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Since Pathfinder is wrapping up and transition to new things, is there anyway to get a PDF anthology of all the extra gaming material from the pathfinder comics line? Comics are super expensive to dig out for back issues or hardcovers. I think that such a product with the gaming material released through the run of the series would be awesome.
Especially if more info can be shed on the "worldscape", shame that many of the one-shots were never really available.

Awesome job with comics and enjoying the Worldscape crossover right now.
I already buy the comics, but would love to have a PDF compilation of all the PFRPG rules in one place. Crossing fingers, but since we are on volume 5... and a few years down the line any chance of seeing this as a standalone product....the Comic PFRPG sections?

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Steven "Troll" O'Neal wrote:
Hey folks. Just checking in, nothing newsworthy at this point.

Hope all is well.Looking forward to more Cerulean Seas products, hopefully the Remarkable Races line is still ago as well as the other books mentioned in the past. Keep up the great work! Love what you have been doing.

Another fun product and hoping Paizo does a great job as usual.
I know the were-creature PC race idea has been tapped into by various D20 projects and indie PDF market. White Wolf of course did an awesome job with the original "Werewolf the Apocalypse".
Although if you need some information/inspiration on other types of "thropes", under their revised "Werewolf the Forsaken" line they did come out with a book detailing make any type of were-animals (Elephants, Stags, Whales, rabbits, etc....) The book is called "The Changing Breeds".

Michael Arellano wrote:
Steven "Troll" O'Neal wrote:
So, I have a question. What does everyone want to see in the Bestiary that Emily mentioned? I'd like to see an aquatic variant of the vampire templates. Also, does anyone know if the master benefits for the aquatic familiars from the Cerulean Seas book were ever given?

Well for one I would see some of the other works out there for a little aquatic inspiration.

-Both Marvel and DC have explored the Seven Seas f Earth and beyond with Namor and Aquaman. In those particular universes various species and underwater threats have emerged.

-A PC games called Aquaria circa 2008. It is an underwater game which plays like metroid. In the game you encounter a variety of underwater adversaries. Eco the Dolphin from Sega is another one. More recent digital inspiration can come from some of the more popular MMORPGs out there like just to name WOW, EQ, Zu Online and GW for inspiration.

-Disney's the Little Mermaid TV series and movies. Corny as can be, but inspiration can be found in adventures and creatures.

-Lastly thumbing through my Library, some other game companies who took stabs at Underwater campaigns might offer up something. Palladium had their Atlantis and Lemuria books, TSR under the Forgotten Realms Campaign came up with "Guide to the Inner Seas" and a supplement for Dragonlance detailed the Dargonesti Sea Elves, even White Wolf had some books with touched what the Seas were like in Wraith: The Oblivion and Werewolf the Apocalypse with the weresharks known as the Rokea.

Definately continue with the great work, and please add PC races to the line up of monsters as well. The Pathfinder Bestiaries that included rules for PC races...from some of the creatures were awesome! Not only do you give the DM more choices, but you allow players some bits as well!

Just to mention a race I would like to play would be a Clam creature that was found in Zu Online the swirling path called a "Musselkin". So for there have been variants found in various RPG books as a monster somewhat like a mimic.... from their website this is their description.

"They are maudlin and beautiful and they look forward to becoming human beings. They attract people with their songs and want to chat with human beings. But they are unable to bear the pain when people leave. They change people to be pearls and hang them on their necks. "

Their Pic is here...

It is just cool since their main body resided with in the shell, then unfold to a humanoid, with the shell then becoming wings of sort. Just an idea.