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When the first images came out, I did not understand that they were preliminary--I was disappointed. But I pre-ordered from my FLGS anyway.

I am really excited now. These are awesome.

I'll be pre-ordering the Rise of the Runlords set even if you don't preview them.

Great work.

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Just finished listening to the interview with Erik Mona (you may have heard of him) on Fear the Boot .

Great interview lots of good stuff about the beginner box and other Pathfinder and Paizo related goodness.

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I will ask my question in a spoiler, for it springs from a very specific source--specifically The Forbidden Furnace of Forgotten Koor . I thought about posting it in the Society GM boards, but I would really like a broader rules clarification---since insanity can be sooooo much fun.

I read and read the rules but ran out of time to ask and receive an answer before I ran it last night--so I kinda had to fudge a bit.

Anyway, question is this---once exposed to the insanity mist it appears that there is a DC 20 Will to negate--after that onset of one round. Does that mean the characters who fail the initial check immediately go insane? I don't think so, because the block goes on to say that "Any creature reduced to 0 Wisdom by the insanity mist may contract psychosis with an onset time of 3d6 days." However, I don't see how much damage the insanity mist does to Wisdom anywhere. And if psychosis doesn't occur for 3d6 days, then there is no game effect--the character--after the scenario is over, at some point becomes psychotic and must "pay" to get it removed, other than that it just seems silly.

My question isn't really specific, it's just "how does contracting insanity work?" (I get curing it.)


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OOOPS, Gunpowder--calling Dr. Freud.

I don't intend to get into a lengthy discussion, mainly because there is nothing for me to really discuss (see below.)

However, I did want to post my deep dislike of gunpowder in the setting.

I know there has been gunpowder since day #1 in Golarion, but I always had the impression that it was inserted for those who wanted to put it into their games, but that it would be left alone and not really ever mentioned again.

With Greenwood's stories, which I purposely avoided, and with the rise of the gunslinger--and especially its legality in society play--it appears to me that gunpowder is on the rise, and that saddens me. I cringe at opening the World Guide after I drop my dollars on it, for fear of what may lay inside.

I don't care about comparisons with real world history and I don't care about gunpowder in other similar settings. My reaction is because of my personal preferences--and really can't be reasoned with (as bad as that might sound).

This is a setting I love, but the genie seems to be out of the bottle. It will take a lot to put it back in. There is a taint on the setting in my mind and heart.

I hope I'm wrong.

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The Pathfinder Society will be out in force at GenghisCon again this year.
Feb. 17-20 at the Red Lion in Aurora.

Check out Denver Gamers for information and to register.

This is always a good time!!

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Having been betrayed by one of his companions, Caison Poriat takes it upon himself to track down the mysterious scroll that has cost the lives of at least two Pathfinders and the sanity of another.

Check out Part 4 of Spit and Polish at the Pathfinder Chronicler.

And you can still catch up with Caison and find out how he got here.

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Pathfinder Initiate Caison Poriat survived his encounter with the zombies on board a ship beached along Kortos's north shore. Now, while recovering from his wounds, he attempts to unravel a series of clues in a baffling mystery.

Read Part 3 to Spit and Polish, now up on the Pathfinder Chronicler site. And if you missed Part 1 or Part 2 , then catch up with Caison. You'll want to be with him when he chases down his quarry!

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May 15th is fast approaching--
we've updated the schedule to reflect perceived player needs.
Scenarios offered are now:

Slot 1 (9AM to 1PM)
Scenario 45 - Delirium's Tangle (Tier 1-5)
Scenario 41 - The Devil We Know Part 3 (Tier 1-7) This requires completion on #29 AND #30 first. (#29 or #30 may be run if need be)

Slot 2 (2PM to 6PM)
Scenario 17 - Skeleton Moon (Tier 1-7)
Scenario 18 - The Trouble with Secrets (Tier 5-9)

PLEASE note--if you want to play, sign-up and show-up. If you're unsure about your ability to play any of the above scenarios, we will make it work out---PLAY, PLAY, PLAY

See original post for location and means to sign up.

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Caison is only an Initiate with the Pathfinder Society, but necessity and secrecy requires him to join a detachment tasked with solving the mystery of a group of missing Pathfinders. He's been told not to trust anyone. Once he boards the missing Pathfinders' beached ship, he finds clues to the mystery. However, determining the importance of those clues will have to wait. First and foremost, Caison needs to survive.

Visit the Pathfinder Chronicler for Part 2 of Caison's continuing story.

And if you have yet to read about how Caison got in so deep, read Part 1

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Every Pathfinder has a beginning. Adventurous children with an eye for seeing the world and facing down the terrors that lurk in dark places dream of joining the Pathfinder Society. They study and train their whole lives to travel to Absalom for initiation.
Caison Pariot was no such child. He stumbled into the society. Living on the streets of Oppara’s Narrows might have provided him with the skills needed to hunt down the lost artifacts of Golarian, uncovering historical mysteries along the way, but his life on the streets didn’t provide him the discipline needed to glide through training as a Pathfinder Initiate. However, his questioning of authority, willingness to buck the system, and lack of familial ties may be the combination the Pathfinder Society needs right now as a mystery involving its own begins to unfold.
Follow Caison as he embarks on a dangerous mission to recover some missing Pathfinders and the mysterious scroll that has disappeared with them.
Spit and Polish Part 1 is now available at Pathfinder Chronicler .

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The first installment of Caison Poriat is up at the Pathfinder Chronicler
Follow Caison, formerly a lowly street rat from Oppara, as he faces the challenges one must face to become a true Seeker of Secrets.
When a troublesome initiate is selected to join a rescue of missing Pathfinders before ever completing his trials, there is certainly something amiss. Why was he selected to go? Who are these three that join him? And what has one Venture Captain questioning his superiors?
"Spit and Polish, Part 1" is available now.

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Scenario and Faction Mission Spoilers:

Taldor must free cultists to get the bonus Prestige point and Osirion has a second change for a bonus point by talking to the cultists. Both missions refer to F4 as a possible location, but the only cultist I see in F4 would be Hafshi, and she fights to the death.
Am I missing something?


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Okay, so I want to jump into Pathfinder with both feet, but I want to do so through the Pathfinder Society.

Question--as a player who hopes to someday also judge, I want to start building my Pathfinder library.

Outside of the Core Book, where should I go next? And really, I'd be happy with broad products (e.g. Companion). Again, I'm interested specifically in material useful in PFS.