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Full Name

Conall O'Kanis


Male Half-Orc Oracle (Blackblooded+Warsighted) 1st / Hp: (9*/10). Ac: 17/ Touch = 10/ Flat = 17. Saves = 1/0/3. Init: +0. Perception: +1, Sense Motive: +5





Special Abilities

From the threshold of death, Conall has somehow gained the ability to invoke Divine magic




The First Mortal


Wyrmgard, Valforge


Common, Orc



Strength 18
Dexterity 10
Constitution 13
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 12
Charisma 16

About Conall O'Kanis

Conall O'Kanis was born in Varpendice, a land where only Humans, Elves, and Dwarves enjoyed unlimited opportunity in life. As a Half-Orc, Conall's blood shredded his chances to excel.

However, when the World Wave struck all of Ommeraine, Varpendice, having barely survived, was unable to stop the exodus of a new political power, and their formation of a budding kingdom in the west: Valforge.

The rulers of Valforge claimed that it would not be a man's wealth that determined his position in life, but instead the worthiness of his bloodline, and biological supremacy. As a young Half-Orc couple with no money to their name, Conall and his wife Tamra had nothing to lose, and boarded the next vessel to Valforge, only months in the forming.

However, while the racial prejudices of Varpendice were forgotten in Valforge, the O'Kanis family did not find themselves in a position of power as they sought. Their bloodline was determined to have no exemplary qualities; and thus they were labeled as members of "the gray", those who could only continue to Valforge's effort to creating a master race, by giving their bodies to the cause as warriors, laborors, or craftsmen, but without political power.

Conall found himself again denied by his blood, and it darkened his outlook of things. His only solace, as he joined the guard of the first city of Wyrmgard, was the faith of The First Mortal; god of glory, fate, and the soul. He believed that if he worshiped hard enough, he would be granted the chance for glory

He received his chance one night on a mid-winter's night. Conall heard a cry rise from the nearby apartments of the Prime Legacy, son of the Bloodlord of Valforge, the equivalent of Valforge's king. Rushing with his head full of glory and zeal, he found the Legacy fending off the attacks of a trope of assassins, a recent occurrence in Valforge. With a fearless charge, he barreled in.

Spells Known:
0) Detect Magic, Disrupt Undead, Guidance, Stabilize
1) Cure Light Wounds, Bless, Inflict Light Wounds