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I just received this from the account "Caprain Greg"

"I am Captain Greg Schneider, American soldier I will be glad if you if you can add me.
Capt. Greg Schneider"

Does anyone have Laxaem's sheet? The download doesn't work anymore.

Same here, I could do with a copy.

Thanks in advance!

mynameispax at gmail dot com

Our brave adventurers caught Tsuto unaware in the basement as he was writing in his diary. After a brief fight, having Tsuto flip a table to protect himself from the sorcerers burning hands, he was captured.

While the players were interrogating him on the spot I rolled his escape artist check and he maxed out on his initiative. He then stole a PCs dagger, aced his will save and stabbed himself.

The real kicker - the PCs dagger was already coated with poison. So Tsuto died a turn later, the cleric being out of spells and failing a healing check. But not before he declared how he "Did it all for her." and that "She would bring him back.".

I might bring him back for when they face Nualia.