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SP 108/108; HP 90/90; FF-THP 15/15; RS 13/13; reroll 0/1; Lvl1 6/6; Lvl2 7/7; Lvl3 3/5; Lvl4 3/4; Cache 1/1; spell energy 1/1; AC 0/1;


; KAC 31; EAC 29; DR 3/-; (9/Bl); SR/15; Per +14; Fort +8; Ref +7; Will +9; fire and cold resistance/5; (acid/electric res 5-les resistant armor)


Vesk Technomancer 12;

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Compucast Vesk Technomancer 12 NG HP 83 / 90 RES 12 / 13 STAM 99 / 108 Speed ft Init 2 KAC 31 EAC 29 Fort 8 Ref 7 Will 9 CMB 39 BAB 9 Unarmed +15 (d3+22, )
Semi automatic pistol +12 (d6+5, )
Laser pistol, corona +12 (2d4+5, burn 1d4)
magic missile automatic (2d4+7 (3d4+8), n/a) Str 16 (4) Dex 14 (2) Con 17 (3) Wis 10 (0) Int 20 (7) Cha 10 (0)

Fire and cold resistance/5
DR/3 vs physical attacks (piercing/slashing)
DR/9 (BAB +1 vs blugdeoning)

Bot me:

Generally will try to boost his most accurate companions weapon with Supercharge weapon. If someone has a particularly effective weapon vs a particular target, it would pick them rather than necessarily the most accurate.

If allies are around and the battle looks to be a big one, he will haste the group.

If someone attacks in melee, he is more than happy to respond in kind with his claws, only backing away if he gets down to HP.
[dice=claw attack vs KAC]1d20+14[/dice]
[dice=claw damage (p)]1d3+19[/dice]

Against incorporeal targets he normally full-casts magic missiles. He can do this without limit.
[dice=force damage,harmful spells]3d4+3+5[/dice]

Against other distant foes he may use spells if appropriate, or may just use his unlimited magical missiles.

If he expects to get into melee, he is likely to cast mirror image or displacement. Otherwise likely to use spells as they seem appropriate. It has been a long time since he has run out of spells, so he uses them freely - as much to bolster his allies as to do direct damage.

Spells known
Level 0 (6)
Detect Afflication
Detect Magic
Energy Ray
Telepathic message
Token Spell
Transfer Charge

Level 1 4 (can cast 5+2) DC 10+1(spell level) +7 (int) +2 (spell focus) = 20
Keen senses (cache capacitor)
Life Bubble
Magic Missile
Supercharge Weapon
Create Ammunition

Level 2 2 (can cast 4+2 per day; DC 21)
Caustic Conversion ranged vs EAC (4d4 acid damage; +5 damage each round for (level/3) extra rounds
Microbot assault
Mirror Image
Rocket Dash
See invisible

Level 3 (can cast 4+2 per day; DC 22)
Arcing Surge (See also adaptive casting for extra use)
Lesser resistant armor (Cache capactior)

Level 4 (can cast 2+1 per day; DC24)
Resistant armor
Corrosive haze
Overload systems.
Resilient sphere


Ally High Society Influence (#02)
Dream Whispers (#6) +2 to a roll 1/scenario
Scoured Stars Survivor: 1/day reduce RP to stabilise by 1
* AbdarCorp Acquaintance (respect) #01
* Honorary Spider (#02) Select intimidate or Sense motive, you gain a circumstance bonus to that equal to half acquisitives tier (round up). Extra +1 for each point of infamy!
* Factions Friend (#03)
* Contractor's Respect (#4)
* Abdar Corp Augmentation (#5)
* Budding Media Celebrity (#7)
* Mark of the Eternal Source (#21)
* Instructor (paid for with fame)

Star Monster Slayer (#4)
Defender of the Fleet (#8)
Year of Scoured Stars (+1 to all saves)
True Savior of Tasch (5 unchecked) (#01)
Protector of the Future (#02)
Marked Field Agent (#3)
Sugar Star Heartlove (#3)
Private Vault (#6)
Salvations Delver #7
Journey to the Scoured Stars: Segment 1-7 (Unidentified Boon)