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If you cast Dismissal on someone who is not native to the Dreamlands but is there via Dream or a ritual will it force them awake?.

If you cast Dismissal on someone who is not native to the dreamlands but is there via Dream or a ritual will it force them awake?

Klorox wrote:

how do you make it count as all thos things? it's still a shot and so is affected by DR.

Also, kudos on necroing a 6 yo thread.

Oh I reread bane. Turns out it doesn't do what I thought. Oh well. the weapon damage can count as Adamantine / Magic / Alignment and if using silver bullet also count as silver or Cold iron depending. It all depends on how well you do at identifying the enemy.

And Danke.

As to how to make it count. These spells last 1 minute to 1/level to 1 round /level which is still 10 rounds.

Setting it up. Roll stealth. Have massive stealth bonus.

Take 3 rounds to set up spells. 1 round to set up Hackbut 5th round final activate bane and Judgment deadly aim. All bonuses are different types so they all stack.

This is assuming the best outcome. Top it all off with cyclops helm and you got a Mega cannon. Shockingly enough a pistol can do crazy damage as well with this set up and it takes 1 round less to prepare.

I made a level 10 black powder inquisitor with a hackbut gun.

Bane + judgment + deadly aim + Wrath + Divine favor

Add cyclops helm. Can do a Max of 156+12 damage.

If you add also Flames of the Faithful that will increase it by another max of 36 fire damage.

Very simple way to deal up to 156+12+36= 204 damage bypassing all DR and possibly counting as Good, EVIL, Lawful or Chaotic AND also Adamantine.

and thats not even thinking about what the damage would be when adding rapid reload and rapid fire.

I've searched around and there have been no official answers about the extent to which bracers of archery can function that I can find.

I ask this because although most of us will think "I can just make a custom magic item that does the same effect but for guns"

But a lot of GM's do not allow custom magic items Period and others have very low magic settings.

So the question mainly pertains to whether or not Bracers of Archery work for all ranged weapons or only bows. I found a person who asked if they work with crossbows on another forum and they only had 1 reply with 1 word "No"

So can you guys help me out and let me know what you think.

And thanks for your time ^^.

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Our party Consists of a lizard-folk Brawler, a Skald/Hunter Half-orc whom has a trait that makes him look Full orc and a Kobald Sorcerer / Dragon disciple. Our skald/hunter friend has 3 companions all of whom are Dinosaurs. Trixie, Lilu and Tank. He has made it so we each can command one of them. as such The Kobald Rides on Tank whom is an Ankylosaurus while the other two are T-Rex's, I (the lizard-folk Brawler) Ride on Lilu. Yes they are all of Large size for riding. Our party banner is that of Tooth & Claw which Our skald Christoph Christopherson flies high and proud off the back of his Trusty steed Trixie. Our Kobald Friend Gek'ik being our parties source of amusement and also source of fear. During our previous endeavours He has been able to obtain many artifacts which cause terror in the hearts of any who come near. Seriously he has a mask that effects all adjacent people with a will save vs Fear even allies. As well with some Bullsh**ery we were able to obtain a book which allows him to steal the shadows of anyone who is either Not moving and willing or helpless. Which he can than summon from the book at any time to obey one command of them.:
During our adventure When we came to the part with the Brine dragon we were able to roll a grand total of 44 on our diplomacy check, causing Kelizar to become helpful to our cause. Later the captain abandoned us on the island her husband was once marooned on claiming that she would be back for us. Of course we didn't trust her so we Set off on the backs of the Hippocampi. but NOT to go after her as it had already been a day since she had left because of what we did to help the island lizard folk. Instead we rode back to the dragon and had him fly us off to the captains location. Using Kelizar to intimidate the ever-loving crap out of the crew along with getting his help with decoding the riddle to get inside the caves. After we conquered the dungeon and free'd the captain Our party skald who swayed the dragons heart took Jemma red-claws Claw arm for his own. Amputating his own arm to get the replacement. Now we own both ships as they sail under our flag which depicts our Parties name in its design. Tooth and claw. along with the skull of the Brine dragon.

Oh and did I mention that when we got to the inner cave we were like F*** that noise as we looked at the water and we cast Spider climb and Monkey-fish on our mounts. WHICH ARE T-REX'S. Imagine T-Rex's walking along the walls of the cave over the walkway.