battle. Only those with certain uncommon feats could get past its effectiveness.

Blood Blaze: Got a front liner that loves to be in the thick of it with lots of HP (looking at you Barbarian), then use this amazing DD spell to make him/her a pain to fight.

False Life: Witches have horrid HD. This spell is actualy pretty good till you get False Life greater. Being able to take a few hits is in my opinion invaluable as a caster. Also for more defense, see Iron Skin.

Glitter Dust: This spell is great for enemies that cast invisible on them selves. Sure you may have see invisible but that doesn't help your party if they cant smack the creature outside your turn.

Lipstitch: This is a great spell against enemy Spell casters. Also see Steal Voice.

Spectral Hand: This is a must for touch based spells and hexes.

Vommit Swarm: Another fun and offensive spell.

Barrow Haze: This spell is good if you don't have the feat Amplified Hex.

Bestow Curse: This is pretty good in a combination of of spell or hex. Its very tactful.

Disable Construct: I know this spell is not that great but it is one of the few spells that can stall a construct (hate constructs with a passion) and buy you some time to escape or set up for time sensitive tactics.

Gloomblind Bolts: Much like Stone Discuss, this can actually blind an enemy which can take an enemy out of play for at least one round.

Ice Spears: Awesome spell. works great against misfortune'd opponents.

Marrionette Possession: This one is fun!

Paragon Surge: One the best Buff spells I've seen. When you use Spectral Hand for touch attacks or touch attacks in general this really shines. Most good Witch spells and Hexes need touch so this works well.

Storm Step: Need to move but enemies in your way? Want to remind them that your not one to be cornered easily? Try this spell.

Thorny Entanglement: Not only helps stops enemies but also does some damage.

Vampiric Touch: Cant tell you how many times this has saved me from death.

Hope this short list finds some amusement and help to your group.