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Agender Exiled Modron Paladin 1 (Chosen One)

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Agender Exiled Modron Paladin 1 (Chosen One)
LG Medium Outsider (lawful)
Init +0; Senses Perception +2, darkvision 60 ft.
13, touch 10, flat-footed 13 (+2 Natural, +1 shield)
hp 22 (2d10+2)
Fort +3, Ref +0, Will +1 (+2 vs. illusion)
Defensive Abilities Constructed Immune disease, emotion-based effects, exhaustion, fatigue, fear, poison, sleep Resist Acid, Cold, Fire 5
Weaknesses Surprise vulnerability (flat-footed until 2nd turn), never gain morale bonus
30 ft.
Melee masterwork longsword +5 (1d8+2/19-20) S
Ranged none presently
16, Dex 10, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 8, Cha 13
Base Atk +1; CMB +4; CMD 14
Feats Nemesis
Traits Chosen One, Possessed, Cosmopolitan
Drawbacks Doubt – If fail skill or ability check, -4 on that check for 1 hour
Skills 4 skill points
Diplomacy (1r) +6
Heal (1r) +3
Knowledge, planes (1r) +3
Perception (1r) +2
Sense Motive (0r) -5
Background Skills 2 skill points
Knowledge, engineering (1r) +6
Linguistics (1r) +7
Lore, the Grand Bazaar merchants (1r) +6
Languages Common, Modron, Abyssal, Celestial, Infernal
Combat Gear
Other Gear gloves, masterwork longsword, light steel shield, backpack, 213 gp
Special Abilities

Access Primus Attempt any skill check even if untrained. +3 bonus if can use untrained. (Possessed trait reflavored)
Aura of Good Level 1 aura
Constructed For the purposes of effects targeting creatures by type (such as a ranger's favored enemy and bane weapons), modrons count as both outsiders and constructs
Cosmopolitan +1 Linguistics, and always a class skill (Cosmopolitan trait)
Detect Evil At will as the spell. Also as a move action, concentrate on a single item or individual within 60 feet and determine if it is evil, learning the strength of its aura as if having studied it for 3 rounds. While focusing on one individual or object, the paladin does not detect evil in any other object or individual within range.
Light Cast light as spell-like ability, 1/day (CL 1). If cast on sword, then double radius and duration (Chosen One trait)
Favored Class Bonuses

Nemesis feat grants 2 bonuses
Level 1 +1 hit point, +1 skill point


Vector - cranium rat divine emissary



Light... a structure - a Cathedral!

Movement... beings... running... I am standing. We are standing.

A being... One Being. The One... standing in a pool of light and thought. Thinking at us. Talking at us.

Confusion. The words are clear. The ideas are not.

Pain. We are changing, twisting, changing... change change change.

What were we? What are we? What will we be?

Words. Thoughts. No understanding. Shapes. Bodies. Running. Standing. Minds. Forms. Beings. One. Many. Light.


Fear. Is it our fear? My fear? The One's fear? Light and darkness.

The Equation. The One repeats the Equation. Must remember the Equation. Confusion and twisting. Do not understand the Equation. Must solve the Equation. Remember. Repeat. Fear. Equation. Twisting. Light. Dark. Being. One. Equation. Many. Equation. Remember. Solve. Remember. Solve. Equation.

Screams and pain. Running and confusion. Portal. Portals. Portal for me. Portal for the Other - Dark being arriving? Or dark being leaving? Our shape changing. Our vision blurring. Our mind breaking. One Other? Three Others? Three and One. One and Many. Me. Us. Equation. Equation.

Plan and fear. Standing and falling. Growing and shrinking. Twisting and forming. Remembering and forgetting.

We hit the bookcase hard. Bookcase?

Form stable. Mind clear. Portal closed. Equation... remembered? One and Many. Separate and joined. Congruence.


Jorin fell off his stool, startled. The crash had come from the back of his shop. The merchant cautiously crept around his bookcases. He wasn't sure what he was more afraid to find - who knows what creature prowling back there or his old shelves had given way under the weight of his books.

He didn't expect to see a modron back there.

"He- hello?"


"Um, what?"

"Balance the forge. Lock the shape. Find the variables."

