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For the ARG they had additional restrictions, but not for other sources (such as the race guides). You could not use Racial Heritage to be a Treesinger [ARG], but you could for a Brightness Seeker [Elves of Golarion].

If I invoke the name Michael Brock, will he come and say whether a human with goblin heritage is goblin enough to access feats from Goblins of Golarion?

So are you saying its not considered a goblin PC unless you have the boon?
(which is fine)

Simply quoting back the additional resources isn't that helpful, as racial heritage would make you human and goblin and thus wouldn't you be considered a human/goblin PC.

Anyways, if it is that you need the goblin boon to use the content that is okay too.

Does taking Racial Heritage (Goblin) allow a PC to access content from the Goblins of Golarion book?

Do you happen to know the source where there is a chimpanzee? (or similar medium ape?) I'd like to use it for PFS

This applies to any polymorph spell, beastshape, verminshape, wildshape. (unless the spell says otherwise to apply a template which most don't)

I basically just want to know if I can be a Chimpanzee.

In the bestiary I, the Gorilla stat block says to apply the young simple template for orangutans and chimpanzees.

Are these valid animals to transform into? Polymorph spells can't apply templates; Does this disqualify them because they were not given a separate entry to save space?

Is this different then the giant ant and its 3 templates (worker, Drone, Queen)?

Joshua J. Frost wrote:
It's an immaterial touch attack delivered via spell. It functions "as a scimitar" but is not a scimitar. It is one-handed and you are considered to be casting a spell, not wielding a weapon and therefor proficiencies don't enter into it. It is not a light weapon--it is an immaterial touch attack. You cannot hold anything in the hand that is wielding a flameblade.


That clears up
1 Flame Blade does not require prodiciency because its considered a Spell
2 It has a crit of 20/x2 since its concsidered a spell not a weapon
4 It is considered a One-Handed Weapon and therefore can not be Finessed
6 It is considered a Spell and so cannot be the target of feats and affects such as Arcane Strike and Magic Weapon

I did a little more searching and I found something that might apply.

In Gods and Magic pg 19 There is a spell Gozreh's trident. Basically the same wording as Flame Blade except for,

"You wield this spear-like bolt as if it were a trident (you are proficient witht he bolt)."

This seems to indicate that Flame Blade grants proficiency as well.

I'll update the OP.

my mistake =P

Touch of Rage lasts longer than one round... it lasts for half your sorcerer lvl (minimum 1), at lvl 4 it lasts 2 rnds and lvl 6 it last 3, and so on and so forth

you can use touch of rage on yourself, just as you can cast Mage Armour

beastshape provides a Natural Armour bonus while barkskin gives an enhancement bonus, so yes they do stack.

Edit: lol you step away from your computer and someone answerers it first

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I've been seeing varying opinions on how Flame Blade operates, so I've decided to consolidate it and see if we can standardize the ruling and possibly get some thing official.

Flame Blade:
School evocation [fire]; Level druid 2

Casting Time 1 standard action

Components V, S, DF

Range 0 ft.

Effect sword-like beam

Duration 1 min./level (D)

Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance yes

A 3-foot-long, blazing beam of red-hot fire springs forth from your hand. You wield this blade-like beam as if it were a scimitar. Attacks with the flame blade are melee touch attacks. The blade deals 1d8 points of fire damage + 1 point per two caster levels (maximum +10). Since the blade is immaterial, your Strength modifier does not apply to the damage. A flame blade can ignite combustible materials such as parchment, straw, dry sticks, and cloth.

1. Does Flame Blade require scimitar proficiency?

This generally doesn't come up as Druids and followers of Sarenrae already have the proficiency. But what about other characters using this spell? (Sarenrae Bard, Pathfinder Savant etc)

Edit: There is a similar spell, Gozreh's Trident, with text almost identical to Flame Blade but it states "You wield this spear-like bolt as if it were a trident (you are proficient with the bolt)." - Gods and Magic pg 19.

2. What is the crit range?

a) 18-20/x2, just as a scimitar

b) It does actually create a scimitar, just 3-foot long flame, therefore its only x2

3. Does Weapon Focus (Scimitar) Apply?

Yes, since it is wielded as a scimitar. In addition Weapon Specialization and Fighter Training would apply.

4. Can you use Weapon Finesse with it?

a) Yes, its immaterial, no more dificult then waving your hand around.

b) No, its wielded as a scimitar which is one-handed.

5. Can you use a Flame Blade with Dervish Dance?

Yes, however it doesn't get the dex added to its damage.

6. What about Arcane Strike and other feats and spells that enhance weapons?

a) Yes, it is a scimitar made of fire!

b) No, although it is wielded as a scimitar (thus benefiting from weapon focus and the like) it is not an actual weapon but a spell, and can not be imbueded with Arcane Strike. Similarly it cannot be the target of Magic Weapon or Holy Sword.

7. How do metamagic feats interact with Flame Blade?

Metamagic feats apply to every swing. Maximized Spell cause each swing to deal 8+1/2lvl, Dazing Spell has a chance to daze on each hit.

Point out anything I'm missing and I'll add that in.

To me it appears as though the wand is the caster, not the person holding it, therefore you would get one light active for per source (wand or cantrip slot)

Flame Blade is a spell because it is affected by SR? So Shadow weapon would also be a spell and not be able to be buffed? or is it based on the kind of dmg it does (magical vs physical)?

as a side note,
If Flame Blade is a Spell, does that mean metamagic feats such as Dazing Spell would apply their effect on each hit?

Yes, you are able to use your acrobatics skill while using Spring Attack as it is not a seperate action.

Since Magically Generated Weapons are affected by feats and class skills, are they also able to be targets of spells?

Could I cast:
Magic Weapon + Flame Blade for 1d8(fire)+1(enhancement)

Holy Sword + Icicle Dagger for 1d4+5(enhancement)+2d6(Good)+1(cold)