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graystone wrote:
Malk_Content wrote:
CyderGnome wrote:

Prior to 2nd Edition, a Goblin walking openly into most any town or village was asking to be killed rather quickly unless there we’re extreme extenuating circumstances and it could somehow convince people to pause long enough to even think before releasing the hounds. Now Goblins have become the party ‘s comic relief...

What’s the in-world explanation?

Goblins were never ubiquitsouly kill on sight.

Not even a little true.

"Considered nothing more than murderous pests by most, goblins dwell on the fringes of other societies, scavenging amongst their waste and building their society in squalor." The Inner Sea World Guide.

"Humans and other races have made repeated, concentrated efforts to wipe out goblins once and for all, but these attempts always meet with failure." Inner sea races.

Repeated attempted genocide sounds a LOT like "kill on sight".

About the only explanation I can come up with can be summed up by this quote...

George Orwell, 1984 wrote:
The past was alterable. The past never had been altered. Oceania was at war with Eastasia. Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia.

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Prior to 2nd Edition, a Goblin walking openly into most any town or village was asking to be killed rather quickly unless there we’re extreme extenuating circumstances and it could somehow convince people to pause long enough to even think before releasing the hounds. Now Goblins have become the party ‘s comic relief...

What’s the in-world explanation?

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And to make it a useful dotting here are links to the appropriate archtype descriptions:

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DonKalleOne wrote:

I'm completely new to the Game and i have a point what maybe needs several Opinions. I started playing in PF Society and it needs to fit in there.

I'm having Problems with the Darkwood Shield.
It makes the Heavy Shield lighter thus making it a light Shield with AC2 because the definition of heavy or light Shield in the Core Rulebook is simply the Weight(Light: 5 Heavy : 10).
There is an Option to make a Shield a Quickdraw-Shield if its a Light Shield.
So logically a Darkwood Shield could be Upgraded to a Quickdraw one.
Even the Prizing make Sense Darkwood Shield 257 + Quickdraw 53 = 310 GP.

I'm asking all this since i play A Paladin and want to Take "Quick Draw" Feat and Using a Quickdraw Shield to have both "donned" in the First round.
Or is there an Option to make a Quickdraw Shield +1 AC? Which for me Would have the same Benefit without spending a Feat on it.

Before other Suggest it: I don't wanna go TWF!

Thanks in Advance for Answers and Help!

A Heavy Darkwood shield is simply a Heavy Shield that weighs half as much and has a lower ACP. It is not a Light Shield.

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Might be worth tossing in Spear Dancer too... another -1 on attack rolls and sight checks for your opponents never hurts.

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Takhisis wrote:

So, the question becomes, you have a character very unfit for leadership(negative wisdom mod, only 14 cha and no social skills beyond intimidate), who is LE in a party of very mixed alignments, who has been thrusted into the position of party leader, and I want to know...how should I approach this RP-wise? Why would the party turn to somebody with so little common sense and a personality that isn't all that likable(but still fairly charismatic despite...See the iconic caviler, who also has 14 cha, for an example of what I mean) to set the course of action and be the de-facto leader? Even further, how to I balance my character's IC selfishness with the IC and OOC responsibilities that come with having a character that is the party leader?

Any advice or thoughts on these concerns would be appreciated. Oh, and in case your wondering, in terms of mental stats, my character has 16 int, 8 wisdom, 14 cha, and class wise is a dex/dervish dance magus. They also have the highest int in the party, if that matters at all to your RP suggestions.

Why it's obvious your minions have recognized your natural superiority and brilliance! Of course it was inevitable... they system exists to cause cream to rise to the top and that is why it need to be preserved.

Your task is to pursue your goals and use your minions to accomplish them. However, you should be smart enough to realize that you need to take care of your immediate underlings to insure that they have what they need to meet YOUR needs. You don't need to bend over backwards with the facetious displays of concern that the less enlightened display for those of lesser ability, however you should make it clear that when they take care of you, you take care of them.