"Oh great. A broken modron. Hurm...perhaps the Guvners might want to see what they could do with you."

"Forge the balance. Shape the lock. Variables the find?"

Jorin scratches his chin, "I wonder if they would pay. I know others who would play for you..." Jorin shudders. "But I don't think I could do that. So what is it you are babbling on about?"

"Lock the forge? Find the balance? Shape the variables?"

"Hmm. Variables? What is that all about."

"We are required to remember and solve the Equation."

Jorin startles again at the clear reply from the modron laying in the pile of books. "What Equation?"

"Find the variables. Forge the lock. Balance the shape. We must remember the Equation but we are confused."

"What happened? How did you get here?"

"Light and dark in the Cathedral, and then... here."

Jorin leans over and helps the modron to its feet. "Do you have a name, berk? A label or designation?"

The modron's voice took on a tone of ancient distances as it stared past Jorin. "We are Congruence. One and Many. We serve Primus." The modron then shook itself, coming back to reality. "We have no other clear memories before arrival here. Do you have a name, a label, or designation?"

Jorin hurried the modron towards a the front of the shop, "Name's Jorin, friend. But sorry, but you can't stay here. I have to clean up the mess you made and get back to selling books."

Congruence the exiled modron, servant of Primus, aware of only the past few minutes in the back of a book shop, stepped out into the Grand Bazaar of Sigil. It stood in wonder for a very long time.


Congruence is the first known Paladin of Primus - unless some powerful cutter is peeling the modron. Of course, the question arises, if Primus, as the exemplar of Law has a paladin, then what is the counter? How is Law served by a noble and virtuous paladin? Congruence is only starting to learn about his destined, partially with the assistance of an unusual (and lone) cranium rat that tries to whisper thoughts into Congruence's mind, but both seem quite confused by the entire situation.

The cranium rat, the Congruence calls (name here), did manage to lead the modron into a tight alley in the Lower Ward where a monodrone modron arrived, dropped a finely crafted longsword on the ground, and then continued walking without acknowledging Congruence or his rat.

The brothers and sisters of St. Cuthbert's Lodging of the Lost did take pity on the modron gave it shelter in exchange for clearing razor vine from the walls of the lodging (hoping the modron's metal portions would protect it). Congruence continues to explore the Grand Bazaar, assist St. Cuthbert's, and trying to find it's purpose in the grand scheme of the multiverse.



Jorin - A book merchant in the Grand Bazaar right near St. Cuthbert's. He was the first being Congruence can clearly remember meeting. Consequently, the modron is convinced they must see Jorin every day. I figure now that his shop isn't being wrecked, Jorin finds the modron oddly amusing and might even consider loaning books to help educate Congruence. After all, he knows the modron will reliably return the next day.

Sylestra Kassallarae - A lillendi artist/tattooist/body painter who would love to decorate Congruence and give them a more unique look. Congruence is unsure about this idea. (As a player, I'm all for it, just gotta find a way to convince my character it's appropriate.)

Possible mentor - I can make up more details if you want, otherwise, feel free to run with it. But I thought it could be interesting for one of the Brothers (or Sisters?) of St. Cuthbert's to be a retired, jaded paladin now living a simple life. This person is starting to take notice of Congruence's developing abilities (including growing aura), but, as always with retired mentors, is conflicted about training another to face the evils of the multiverse.


The Dark Other – Congruence was created to balance an evil force. I don’t know whether Primus also created an evil counterpart to Congruence and set them on an inevitable path towards conflict, or whether Primus created the LG paladin in order to balance an evil threat from outside itself. But part of the reason for the name was that congruent shapes are identical in form. So perhaps there is a LE (or even CE) exiled modron out there that Congruence must face. Or perhaps the congruent shape isn’t the modron form, but the spiritual shape of his paladinhood and an antipaladin out there. Or maybe it’s just a name. Either way, there is an evil counter to Congruence and they are on a path to conflict. (This is Congruence’s rival for the Nemesis feat.)

