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Prior to 2nd Edition, a Goblin walking openly into most any town or village was asking to be killed rather quickly unless there we’re extreme extenuating circumstances and it could somehow convince people to pause long enough to even think before releasing the hounds. Now Goblins have become the party ‘s comic relief...

What’s the in-world explanation?

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I hope I've missed something in this interpretation, but it appears to me by RAW that a Wizard with the Necromancy Life subschool, the Heighten-Spell metamagic feat and the Magical-Lineage trait buffing the Disrupt Undead spell would be able to produce an infinite amount of out of combat healing by just spamming Disrupt Undead at his allies.

The Life subschool's Healing Grace power allows the Necromancer to heal one of the targets of his spells 1 hp (or up to 3 at higher levels) per level of the spell.

If my reading is correct: by using Heighten Spell and Magical Lineage in concert to buff the "effective" level of Disrupt Undead to 1 while keeping it's "actual" level at 0 it would allow the necromancer to heal a party member by 1 point every time they cast Disrupt Undead at them.

I really hope this is not the case as it would make a 1 level wizard dip a bit insane.

Does anyone actually use the Cunning weapon special ability? If so why?

To me it doesn't seem like it's worth the cost for a mere +2 bonus on critical confirmation rolls. Am I missing something?


Description: The cunning special ability allows a weapon to find chinks in a foe’s defenses using the wielder’s knowledge of the target. Whenever the weapon’s attack is a critical threat, the wielder gains a +2 bonus on the confirmation roll if she has 5 or more ranks in the Knowledge skill related to the target’s creature type (such as Knowledge [planes] for an outsider opponent).

Aura Moderate divination; CL 6th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, true strike; Price +1 bonus. Source: Advanced Player's Guide