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Douglas Muir 406 wrote:
Brimstone gives you +1 damage on any acid spell for 1 gp (presumably from making sulfuric acid). At low levels, that's actually a 50% damage increase on the d3 acid splash cantrip, making it a slightly better deal than a crossbow; if you're an evoker, this jumps to d3+2 at low levels, which is quite respectable for an infinitely spammable cantrip.

You could just use a flask of Acid as a Focus instead... not consumed so you can use it over and over.

Edit: Oh, and Liquid Ice does the same thing for Ray of Frost.

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Renegade Paladin wrote:
I didn't say that wasn't how the rules are; I said the rules are stupid. There's a difference. :p

And I agree. :)

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Kartissa wrote:
I understand that yes, RAW it is that cheap to craft a wand of CLW, but I cannot for one moment believe that was how it was truly intended to be. I have seen no conclusive reasoning in this thread regarding it other than a single suggestion that
Pupsocket wrote:
Healing damage out of combat for pocket change is pretty much the default play mode.

- unlike the various incarnations of the game from which Pathfinder is derived. There's a reason magic items in AD&D required Experience Points as part of their creation costs.

You're right that I don't like it, and neither do my fellow GMs, which is why we've decided to houserule crafting the way we have.

First off, let me applaud you for crafting house rules that work for your group and your play style. If the rules don't work for you at your table, by all means change them.

As to how the game was intended to be, for that I have to fall back on a piece written by Sean K Reynolds.

You can read the piece in it's entirety here:
A Different Take on Wands in D&D/PF

In the article he discusses an alternate concept for wands... and how it differs from what was laid out in Pathfinder, but he does it in the context of the game as it exists.

Here are a few relevant portions:

Sean K Reynolds wrote:

Wands are the most efficient way to purchase charges (a potion of cure light wounds is 50 gp for 1 charge, a scroll of cure light wounds is 25 gp for 1 charge, but a wand of cure light wounds is 750 gp for 50 charges, which is 15 gp per charge).


A wand of cure light wounds also provides buckets full of cheap and easy healing in between combats. This is good and bad. On one hand, the cheap healing wand is good because it allows clerics to use their spells for other fun things (like attacks and buffs) and extends the “15 minute adventuring day” by allowing the PCs to heal up in between fights and be fresh for the next combat. On the other hand, the cheap healing wand is bad because it gives the cleric more opportunities to use attack and buff spells instead of having to use spells for healing–adding power to a class that is already really powerful (the cleric arguably one of the most powerful classes in the game).

Oh... and in the comments:

Sean K Reynolds wrote:
...long gone are the days of “crap, we’re at half hp and only partway into the dungeon, we’d better spike the door of a side room closed and rest up until tomorrow.”

If affordable Wands of Cure Light Wounds weren't intended in Pathfinder, I'm sure Sean would have mentioned that in the course of his breakdown on how they work as sources of cheap healing between combats.

With that I think I'm done.

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Remember to choose Fatigue for your Level 6 Mercy (the only one you retain as a Stonelord). That way you can drop out of Defensive Stance and re-enter it again without waiting for the fatigue to wear off normally.

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Kartissa wrote:
Thanks for all the input. Seems too cheap for me, and as my friend pointed out, our rulebook states the cost as:
375 gp x level of the spell x level of the crafter

He (a more experienced GM than I am) interpreted that slightly differently. The 'level of the spell' is the Caster Level at which it is to be cast, while the 'level of the crafter' is the Character's level, including any multi-classing, thus being a minimum of level 5, since that's the earliest you can take the Craft Wand Feat. This makes even level 1 wands slightly more of an expense, and is more in line with our campaign setting.

Interesting interpretation considering that page 496 of the Core Rules shows a L1 wand as having a market price of 750 gold. That would be 375 gold to craft.

If you went with 375x1x5 as the minimum cost for a wand... that would make a wand of a 1st level spell cost 1875 to craft, which would be 3750 on the open market. That's would be 37.5 or 75 gold per charge respectively.

By contrast, a scroll of that same first level spell would cost 12.5 gold to craft or 25 gold on the open market.