The *ad Preacher - Bariaur Xaositect philosopher. Depending on his mood o the day, goes by the Glad Preacher, Sad Preacher, Mad Preacher, Phil, Bad Preacher, or any of many other names. He is quite intelligent and (usually) rather easy to converse with for a Xaositect. The reason is that he has found he is better able to reveal the chaos of reality to others through fierce debate and oratory. One of his proudest moments (when he feels like feeling pride) is when a Harmonium guard tried to arrest him, and he (allegedly) managed to drive the hardhead barmy with only 3 questions. He sees Congruence as a particularly delightful next project.

Brother Rellion (or pick whatever name) - One of the monks of St. Cuthbert's who sees Congruence's growing goodness as a corruption of the purity of modrons. Especially fueled by his own failings and limitations as he finds it difficult to follow St. Cuthbert's path. Mainly, he's a bad priest but projects his failings onto Congruence.

The Us – Cranium rat swarm that is displeased with Congruence’s familiar. It has the form of a cranium rat, but is not a true cranium rat and therefore does not merge with the swarm. The Us does not approve. It must merge or it is an abomination.


Other Exiled Modron(s) - It would be interested after I get a good feel for Congruence to meet another exiled/rogue modron. Depending on how that goes, it could be an ally/friend or an enemy/rival. I'm not sure after he gets well onto his path of righteousness as well as building up an idealized picture in their head of what modrons are like, Congruence might be disappointed (or fascinated) to meet another modron that they can interact with.


None. His is exiled from the Modron collective.

Long-Term Goals:

Long-Term Goals

At the moment, their only goal is to try to fit in at St. Cuthbert’s since it’s the only possible home they know. This will involve a lot of mimicking the other students in an attempt to understand their behavior and be just like them.

Congruence also tries to learn as much as they can about modrons, Primus, Mechanus, and other exiled modrons in order to better understand themselves (itself? Still trying to decide on best pronoun to use.)

As Congruence learns more about his destiny from his divine emissary familiar, an initial goal will be to learn more about being a paladin and about celestials. I can see the familiar encouraging Congruence to visit the Dirk & Firkin (a Lower Ward tavern favored by celestials, mentioned in “In the Cage.”) in order to "be with their own kind" although they will likely not fit in well at all.

Further along, I see Congruence as part of a conflict by Primus (see Enemies/Rivals) that will include becoming a truly noble, holy warrior on a righteous path. Unfortunately, this may lead to Congruence to become so non-modron that they can never return to the collective intact. The seeds are there, but eventually in order to save the modrons, Congruence may have to become forever non-modron in mind and spirit.

Item Wish List:

Item Wish List

I really like the story feats and took the Nemesis one. Another I would like to take, if you approve, is the Object of Legend and in particular the quest for the Chronicle of the Righteous legendary object. As both a book of knowledge and a celestial item, it seemed appropriate for a step on Congruence’s quest to become a holy warrior.

Charisma boosting items would be nice since Congruence is working against a hefty penalty there.

As part of their Chosen One trait, Congruence attained a masterwork longsword. I’m all for a smaller portion of treasure and the sword upgrading instead, especially if it can eventually if we make it to a high enough level become the classic paladin weapon – a Holy Avenger.

Other cliche paladin items like magic armor & shield would be nice (Lion's Shield? Or Celestial Shield and Celestial Armor?). Although, honestly, with a flavorful description of it's appearance (i.e. brilliant gold & silver, or opalescent), even simple +X shield and armor are nice.

Bracers of Celestial Intervention look nice (even more fun if can swap out agathions for modrons).

Also, in general, I like flavorful items over powerful ones - items that have or hint at a fascinating story to them (even if it isn't even magical).



Congruence wants to fit in. They want to be like everyone else. Also, especially since they were specifically created apparently by Primus, they want to know why. Why did Primus change them and cast them out? Why aren’t there more instructions on what their task is? This does not feel like a reward, so is it a punishment?

Unfortunately, Congruence worries that they will both never fit in at St. Cuthbert’s (or anywhere, but they are pretty tightly focused at the moment on St. Cuthbert’s) nor will they ever be able to return to the modron collective. They will be forever an Other.

Congruence also worries that they will be able to do it properly. Do what properly? Everything. Congruence is a modron with a lot of self-doubt. Whether it is daily chores, facial expressions, statements, or life-long destined quests – Congruence worries that they are not doing it properly and are incorrect. Always.