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Dhá Sciath wrote:
I know Combat Style Feats don't work when you are wearing Heavy Armor, but how does that interact with Mithral? I know that you need Heavy Armor Proficiency to counteract the penalties, but when you wear it, it counts as Medium armor for the purpose of movement and other limitations. Does Combat Style fit under "limitations"?

Mithral armor is treated as being one category lighter for all considerations except proficiency... So if you are proficient in Heavy Armor you are good to go.

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James Jacobs wrote:
Queen Moragan wrote:

In your theoretical Swashbuckler base class;

Would the class be proficient in no armor or only light armor?

Would the class be proficient in no shields or just the buckler or small shields and lighter?

Sorry, no book this time:P

I would probably make the class proficient in light armor at most, maybe not even that. They would not be proficient in shields.

I must admit I would be disappointed by a swashbuckler who couldn't use a buckler. That particular shield is the reason for the name after-all.

No snark intended, I've just always liked that particular fighting style.

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IejirIsk wrote:

Had an odd thought that is stuck in my head, and think i gonna try to at least build if not play one, but I dont have alot of experience at higher levels, usually stopping around lvl 5 :(

But what is the feasibility of a wizard using only MM as a spell. Before you sit and yell that that is a lvl 1 spell... The rest of the use would come from metamagic feats. I just wonder how usable it would be at higher levels and lvl 20

So, wanted your all's thoughts

"Feldor the Missile Master? Aye Lad, I remember him... he terrorized many a kobold horde with his oddly obsessive mastery of the magic missile spell. For a time it was wondered if any could match his offensive prowess... that is until an apprentice challenged him to a duel, rendered all his spells useless with a basic Shield spell and then drubbed him into unconsciousness with a club."

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Ravingdork wrote:
Having your long time character suddenly snuffed out by a Power Word: Kill spell from the GM? No save, no chance to avoid. Nothing. Just an unceremonious collapse unto death in front of "Enemy Spellcaster A."

It shouldn't give you a pissed off feeling... it should make you feel relieved. Never again will you need to play with that particular GM.

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TheRedArmy wrote:

Just started a campaign last night in the Dragon Empire campaign setting (or some such thing). Currently playing a Human Paladin of Shelyn, 4th level.

Basically I would like some help role-playing this character correctly. My DM mentioned something about a Paladin-specific code based on your deity, but I could not find any such rules - is that just a houserule?

I took a few ranks in Perform (Oratory) and Craft (Calligraphy), as well as the racial heritage feat (Samarsan). I really liked the Samarsan fluff and all that, but I couldn't find any way to make the stats work, and most of the other abilities just turned me off.

I read up on Shelyn some earlier today and I really like the idea of playing a Paladin dedicated to her, but I want to make sure I get it right.

Can I get some suggestions for staying true to my deity?

Consider an Iron Brush as a backup weapon. After all... you probably won't want to carry your glaive into many social settings.

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Hmm... having posted the above, I realize I've failed to address your actual question. Sorry about that! Let me think on this a bit more.

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Robespierre wrote:
I need mostly help with ammunition types.

Silver Blanched Cold Iron Arrows are great at 20 for 12g. (1g x 2 for 20 Cold Iron + 10g (5g per 10) for the Silver Weapon Blanch)

Later, once you can afford it, you might consider an Efficient Quiver for 1800g. The ability to stash your bow, keep a few backup melee weapons and always have 1 specific arrow out of 60 available is wonderful.

Oh... and if you feel like really going the comic book archer route you could try some of the crazier specialty arrows. (Though to be honest some of them are more than a little Green Arrow cheesy!)

Actually a durable arrow with Continual Flame cast on the butt end could be useful as a remote light source... just keep it wrapped up if you plan on sneaking.

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TeaMinion wrote:
Thanks for your help. I'm giving Edgar lil leather booties and a leather onesie. (Tiny, raven-shaped, awesome leather armour.)

I'd never seen that text about reduced armor effectiveness either... good to know.

TeaMinion, you might consider taking the "Evolved Familiar" feat from Ultimate Magic to give your familiar the "Reach" 1 point Eidolon evolution. Then it would have a "normal" reach and not have to enter your opponent's square and provoke those nasty AoOs.

Not sure how you would fluff explain it though.